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Land Use: Is Solar Power Actually Disruptive to the Environment?

by Admin - on Apr 25th 2016 - Comments Off on Land Use: Is Solar Power Actually Disruptive to the Environment?

Solar PowerPhotovoltaic (PV) technology, more commonly known as solar power, is quickly gaining steam. Any homeowner with enough space on his roof can purchase an array of solar panels for household use.

In the UK, more and more companies are specialising in the distribution and sale of PV technology. It is not an entirely new thing. Ecolution, for example, has 12 years of experience in solar panel installations.

While solar panels have been available to the public for quite some time now, it was only recently that it started to gain popularity. However, critics worry about the environmental impact of solar panels, particularly considering the amount of space it needs to remain operational. They argue that converting large swathes of land into solar farms is as disruptive as deforestation.

How Much Land Does Solar Power Really Need?

Yes, it is true that solar power relies on the use of land to function. Photovoltaic panels need to maximise surface area to absorb the most amount of sunlight. The more sunlight, the more electricity it produces.

The current technology for solar panels is still somewhat inefficient. Solar power is only 20% efficient; it can only convert 20% of the sun’s energy into electricity.

To power the entire world, current technology will require 496,805 sq. km of land. That is roughly the size of Spain. While this may seem like a lot of land, in the context of the whole world, this is just a tiny fraction of space. In fact, if it were possible for solar panels to work at 100% efficiency, it will need even less space.

Total Use VS Shared Use of Land

A solar farm will require a lot of land to be operational, but solar arrays can easily share the space. Unlike traditional power plants, which make total use of the land it occupies, solar panels do not.

You can install solar panels on top of buildings, on roofs and even on roads. Solar panels are also ideal for desert regions that have sparse vegetation and few animals. This makes it minimally disruptive at best. Solar power is still one of the cleanest, greenest sources of electricity at our disposal.

Starter Tips for A Dance Studio Business

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Dance Studio So you think you can dance?

Well if you do then putting up your dance studio sounds great! Sharing your talent and skill in dancing can truly benefit people both young and old. These times when fitness has become such a huge part of our lifestyle, dancing has become a popular option. Whether it’s Zumba, street dancing, pole or jazz dancing, a dance studio can be an exciting place to stay fit and have fun.

But what are some things to consider when putting up your own dance studio? Here are some tips.

Start small and humble

Starting your own dance studio doesn’t mean you go big or you go home. Starting small is the key. If it means that you need to be an apprentice for a bigger studio, then by all means do it. Build your own niche. What you want to achieve is to make a name for yourself. You can join competitions along the way or get involved in community activities. These small things will help create an initial demand that can push you to start your own dance studio.

Don’t build your studio alone

Dance studios of the past rely on one dance expert that can only cater to an exclusive clientele. But today, the dance industry has become more inclusive and so does the business model. Scouting for talented staff and co-teachers can help your studio cater to a wider audience. You don’t have to hire a large staff but a more diverse staff can bring in different dance ideas and styles like Zumba, capoeira, latin dances, etc… You can also consider inviting guest teachers to keep your clients interested.

Track and manage your systems

Running a dance studio can be hectic at times. Tracking the performance of students, managing maintenance costs, and paying bills need to be juggled effectively to keep your business running. This is where effective data management comes in so you can track results and make data-driven decisions. This can sometimes be a meticulous job so investing in technology like a dance studio manager software can make things easier for you.

There many other tips and things to consider in putting up a dance studio but with enough time, effort, and heart for dance, you can definitely go a long way. So don’t be afraid to start you own and spread the love!

Stop Right There: Ways to Avoid Tripping on Your Own Sensors

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Door and Window SensorsWith the crime and violence rates going out of control, it’s no wonder why you, and probably everyone you know, feel unsafe.

This reality fuels the need for technologies that would take care of everyone’s safety, aware or not. And talking about security, it all starts whether or not your home is capable of holding off the bad elements away.

But, with tons of home security options available in the market, getting the right gadget is trickier than ever. shares some noteworthy ideas in choosing your home security gadgets well.

The Basics: Access Points Security

What you want to secure first are your doors and windows. And one of the most effective ways to accomplish this is to plant sensors around your home’s access points.

