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Nurturing Your Kid’s Interest in Sports

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Group of Boys Playing Soccer

Parents should start seeing sports as more than just an academic distraction. If you are a parent, you need to start realizing that sports can benefit your children not only in terms of physical strength. It can also improve their social skills and help boost self-confidence.

Like what the President and Chief Executive of Little League International wrote on NY Times, participating in sports activities can teach children about teamwork, leadership, and sportsmanship, which will be valuable in the long run. Here are ways on how you can be supportive to them.

Enroll Your Kid in a Sports Program

If your kid is showing signs of interest in a particular sport, find a program or classes appropriate for their age. If your kid does not have any idea yet, help them out. Watch games and lightly discuss the differences of the sports with each other. If one program does not work, enroll them in a different program until they decide that sports isn’t for them.

Attend Your Kid’s Games and Practices

Volunteer to accompany them to practice. Observe and give your child tips on how to improve performance. Always be present during games. Praise your child when the team wins and provide comfort during losses. Do not lose your excitement so that he or she will remain eager despite a bad game.

Buy the Necessary Equipment to Improve Performance

This is important when clinics and leagues are over. Make sure that your child can still practice at home by themselves or with other kids. Research on proper clothes and gears and reward them with high-tech equipment. For baseball enthusiasts, Radar Sports, LLC and other sports experts say that you can get baseball radar guns to your measure improvement.

Whether your child decides to continue with the sport and professionally compete, treat it as merely a hobby, or altogether quit, show unconditional support. While it’s important to boost their competitive spirit, don’t be too hard on them. Make sure to nurture their other interests or allow them to take a break if it gets too much.

Report Estimated Huge AI Expansion in Healthcare

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Laptop and a stethoscopeAn Accenture report showed artificial intelligence would help in improving patient care and provide $150 billion in savings for the industry over the next ten years.

The use of a KPI dashboard software – offered by firms such as KPI Fire – among other modern healthcare tools will help in propelling the industry, as the report predicted a 40% compound annual growth rate for the sector between 2017 and 2021.

Progressive Solution

The use of artificial intelligence in the healthcare sector also marks a good opportunity for companies “to manage their bottom line in a new payment landscape,” according to the report. It based its findings from testing ten different applications.

The report then ranked the applications according to their potential for cost savings. Robot-assisted surgery emerged on top with $40 billion of savings followed by virtual nursing assistants with $20 billion. Cyber security landed at the bottom of the list with a potential savings worth $2 billion.

When filling jobs for online security, companies should be extra careful.

Cyber Employment

Healthcare firms currently struggle to fill roles due to the lack of professionals that are fit for the purposes. However, there are certain steps to consider in making the hiring process much easier. For instance, companies should have a clear idea of salary ranges for cyber security professionals.

If pay becomes an issue, lure candidates with other benefits since there are other reasons why people accept a certain job.

Recruiters should not also insist on a certain skill that will have little or no actual impact on the specified job since this can accidentally screen out qualified applicants. In case a position remains vacant for long, consider hiring someone from outside the healthcare industry.

Software solutions are important for healthcare companies to upgrade their services, but companies should also be aware that modern tools and equipment should be under the supervision of qualified people.

Big Business Advantage: Auto Attendant Recording Service

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Woman talking on her phone

When a business grows, it also means that the group of people and customers wanting to communicate with you grows. A staffer may not be able to handle all these calls. Companies like Marketing Messages say that you can make the system more efficient with an auto attendant recording service.

Never miss an important phone call.

With this system, all calls are channeled to the right department. Callers can choose the department they want to reach from an automated system without a long waiting time. In instances of vacation or after hours, callers can leave a message that you can address later.

Screen all calls.

Not all calls are important. Some calls may end up in your department with concerns that are not within your scope of work. These can be easily rerouted with options for the caller to leave a message and to ask for their contact number for the right department to call back.

Set up an appointment system.

There are days that you cannot sit down in your office and talk to the people who want to talk to you. There are important phone calls that you do not want to miss even while you are away in a meeting. The system can be set up so that an important phone call could be rerouted to you once it comes in, making it an efficient system for a large company.

