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Company Induction: What New Employees Should Know

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New EmployeesWelcoming new employees is hard work. You have to go over everything you know about the company that may be important for new ones to remember. It can be difficult to introduce a person to an established culture within the workplace.

This is why you have to make a good company induction video, advises, that they can simply watch on their first day. Here are some things you should always include in the material.


What does your company believe in? This should be instilled in every employee so they can act according to the main goal of the company they work for. This is the foundation for everything they do within the workplace and the value they will carry when they get out of the office. Including this in the video sets the tone for the rest of their time in your company. Have a simple and clear vision of what your company wants to achieve.


All workplaces follow strict rules that every employee should abide by. These laws are set to keep order within the work area and keep the processes smooth. Whether it is about proper attire or simple rules on asking for the restroom keys, this can help make things faster and decrease simple issues. The induction video may also include the first few things new employees need to accomplish like clearances. This gives them something to work on during their first day while learning the ropes of working in your company.

Having an induction material makes it easier for new recruits to adjust to a new environment. It also lessens the work of people assigned to train them. Create company induction videos complete with all the necessary information new employees need to know. Knowledge is the armour they wear to get them ready for working efficiently for your company.

Grow Your Business by Using Videos to Market Products

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Marketing in MinnesotaTo succeed in any form of business, a company needs to seek the services of a professional video production company. Most of the successful companies have hundreds of videos online that they use to enhance their brand popularity.

Here are the benefits of using videos as a marketing tool, courtesy of Kirk Douglas Video Productions.


One of the best ways of winning more customers is by setting your business apart from the competition. You will stand out from the crowd if you use quality videos to describe your products and services to your target audience.

Describes Complex Facts Easily

To generate sales, you need to explain your products and services to the customers. This is not possible if you rely only on your web content, brochures, and other written materials. Luckily, videos will make it easy to explain complex issues to your customers. Clients are more likely to purchase your product if they understand its essence and how it works.

More Exposure

A quality video will undoubtedly go viral online and this will in turn increase your exposure and build your brand. Studies show that most of the videos that are widely shared online are not only captivating but also short, so make sure that yours are straight to the point and capable of getting the attention of the viewers.

Better than Word of Mouth

Despite the fact you can get sales by being referred to prospective customers by your existing clients, incorporating videos is more efficient. They help to put a face to your brand or company, and this will in turn help to build reputation and trust.

Boosts Other Marketing Efforts

Any professional marketer can attest to the fact that videos enhance other marketing efforts. They will add some life to text, word of mouth, and other online marketing strategies that you are currently using to get more clients.

Clearly, incorporating quality videos in your existing marketing strategies is one of the surest ways of growing your business and competing effectively with other similar businesses. You can count on a professional video production company to make quality videos for your business.

In Construction Pollution, Nobody Wins

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Construction PopulationIt’s very easy to dismiss the fact that construction sites are dangerous in more ways than one. Things can fall from a height, a lot of things are combustible and there are many things that could derail the entire project. Yet, in most safety modules, almost nobody talks about the low-key perils of pollution. This, from a place where cement sand, fire, cigarettes and industrial smoke are more present than anything in the place.

It’s scary to imagine that men and women breathe in heavy metals, wood dust and all kinds of noxious particles flying around construction sites. Even more, it’s not work sites; indoor workspaces, such as weld shops and wood working, also suffer high concentration of airborne pollutants.

Nobody Wins

Down draft tables and other air vacuum are necessary where there’s a lot of indoor pollution. Take away the basic responsibility of keeping the place clean, it’s about maintaining the health of the workers. Silicosis is a scourge of the construction industry, as is carbon monoxide poisoning.

In the event that a foreman foregoes ventilation systems, it may earn him praise for keeping the cost down. But that will come with a heavy cost: human life. Inhaling heavy particles will destroy a person’s lungs, if not traumatize the organ for life. In the end, it will just propagate more trouble for the company and for the workers.

