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What are the Dangers of Combustible Dust?

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Combustible DustWorkplace safety is a complicated thing to ensure. This is partly because many threats come from seemingly harmless causes, such as the dust in the air. When combustible dust collects in sufficient quantities, and in the right conditions, it can rapidly burn and lead to an explosion.

Dust Explosions

Hundreds of dust explosion cases have been documented, and their consequences often prove catastrophic. The explosive power can outright destroy a building, killing or seriously injuring any workers inside.

A sugar refinery northwest of Savannah suffered a dust explosion in 2008, causing the death of 14 workers. One that occurred at a pharmaceutical plant in North Carolina killed six people, and injured 38 others. In Kentucky, an acoustics insulation manufacturing plant was destroyed by a chain of explosions, leaving seven dead and dozens more hospitalized.

Minimizing the Risk

What can plant owners do against this risk? While every facility and case is unique, many explosions can be traced back to negligence in one of the following areas.

1. Hazard assessment – What operations produce combustible dust, and how can this dust be ignited? Identifying the risks and making countermeasures is crucial. For instance, says a downdraft table should be used to collect the dust from combustible materials.

2. Communication – Are employees properly briefed on the dangers of dust explosions? Do they know what actions to take to prevent such problems from happening? Employee training and communication are crucial factors in workplace safety.

3. Equipment and systems – Considering that ovens and other equipment often play a part in dust explosions, their upkeep is essential to prevent malfunctions. Ventilation systems should also be appropriate for the facility.

4. Damage control – Should the worst occur, it is also important to have damage control procedures in place. There should be plans for containing and suppressing the hazard. Sprinkler systems, segregation, protection systems, and other measures will prove useful.

When in doubt, always consult a safety expert well-versed on the topic. Make sure that your facility is fully compliant.

Inhale, Exhale: A Look at the Common Respiratory Irritants in Workplaces

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Man CoughingOccupational hazards will always be present in any workplace – and that is fine. After all, you cannot possibly remove every single “threat” to the safety of your workers. You can, however, implement measures to combat the likelihood of an accident. Let’s start with one of the most common culprits: airborne and respiratory hazards.

Workplace safety experts say a lot of things can pose problems in your respiratory system. The air your employees breathe is important, which is why many have down draft booths and filtration systems that remove common irritants. But, what exactly are these irritants? Find out below:


Perhaps the most common is dust. Nearly every process you do on a daily basis affects how much dust you breathe in. This is common in businesses that engage in construction or industrial projects. Processes such as grinding, mixing, and blasting all generate dust that could lead to a string of serious health problems.


Fibers are generally larger in their dimensions. Insulation products tend to contain this type of irritant. Notable examples of fibers include fiberglass and asbestos.


Sometimes, business processes involve the heating and the melting of various materials. While this process sounds typical, not everyone pays attention to the by-products of such activities – specifically, fumes. Lead, zinc, and iron fumes are rather common irritants in many workplaces, especially those that engage in welding, smelting, and brazing.


Varying levels of temperature and pressure tend to promote the presence of gas in a closed space. Carbon monoxide and dioxide, chlorine, and as well as ozone are all usual examples of this irritant type. It could also be vapor or mist, depending on the milieu.

The good news is that practically all these irritants are controllable. All you have to do is ensure you have the right policies and equipment in place for your employees to follow. For sure, you can have a business area that doesn’t irritate the lungs of your clients, employees, and your own.

Make Your Distance Learning Experience Successful

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Distance LearningDistance learning has gained popularity because of its convenience. The program is cheaper and allows you to learn from home. However, you need to be careful when enrolling for this program because it requires effort. Here are some guidelines that will assist you to be successful in the program:

Choose a good learning facility that provides distance learning

The first major determinant of the success of this program is the learning institution. To discern a good school from the rest, conduct a thorough background check. Consult the authorities to ensure the school is authentic and their accreditations are valid. Enquire from the rest of the students about their distance learning experience.

Conduct a cost-benefit analysis

Education is an expensive investment. Parents, students and even companies agree to this. Before considering a distance learning program, compare the benefits to its cost. If the benefits are more than the cost, then enrol in the program. Compare the cost of a distance learning program to the full-time program. If the cost incurred in a full-time program is more than the expense incurred in an online program, enrol for the distance learning course.

Marketability of the Degree

There were cases where employers have been distrustful of the legitimacy of online degrees. This is a thing of the past, however, as even companies now use online training solutions for their new hires. says online training allows employees to learn at their own pace and time.

Utilise the Facilities Provided

Use the learning facilities provided by the institution. Online learning requires the internet, which facilitates communication between the lecturer and the students. Some institutions also provide facilities such as online books that complement the lectures. Ensure that you use these platforms adequately.

Maintain Discipline and Time

Among the major challenges of distance learning is the fact that there is limited supervision. You need self-discipline to ensure you are motivated to learn. When you are disciplined, it is easier for you to keep up with the learning activities. Time is a valuable resource for a distance learning program because learning activities are scheduled at particular periods. Manage your time wisely.

Distance learning is growing in popularity because of its affordability and convenience. You are able to enrol in any school in the world as long as they have distance learning programs. Ensure that you have a successful distance learning experience.

What You Need to Know About Making URLs SEO-Friendly

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SEO in BrisbaneIs your site’s URL SEO-friendly? Most people are quick to dismiss the idea of having an SEO-friendly URL, as they assume that search engines are not able to make sense of any type of URL or its structure. But, what is an SEO-friendly URL structure?

An SEO-friendly URL structure has the right keywords and punctuation marks. Additionally, it should be able to open for indexing and crawling.