Prioritize customer concerns.

Industries like phone services and Internet service providers will commonly have some customers. The calls may or may not require need immediate attention. The auto attendant recording service can store the customer's message to maximize employee performance, which employees or technicians can access and manage later. They could also help procure sales or customers. Furthermore, the concerns can be assigned according to a technician's expertise.

Managing a growing company's calls can limit you to focus on the more important aspects of your business. A growing company will need an efficient system to process every office transaction. You should get the auto attendant recording service before the old process overwhelms you.

Things That Every Business Should Have

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Man holding a walkie talkie inside a security room

Starting a business is not an easy task. Depending on the size of the company, much time is needed before an entrepreneur can leave it to their staff. However, once everything is operational, you can start to plan a vacation, provided the business is equipped with the following:

1. Security and Alarm System

Even a small company needs a form of security or alarm. You should install security staff, security systems, and alarms in the business premises to protect it from theft and damage. It is one of the necessities for any business.

2. Effective and Secure Correspondence

Every business needs clients. The customer is the heart of the business. Businesses like Marketing Messages believe that every company should use an effective and secure communication system. An effective staff can take care of after-hours messages, or you can get an on-hold message service. The message on-hold services could store the bulk of the messages that comes in every day. There should be someone assigned to filter out which one gets prioritized depending on client's needs.

3. Designate Someone as the Officer-in-Charge for Emergency Situations

There are instances in your business that you may need to go away and appoint someone who can take the reins for you. Machine breakdowns or decisions that need to be made in your absence can be initiated by this person to ensure that the business operates smoothly. This person should be able to make decisions on these matters. This way, business transactions go on, and customer satisfaction is achieved.

Any start-up business will start with a small staff and will usually multitask. However, when a business starts to grow, considerations for improving on procedures and systems should be taken into account to stay competitive in the market.

Keep Employees Healthy: 4 Suggestions For Your Office

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Team of employees giving high fives

The American worker spends anywhere between 7.7 to 8.4 hours at work each day on average. For most employees, that means spending more time awake in the office than at home, which becomes slightly more than a place of rest.

To make sure your employees do not experience frequent bouts of sickness caused by an unhealthy working environment, here are some tips:

Encourage Everyone To Wash Their Hands

This may be a bit of a no-brainer — washing hands with soap and water has been proven to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses that cause diseases — but only a precious few actually practice it at work. Encourage your employees to wash their hands more often, especially before and after eating.

Place Hand Sanitizers On Each Desk

You can’t always leave your desk to wash your hands. For those sneezes or coughs during the busiest times of the day, your employees can use hand sanitizers within their reach instead until they can get up and wash with soap and water.

Have Your Office Cleaned Daily

Hire janitorial services in Salt Lake City to keep your office clean. To prevent the cleaning activities from causing a distraction, inform your cleaning agency to have their janitors come after hours. They can do a wipe-down of work areas like desks and chairs, vacuum the carpets and occasionally shampoo them.

Have Common Areas

Common working areas enable your employees to leave their desks now and then if they have to focus on some work. The common working areas should have Wi-Fi access and be kept relatively quiet. If you want, especially if you have millennial workers, you can also have a place for relaxation and massages. These areas can help reduce stress levels among your employees.

Keeping your employees healthy is good not only for your relationship with them, but for their own productivity. Think about these suggestions and you might immediately notice better morale and fewer sick days.

Cloud Migration: Tips for Doing it Safely and Properly

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A cloud symbol on top of a laptop keyboardBusinesses, whether big or small, are gradually embracing the cloud as a means of securing their data and applications. Apart from saving them costs, cloud solutions have also given them a more reliable and organised way to store their information.

Doing it right, however, is a risk to take. Here are some tips.

Work with a reliable and experienced vendor

Choose a trustworthy cloud provider who can host your data. Read about their services and the clients they have worked with. Determine if they can fulfil specific needs such as the demand for a remote DBA – a service offered by firms such as DBA Services – and other cloud migration requirements.

