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    Why Baseball Analytics Is Both a Bane and Boon for Players

    by Admin - on Nov 12th 2018 - Comments Off on Why Baseball Analytics Is Both a Bane and Boon for Players

    Baseball player about to hit the ballThe trend of using analytics has gained traction in baseball, but some are wondering if its advantages are a good enough reason for ignoring the negative consequences.

    Batting average, for instance, has reached its lowest point since 1972. While experts believe that baseball analytics would only continue to develop in the next 10 years, it remains important to figure out how clubs could overcome the challenge of using big data to their advantage.

    Higher Risk-Reward Ratio

    The lower batting average stems from a higher risk-reward scenario for teams, which involves the use of a batting technique of sending the ball as high as possible in the air most of the time. This increases the likelihood of a home run or a strikeout at the same time.

    A strikeout is more possible to happen today, due to many pitchers register at least 95 miles per hour on a radar gun and have a decent record of strikeouts courtesy of them. Baseball analysts credit this to the use of analytics as well, as teams also use data to evaluate the performance of hurlers.

    Research and Development

    Aside from batting and pitching averages, many teams try to cover more ground on analyzing information and probabilities. For instance, some clubs have hired experts to find out whether there is a right time to steal bases during games.

    Others seek to know how to reduce the chances of injuries and exploit the weaknesses of other teams. It’s one thing to be aware of a team’s tendencies, but applying the acquired knowledge in a game is another story.

    Baseball analytics have provided teams with a way to outsmart each other, but it seems that it has come at the expense of entertainment. While the need to win is essential, it’s equally important that fans continue to be engaged in the sport.

    Types of Butterfly Valves Used for Fire Sprinklers

    by Admin - on Nov 7th 2018 - Comments Off on Types of Butterfly Valves Used for Fire Sprinklers

    Fire SprinklerFire is among the most devastating disasters that might affect your property. Unlike in water damage where your belongings can be sufficiently dried and look like their former self, salvaging anything from a fire is generally impossible. To protect your belongings, a fire sprinkler is essential.

    There are many components to evaluate when getting a sprinkler from fire sprinkler contractors for your Utah property. The butterfly valve is one of the vital ones since it regulates the flow of water through your sprinklers.

    Most butterfly valves are connected to an alarm and control panel which sounds a warning in case of a fire. Here are the common butterfly valve types.

    Grooved Butterfly Valve

    This is the standard option for most fire sprinklers. It features grooved pipe connections which nicely settle with your sprinkler’s grooved couplings. The installation of grooved butterfly valves is fast and delivers a leak-free tight seal. These valves are used for pipes measuring at least 2.5 inches.

    Threaded Butterfly Valves

    The connections used for these valves are screwed onto your sprinkler’s pipe. Threaded butterfly valves need accuracy and precision during their installation since they ought to be threaded on both ends. They come in a broad size range, but the most common are 1- to 1.5-inch ones.

    Lug Butterfly Valves

    These have ‘lugs’ or threaded inserts that enable their installation using bolts alone. Since lug butterfly valves can be attached to separate pipe sections, you need not shut down your entire sprinkler for their installation. They are however expensive and have been replaced mainly by grooved butterfly valves for fire sprinklers.

    You will come across other types of valves other than butterfly ones for fire sprinklers. These butterfly valves are however lightweight more so for large sprinklers.

    Their maintenance and repair are also easier since their design is uncomplicated and comprises fewer parts compared to other valves and consequently cheaper to install.

    Business Applications, and What They Mean for Your Startup Company

    by Admin - on Oct 25th 2018 - Comments Off on Business Applications, and What They Mean for Your Startup Company

    business meetingPeople who choose to take a leap and establish their own startup companies are no strangers to risk.

    According to statistics, about 82 percent of startup funds are provided by the entrepreneur or their family and friends. Further, about 72 percent of startup investors rely on their personal savings for capital.

    Practically, starting a small company is a big leap of faith as, apart from financial concerns, you will likely face many challenges along the way. These obstacles range from material resources to human resources. Even co-founders can also cause problems, especially if they are not as motivated as you are. As a result, there may not be a proper workload assignment. Plus, as a startup, you will have to work extra hard to earn consumer trust.