Fighting Back

Pollution is an international problem, and there’s hardly anyone who lives in urban districts that escapes it. What more in a packed space? That means that the pollutants are more concentrated and potent, but it also makes it easier to manage. In industrial work sites, however, there’s a need for heavy-duty air filtration to make sure that every bit of particle gets sucked in.

One such strategy to deal with a high accumulation of fumes and dust is wet collection. Wet downdraft tables not only suck in dirty air, it produces clean, breathing air as its finished product. Think of it as a recycler of air, but more efficient due to its unique function.

If everyone would just see the immediate and long-term effect of pollution, the world would be a better place. But, it’s not, which paved the way for the creation of air filtration machines. No one wins in pollution, and it’s better to solve it rather than let it linger.

Exposure and Beyond: Benefits of Search Engine Optimisation

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SEO Benefits in BrisbaneIf you’re planning to build a website, you are probably familiar with search engine optimisation (SEO). You might have seen the phrase in some articles you’ve read about managing websites and online marketing.

But, do you know exactly what it’s all about? If it’s a business website you’re planning to put up, then you need to learn more about this strategy. You might even need to visit and try the services of an SEO company. Brisbane has a number of experts who can help you.

Meanwhile, you may also want to do your own simple research about the benefits of SEO. What’s in it for you?

  • Increased website traffic

If you already have a little knowledge about SEO, this is the first thing that will enter your mind. An optimised website ranks high in search engines; hence, it gets more exposure to prospective visitors.

  • 24-hour marketing

SEO doesn’t stop working even after you leave your office or even if you take a vacation. Once your site becomes well-optimised, it will continuously attract potential clients and promote your content.

  • High sales

With customers visiting your website, you will surely have a greater chance of actually earning. Just make sure you have really good products and your website content is of high quality as well.

  • Cost-effective marketing strategy

SEO is not only helpful; it is affordable too. It is one of the most inexpensive strategies you can do to promote your products, services and company as a whole.

  • Long-term results

Yes, increased website traffic plus 24-hour marketing equals higher chances of having high sales. But how long will you enjoy this favourable outcome? Here’s good news: they can last a long time! Once you gain high rankings in search engines, your website will continuously draw clients to your company. And once you implement proper and effective marketing strategies, customers will come. You won’t even need to continue spending big on advertising.

There you have it – the different benefits of SEO. Indeed, it is not just about exposure. It is about actually earning and enjoying long-lasting positive results. Now, are you ready to ask for the help of SEO experts? You should be. 


SQL Performance Tuning: Simple Tips for the Common Businessman

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BusinessmanStructured Query Language (SQL) is commonly used to communicate with databases, and is considered to be the standard language used for relational database management systems. An SQL statement can be used to update and retrieve data from a database. Database tuning can be tricky, especially when handling large amounts of data since the smallest changes can have a great impact on the performance.

 Here are some simple SQL performances tuning tips to ensure that your business database always runs smoothly and efficiently.

  1. Blindly reusing code may not always be the best alternative. Try trimming the code to meet your current requirements for better performance and better results. Simply reusing data could also slow down the performance since it often pulls more data than really necessary.
  2. Using update blindly can also affect the performance. Instead, try using case. By testing each row for order amount conditions, this option can be used to set the ‘preferred’ label before writing it into the table. Hence: faster performance.
  3. Know when using temp tables will work. When used right, temp tables can keep you from making errors, like double-dipping. Resorting to using temp tables all the time can cause you more headache than anything else.
  4. Pre-stage data, whenever possible. Often, people overlook this step, and end up using more server resources than required.
  5. As much as you can, steer clear of correlated subqueries. These queries usually run row by row, and can greatly slow down the performance. Instead, refactoring correlated subqueries as a join.

When you have no time or the knowledge of SQL language, you also have the option of hiring professionals like DBA Services to take care of the SQL performance tuning for you.

Regularly tuning a database ensures that the search query results are displayed quickly and also that the database is not unnecessarily tied up.Choose a reputed service provider, to ensure that the job is done properly and efficiently.