Prepare a realistic cloud migration plan

Business processes require planning, and cloud migration is not an exception. Lay out a sophisticated plan that entails the migration’s order of events as well as its timeline. Plan it thoroughly with other leaders of your organisation and disseminate the information to will-be-affected employees.

Determine all related costs

How much are you willing to spend on cloud migration? Determine all associated costs and set a budget that your company can shoulder. Small and medium companies should consider this to know if they can afford a migration plan with bigger data space and additional applications.

Ensure business continuity

A major migration can halt business operations for a day or two. Determine if your company can afford this, maintaining employee productivity and leaving no dissatisfied customers. List down minor and major setbacks and ask a schedule from your provider, so you know when to expect downtimes.  

Guarantee security before determining success

Accomplishing every data transfer does not mean that your cloud migration is a success. Check for issues by testing data and monitoring workloads as well as anticipating future dilemmas. Have a checklist of requirements and scenarios that you can discuss with your provider.

Migrating critical data and applications is difficult. You need to work with a reliable provider and an experienced team to ensure that you do not leak or delete significant data. Security is important, and preparation is key.

What You Can Get from SIP Trunking Services

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SIP TrunkThe main driving factor behind many businesses adopting SIP or session initiation protocol trunking services are the advantages over traditional PSTN or public switched telephone network services. While cost savings is undoubtedly the most obvious advantage, it’s just one piece of the puzzle.

Whether you’re a business owner looking to switch to SIP trunking or you are planning to get wholesale trunking services and then resell them, below are the key benefits you and your customers will enjoy:

True Redundancy – SIPTRUNK, Inc. explains that when you use SIP trunks, you could work with different providers, which in turn provide you with failover capabilities in the event that there’s an issue with your primary network connection or a power outage.

Flexibility and Scalability – These could easily scale to fit your specific requirements, enabling additional channels and trunks with DID or direct inward dialing to be activated in mere minutes, and not weeks or months, as with traditional PTSN services. In addition, you could designate SIP lines to every one of your employees.

Network Management Consolidation – When using SIP trunking services, you won’t have to monitor and manage your PTSN network because SIP trunks operate over the data network, effectively eliminating the need to support and maintain multiple networks.

Toll-Free and Local – With SIP trunking, you get both toll-free and local phone numbers directed to one SIP trunk. You could likewise get local numbers for your business, even if you don’t actually have a physical business space in a certain local area.

Faster Return on Investment – Because you have significantly lower capital expenses when compared to a PSTN line, this, in turn, translates to a quicker return on your investment.

Whether you’re operating a small or big business, all these advantages equate to reduced costs and easier data and network management. This is especially true if the SIP trunking services have been specifically designed for the particular needs of your business. However, do take note that not all SIP trunking service providers offer the same services and capabilities. To that end, research your options well and go with a provider that could customize the most efficient SIP trunking plan for your needs.

What Does the Future Hold for Your Retail Business with Fintech?

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Retail Commerce sales chart on a computer monitorFinancial technology is on the cutting-edge of retail business. Whether you run a brick-and-mortar shop or an online store, you’ll recognize the various ways consumers transact with your brand.

Fintech platform Vyze relates that customers expect financing experience in-store to be simple and stress-free. Fortunately, this year’s trends in fintech gives way to improvements in accessibility, speed, and security in every transaction.

Efficiency, Consistency in Buying Cycles

Consumers are buying differently today—online and offline. With unstoppable mobile use for almost every transaction, the fintech industry responds with better systems and tools that improve the shopping experience.

The focus here is on reducing the friction in the customer journey, from shopping to paying. This means personalizing the buying cycle to streamline it from the customer’s perspective. To do this, businesses evaluate the customer journey, look for points of improvement and find new methods on how to further enhance customer transaction.

For every stage in the customer journey, your shoppers can use an app. If they want to add items to their shopping cart, but checkout hours later, there’s an app for that. If your shoppers prefer a highly personalized experience, they can allow access to their social media profile so you can create a customer profile. A step ahead of that is contextual commerce enabling shoppers to purchase direct from their social media accounts.