    You also cannot afford ineffective management as this may lead to failure. This is why you should take advantage of all the available tools to streamline your business operations. One thing you can invest in is a business application.

    Business Software Helps Your Employees

    A business application helps simplify IT matters, according to Stave Apps. By extension, business applications also simplify the tasks of your employees.

    This tool gives employees an organized view of what needs to be done and what needs to be prioritized. If you are investing in custom business software, you have the option of adding user-friendly tools that are valuable to your business operations.

    For instance, if you are in the industry of supply chain management, you can add features that manage shipment, forecasts, multi-site logistics, and inventory life cycle.

    Additionally, when your employees use this platform, you have a record of what they are accomplishing. Meaning, you can track their progress. With this data, you can analyze and address the weaknesses of your employees. This is crucial because as a starting company, you can only commit so many mistakes.

    Business Software Saves You Money

    With a business application, you will be able to monitor sales, finance, customer relationship management, and employee performance. You can do all these and more in a single user interface (UI). As a result, you save money on IT costs.

    If your business software is multifunctional, you don’t have to purchase multiple licensed programs. Additionally, being able to do many tasks in one UI means decreased chances of data loss.

    Because a business application makes tasks a little easier for your employees, they can work effectively and save time. This means you don’t have to hire many people to meet business demands.

    If an accounting program is integrated into your software, for example, you may not need a large accounting department. This saves you money on staff payroll.

    Business Software Improves Communication

    Miscommunication often results in mistakes, especially if you employ remote or freelance workers, as the communication process may not be as seamless as you need it to be. A business application, though, can be used as a communication channel for everyone involved in a project – whether they’re on staff or otherwise.

    Business software also enables a more streamlined interdepartmental communication. As a result, you or your employees should not have to dig through your emails to find one particular thread. In addition, no one has to physically go to the other department. This saves your employees time which they can use for other tasks.

    For established companies, an integrated business application is an innovation. For startups, however, business software is a helpful tool that can help avoid business disasters.

    Tips for Solving Bottlenecks in the Workplace

    by Admin - on Oct 17th 2018 - Comments Off on Tips for Solving Bottlenecks in the Workplace

    Solving Bottlenecks in the WorkplaceBusiness operations are among the core aspects of your enterprise. These refer to the sets of processes that help in manufacturing your goods or deploying your services. As these procedures are interdependent, you can only expect a problem when there is something wrong with one aspect; a chain reaction might happen.

    Then, there will be a bottleneck, which can lead to a work backlog and more. Solving the bottleneck should be your priority. Otherwise, you will compromise your income and customer satisfaction.

    Introduce New Methods

    Sometimes, bottlenecks happen due to additional privacy as far as file access is concerned. If you are planning to democratize the files among your team, you need to make sure that they can easily access them. One of the new methods that you can introduce is a cloud-based project management program.

    Revise Your System

    This is a solution that you might want to look into if you are planning to come up with a more efficient system. Streamlining your system means cutting away procedures or bureaucratic parts that delay production and cause stress among your people. A much simple flow chart can explain the new process, but introduce it gradually.

    Provide a Temporary Solution

    While repairing the bottleneck, you need to come up with a temporary yet viable solution so as not to delay production. This can mean hiring new equipment to compensate for the production demand. Whatever you do, make sure that it will not cost you a lot.

    Overall, you should look into many aspects of business operations. Among the things that you should prioritize is the removal of the bottleneck. Doing so will improve your productivity and customer satisfaction.

    Cloud Computing: How Can Small Businesses Benefit from It?

    by Admin - on Oct 9th 2018 - Comments Off on Cloud Computing: How Can Small Businesses Benefit from It?

    cloud service applications symbolsAn increasing number of small businesses here in New Jersey are becoming acquainted with the use of cloud computing services. Undoubtedly, operating in the cloud gives a lot of benefits in ensuring the efficiency and increasing the productivity of businesses. Here are the reasons you should also consider getting external IT support and cloud computing services from experts like Technology Visionaries LLC:


    With cloud computing, you don’t need servers to store your company’s data; thus, no need for a server room, software, and IT personnel. This means lower electric bills, less payroll and overhead costs, and savings on office space rent.