The Brisbane SEO consultants of explain how you can create SEO-friendly URL structures:

Clear URL

If your site has several levels of files and navigation, the URL should reflect this in the folders and subfolders. The individual pages URLs should also be descriptive, but brief. Your visitor should be able to see the URL and know what to expect from your page.

Consolidate “www” and “non-www” domain versions

Search engines display two versions of your domain, mainly the “www” and the “non-www” versions. Have these two versions consolidated with a 301 redirect to point one version to the other. You can also specify your preferred version in Google webmaster tools. Remember that the latter has some drawbacks, as it’s only restricted to root domains and only covers Google and not other search engines. Consolidate these versions to ensure that backlinks are not going to the “non-www” version of your domain.

Avoid relative and dynamic URLs

Dynamic URLs lack keywords and are usually longer. Using static URLs is more convenient, as they are user-friendly and contain your preferred keywords. Ensure that your URLs use hyphens instead of underscores; Google treats underscores as a single word.

Gone are the days when having any URL structure would count. Today’s SEO looks at your domain structure and ranks it based on uniqueness and clarity. As a business owner, you may not have the time to restructure your URL. Hire an SEO consultant who can advise you on the necessary steps to make your URL user- and SEO-friendly.

Improving Function: Effective Ways to Upgrade Your Hotel Business

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Hotel Improvements in West JordanAs a hotelier, you must ensure that guests are happy and satisfied with their stay. One good way to achieve this is to do some upgrades and renovations to your hotel business. To help you decide on what type of remodeling service your hotel needs, here are some quick suggestions you might want to consider.

Modernize Your Facilities

Advances in technology have drastically changed the way people behave towards everything. That's why to make adjustments about these changes, it is necessary that you keep up with the technological needs of your guests. If you want to attract more visitors in your hotel, be sure to keep them plugged in at all times. noted that having a hotel guest Wi-Fi system, which everybody in the hotel can enjoy, is ideal.

Make Your Hotel Visible Online

If your concern is to attract more guests, then you have to make good use of social media. Create a platform wherein your future clientele can reach out and communicate with you directly. This is also ideal for you because most people refer to the Internet whenever they need or is looking for something. Along with that, it would be easier for you to announce updates or promos about your hotel through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Redecorate the Rooms

If you want to update the look and feel of your hotel, the best way to do that is by redesigning the interior of your place. You can either opt for a new theme in every room. Feel free to add in quirky and interesting decor in each space to create a more inviting and unique staycation experience.

Other than these three suggestions, there are certainly more things you can do to improve the look and function of your hotel. You simply need to be more creative and imaginative. If you think you need to consult professionals, don't hesitate to do so.

Why is Your Home Sinking?

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Home Problems in CaliforniaDo you see any cracks on your walls, especially the basement or just outside of it? These are signs that your house might be sinking, and your likely reaction is to blame the ground and construction company. But, you need to look below the ground to determine the cause of the settlement.

Signs of foundational problems are no laughing matter. Your home might completely sink, putting you or other people in danger. The first thing you should remember is that moisture affects different soil types in various ways; the two most common are sand and clay. Moisture does not have much of an effect on sand. When it rains, water just passes through it and when wet, it does not expand or shrink when dry. Clay is the problematic type because when wet, it holds water and expands, and it shrinks when dry.


BASEco says drought is a factor because it dries clay out. When this happens, clay begins to dry and may cause your home to sink. The high temperatures results in soil shrinkage around your property, creating empty spaces for your house to settle in. The problem gets worse when there are trees; shrubs and mature trees take moisture form the ground, causing the shrinking to get even worse.

Soil Compaction

Soil compaction reduces its volume because of outside factors; this reduction lowers the quality of the environment and soil productivity. This has a variety of effects that will not only sink your house, but will also affect its surroundings. If the construction company fails to compact the soil adequately, it starts to compress under the weight, resulting in settlement.

Soft Soil

Drought is not your only problem and the only factor that may cause the sinking. Floods and heavy rains wet the soil, soaking the clay and making it soft. Houses will begin to sink because of the weakened soil. The effect is similar to whenever you step on mud.

A sinking house is a serious problem that needs an immediate solution. Once you see the signs such as cracking walls and sloped floors, contact a professional.

The Role of Competitive Analysis in Business Development

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Business DevelopmentDifferent businesses and entrepreneurs deal with competition differently. Some businesses believe in focusing on their own plans is the best way to win. Others obsess with their competition to the extent of using illegal techniques to level up.

Intelligent entrepreneurs are comfortable with tracking their competition, copying a few moves and adapting to the business environment in question. Regardless of your motivation, monitoring your competition has numerous advantages.

Learn your competitive advantage and disadvantage

Competitive analysis helps management understand their competitive advantage and disadvantages in relation to their competition. By using techniques such as MAP policy monitoring, says a business can set prices that the protects their brands and partners by taking the competitor’s pricing into consideration.

Apart from this, the competitive analysis gives your business an upper hand because you will understand competitors past, present and future strategies. You will be able to provide an informed foundation to come up with tactics that give your business a competitive edge.

Better ROI forecasts

Every business needs ways to forecast possible returns from future investments. This gives your business an upper hand especially because you will be able to anticipate possible reactions from your competitors. You will make the right move depending on how competitors respond to a new product or a pricing strategy. Competitive analysis helps determine strengths and weaknesses, which when businesses exploit will push them to the top of the competition.

Know your competition before competing

Analysis helps you identify your current competition first. You may have to look at the market from a customer’s viewpoint then group them according to their struggle for the same customers. The second technique would be to understand your competitions’ strategies so that you can learn their motivation. Analysis helps you point out their weaknesses and vulnerabilities to exploit them to your advantage.

There are many ways to win in business. Understanding your competition is important. Do not take it for granted.