Door and window sensors are the foundations of every home security system. Even if you don’t have a sophisticated home security system, these sensors are often enough to scare away any potential burglars and criminals.

Other places you can install sensors include the following:

  • vaults
  • cabinets
  • drawers
  • display cases
  • room dividers

Attaching the Sensors Correctly

Security sensors come in two pieces: one fits the access point itself (doors, windows, cabinets, etc.) and the frame.

Make sure to place the two pieces close to each other to maximize their sensitivity. When the two pieces separate, it’ll trigger an alarm. Depending on what type of sensor you have, it can also notify you through your mobile and send a notification to the concerned authorities.

Variations of Sensors to Consider

Sensors come in different designs. Some require a bit of wiring, while the independent devices don’t.

Wired sensors require more time to install and cost a reasonable amount of investment. On the other end, separate sensors are relatively affordable and easy to access.

Every security measure is different. That’s why allotting a good amount of time and effort to know what works for your home and what doesn’t go a long way.

3 Solid Google Penalty Removal Tips

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Overturned Your Google Penalty in PerthSo your world has collapsed after being banned by Google’s update? Panic grips you. All the hard work involving hours of research, writing and creating verified business listings on the social media gone down the drain? 

Fret not. SEO Perth Experts say hope is still around with these expert tips that can help you reverse the big G slam.

Pin Down the Exact Cause

Rather than panicking and acting irrationally to further aggravate the situation, calm down and assess the exact cause for the ban. There can be an automated penalty due to a fresh update or a manual penalty due to existing rules that have been flouted by your site. Google may or may not communicate to your about the ban. Review your analytics statistics or the server details of your traffic to pin down the precise issue.

Disavowing Links

You can call for an audit report and scrutinise your link profile thoroughly to pinpoint damaging links. Google’s Disavow Tool can communicate to Google not to consider certain links that direct to your site. Try to enlist the help of a professional SEO company as they are well-equipped to act swiftly and efficiently to protect your site from further damage. Once you’ve pinned down the problem links, you’ll have to get rid of them with Google’s disavow tool.

Avoid Using Shortcuts for Restoring Rankings

Refrain from making further mistakes while the disavow request is being processed. In a bid to boost their rankings, webmasters try using a variety of tricks only to hurt their site profile further. The disavow request will take 15-30 days to process, and it is important to just lie low and not commit more mistakes during this phase. 

Google penalties are not the end of the world if you take immediate rectification actions like pinning down the exact cause of the ban, obtaining an audit report and going about disavowing problem links and avoiding any more shortcuts and mistakes that can damage the site further. Hire the services of a professional SEO company to act quickly and effectively to salvage your web business.

What Trusted NJ Telephone Systems Providers Can Do for Your Small Business

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Telephone Systems for Small Businesses in New JerseyIf you think that your small business doesn’t need a phone system, think again. Telephone systems are more than just a means of communication, they also make doing business easier for you. From lower costs to easier expansion, here are four perks of telephone systems for small NJ businesses, shared by

Easy to Use

Most providers give reliable equipment that users can easily configure and utilize. These systems have a user-friendly dashboard that anyone in your business can learn, even without a background in telecommunications.


Every business needs to have an open line of communication between them and their clients, and phone lines are a huge part of your budget. An integrated phone system for your business eliminates individual phone lines and your monthly phone charges. It also allows you to review your employees’ call patterns in an instant.

Efficient Management

A business class telephone system gives you peace of mind, especially when it comes to maintenance. Reliable NJ telephone systems providers monitor your phone lines all the time to ensure that everything is in proper working order. They are also available when you need them, like unexpected system glitches or broken phone lines.

Shared Resources

Another advantage of an integrated business phone system is how easy it is to use within your company. Most systems make it easier for your employees to transfer calls from one line to another without having to stand up from their desk and walk to the other side of the office. Some systems also have other features such as caller ID, voicemail, or automated directory that ensure your business runs smoothly.

Quick Expansion

As your business grows, so do your needs. A business class phone system allows you to expand your lines and features as you wish. Most NJ telephone systems providers also have set packages you can choose from to better accommodate your growing business needs.

An integrated business phone system gives your business an easy way to communicate in the best terms possible. Check with your NJ telephone systems provider for the best package for you!