The Rise of Digital Payments

As technology evolves and investors fund startup fintech companies, businesses and customers gain from innovation. Such innovation allows for shops to offer, for example, flexible financing options (e.g., buy now pay later, installment plans, etc.) to consumers in a quick, simple process. Amazon is one brand that uses this strategy.

Today’s payment systems also work on implementing varying levels of security to ensure the identity of the users. This is done through authentication measures that protect both the business and the customer.

Facial Recognition Adoption in Mobile Payments

With most payment transactions occurring online, it’s only natural for customers to demand security and protection for their information. Biometrics scanning could provide that security. The future may eliminate the need to type in a password or pin number to authorize payment for purchases. Samsung is, in fact, releasing a device that combines fingerprint, facial, and iris detection to confirm users.

Fintech continues to emerge as an invaluable partner for stores. Whether it’s personalizing experiences or securing payments, fintech platforms can custom-fit your retail business for success.

The Revolutionary Technology: How GPS Transformed Society

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Woman's hand holding a smartphone showing map app using gpsNowadays, nearly all industries and applications use Global Positioning Systems (GPS). These systems have transformed the technology today by being more useful and interactive in several industries. From delivering data real-time to locating individuals, GPS inertial navigation systems have developed since the society first used it.

Internet Integration

For GPS to function properly, Internet compatibility is vital. For example, the signal on your mobile device will assist the GPS when you’re looking for a certain establishment in your vicinity. It will use your device to search for relevant results for your current location. The combination of the Internet and GPS will reveal where you are as long as the system works properly on your device.

GPS is revolutionary, as it demonstrates that technology progresses with the world. Fortunately, its adaptation happens to enhance the convenience of daily life. Moreover, these Wi-Fi-enabled GPS programs already have useful features, so you must choose wisely when buying one.

Real-Time Data Delivery

You can even place GPS sensors on objects to trace them easily. This is useful in scientific experimentation or exploration, tracking missing services and fleet vehicle management. Even those who are in the horse racing industry use GPS sensors to send live data during races. The viewers can stream the information with play-by-play commentary and monitor the race without physically attending it.

Real-time information aids several organizations, such as the consumers, government entities, law enforcement, and entertainment sector. When it comes to the usage of the government, they can attach sensors to military individuals, missiles and planes. This can help them plan strategies for proper attack positioning and situation resolution in wartime situations.

GPS have had a substantial influence on the way the society lives their lives. This technology is important in any industry around the globe. GPS technology is the reason the world has now the capacity to detect, trace, and even prevent people from getting tracked.

Best Practices For Destination Marketing

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Magnified red pin stuck in a map

Are you trying to promote a place? If so, the advertising and marketing approach for these is different. You need to know more about it, the different attractions near it, the nearby establishments and other factors that affect its marketability. Experts cite the following ways you can market and advertise a destination effectively.

Refresh the Website

The website is what makes the first impression on visitors; this can pique the interest of visitors to the place you want to promote. If the site looks dated, lacks any information and doesn’t have compelling content about the destination, then a visitor will click back and may never return. This isn’t good for those who want to advertise places.

Audit your website to determine its mobile-friendliness; more and more people are using their smartphones and other similar devices. Make content easy to browse on your audience’s tablets and phones, and de-clutter a page to highlight its best aspects and certain pieces of information about the place.

Visuals Are Your Friend

Great images, videos and other similar content types are a must for any destination marketing campaign to succeed. When people look for attractions, establishments and certain places, they often look at the beautiful pictures or watch a virtual tour first, and they sometimes ignore the text entirely. Deliver what you have to say and sell the experience through the visuals integrated on your website or paid ads.

Make an App

An app for destination marketing like boosts the engagement and interaction between potential clients and brands promoting places. The app can provide updates about the attractions such as closing times, new additions, budget and how to get there. These bits of information can convince a potential visitor who is still unsure about going because he or she doesn’t know how to get there via public transportation or doesn’t know how much to bring.

These strategies provide you with a cost-effective way to reach your audience and convince them to visit a place. Making an app, using visuals and refreshing your website boost the marketability of a destination.