    Before, you used to save files on a disc, a thumb drive, or on your laptop, and then travel to your client for presentation, only to find out later that the numbers just changed. With cloud computing, you and your employees can easily access data whenever you need it, wherever you are. Thus, you always have access to up-to-date company information.

    24/7 Security

    One of the major issues being thrown at cloud computing services is about security. But did it not occur to you that ensuring the safety of your company’s information is the top priority and one of the best sellable assets of any IT computing firm? In fact, cloud hosts always maintain top-level security 24 hours a day, all year round.

    Disaster Recovery Plan

    But even with all the latest security features in place, there are unforeseen circumstances that might cause system down times such as power outages, calamities, and natural disasters. Evidently, downtime is bad for business, as it could lead to possible data loss resulting in lost revenue, among other things. Good thing, there are cloud-based disaster recovery solutions that will safeguard your company’s data.

    Truly, investing in a cloud computing solution brings a lot of positive aspects to one’s business. From savings, maintenance, security, and a system that’s available at all times, cloud computing can help your business become more competitive.

    Here Are the Threats You Need to Protect Your GPS System From

    by Admin - on Oct 4th 2018 - Comments Off on Here Are the Threats You Need to Protect Your GPS System From

    a couple navigating their wayA complicated technology such as GPS simulation would not be easy to navigate for a beginner. No product developer will want to allow a novice to handle such an important system. Especially because they are used in delicate procedures, you will need to train everyone who will use it.

    These three vulnerabilities are just some of the things you have to prepare for:


    GPS simulation is useful in a variety of applications. It is useful to commercial industries as well as government agencies. It’s surprising how widespread the use of this technology is.

    And because of its wide range of applications, many want to take advantage of it to interfere with the signal and get vital locations or information.


    Communicating information is one of the reasons GPS is important. By tracking the exact location of a device, allies can send reinforcements when needed. It is also vital in the discovery of unchartered territories — that is if a hacker does not jam the signal.

    This could prevent the rescue of stranded individuals or important equipment. You want only the best to train your personnel to recognize signs of jamming and, in the first place, secure the network to prevent it from happening.


    It’s one thing to prevent a GPS system from transmitting the location; it’s another to interfere with the system so it will transmit the wrong location. Spoofing makes the GPS signal seem like it is coming from a different location.

    The implications of this range from Pokémon being available in only a certain area to derailing scientific advancements for personal gains. So as you can see, while spoofing might seem harmless in some situations, it could also result in billions in losses and inconveniencing many people.

    As with any system, training and maintenance are crucial in ensuring no data is compromised. When you’re dealing with GPS, the stakes are higher, so you cannot afford any slipups.

    Tips for Dealing Security Breaches

    by Admin - on Oct 3rd 2018 - Comments Off on Tips for Dealing Security Breaches

    data security conceptThese days, data breaches are inevitable in any company. Thus, companies such as Matrium Technologies offer innovative solutions that can stop advanced malware and other viruses. Since many businesses today depend on websites, computer drives, and cloud servers, ensuring the protection of company information is vital. Doing so maintains the trust of clients or customers.

    Addressing Security Breaches

    Identifying the cause of the breach is essential. You need to determine whether it is an online attack or data leakage caused by a lost or stolen laptop. Once you have identified the source, you might want to investigate and contain the issue quickly.

    Once the breach has been resolved, you can create a detailed assessment of the risks that took place for both the business and the employees. Next, you might need to repair the data or system software. You should also have a concrete communication strategy and press statement that lets the public know about the issue.

    Lastly, you should evaluate everything that occurred and identify the lessons learned to help you improve your information security. That way, you will be much prepared in the future. No one should be able to access your company’s, financial records, employee contracts, and other important documents.

    Often, hackers will spend much of their time observing the work habits of employees. That is why it is essential to let every employee know how crucial it is to avoid sharing passwords and responding to suspicious e-mails. Encouraging critical thinking and helping employees identify various forms of hacking is vital in fighting cyber threats.

    Overall, hackers compromise the safety of many companies. Fortunately, you can do something to stop them.

    How to Profit from Your Intellectual Property

    by Admin - on Sep 18th 2018 - Comments Off on How to Profit from Your Intellectual Property

    man is drinking coffee while doing his workAlmost every business these days has some kind of IP or intellectual property. However, very few take advantage of their IP as an asset. One of the main reasons for this is that you need to take specific steps in order to profit from your IP.

    To do that, start with the following:

    Safeguard your intellectual property to attract investors.

    Ensure that your IP is well protected using patents, trademarks, and/or copyrights. This could help communicate to prospective investors how innovative your idea is and your confidence in it.

    DIY Commercialisation of IP.

    For starters, you could create a new business for developing, producing, and marketing your IP or keep it under your existing business. However, you would need a realistic and detailed business plan to get prospective investors on board. Likewise, if your core competencies are in developing IP and not necessarily in the commercial challenges of marketing it, better seek advice from a professional.

    Consider licensing your intellectual properties to other businesses to earn royalties.

    This is especially appropriate when you’ve developed your IP and could clearly articulate its potential, but don’t have enough funds to exploit it, if you lack the necessary in-house expertise, if you’re looking to be of the manufacturing process, or if your target market already has a prospective licensee. Licensing could likewise be an excellent way for exploiting your IP’s secondary applications if you want to solely focus on the primary application of your IP. Additionally, you could also look into the possibility of a cross-licensing arrangement in which you provide one or more entities access to your IP so you could have access to theirs as well.

    Look into possible joint ventures for developing and marketing your IP.

    Take note though that the best ventures are those between businesses of relatively equal size, in which combining infrastructure and expertise benefits both businesses equally.

    Don’t discount franchising.

    If your IP has solid value, franchising could be a good option for expanding your brand locally and in foreign markets.

    Put simply, if you could show that you have taken the necessary steps to safeguard your IP and that they could generate sufficient income, you could make more profit from them through the abovementioned suggestions.

    Is NFC Necessary?

    by Admin - on Sep 13th 2018 - Comments Off on Is NFC Necessary?

    Group of people with smartphones in a huddleYou’ve probably heard of NFC because of your phone or because of Samsung and Android’s online payment system. The technology is also used in ticketing systems, credit cards and marketing campaigns. Just this September, Nike released an NFC-integrated Chelsea football jersey that gives their fans exclusive deals.

    Many businesses have found NFC so useful that it has become more accessible − you can now order NFC products online.

    But what is NFC? And why is there a need for another wireless communication technology?

    The Basics of NFC

    NFC stands for Near Field Communication. As you may have experienced, it allows devices in a certain proximity to communicate without wires or internet connection.

    The technology NFC uses evolved from radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. The NFC devices have a chip that sends and/or receives small amounts of data. NFC does not require pairing codes and its chip runs on low amounts of power, making it more efficient and easier to use than wireless communication.

    The challenge with NFC, however, is that devices can only communicate when they are a few centimetres away from each other.

    Which leads us to the question, why then was this technology developed and why is it continuously used if we already have Bluetooth and WiFi?

    Enabling Faster Connections with Less Power

    A key advantage of the NFC is that it consumes much less power. In fact, passive NFC devices do not have their own power supply. Passive NDC components such as advert tags, for example, are powered through putting an active NFC component near it. How? The proximity of the two creates an electromagnetic field that produces enough electric current to power the passive system.

    Another advantage of NFC over other modes of wireless connections is that it offers faster connectivity because of its inductive coupling. Bluetooth is already relatively fast but the absence of manual pairing and the actual connecting speed of NFC devices (a tenth of a second) makes the NFC superior in this aspect.

    The Verdict?

    Near field communications may have its limitations, but its fast connectivity, and its operation with minimal to virtually no power makes it ideal for mobile payments and advertising.

    Here are Ways to Find the Right Dating App for You

    by Admin - on Sep 11th 2018 - Comments Off on Here are Ways to Find the Right Dating App for You

    couple dating after meeting onlineFinding a date online can be difficult for some because there are a lot of apps and sites. One matchmaking dating app is different from another and might work better for one group. Knowing which one to use best can help you find the one or just meet other people.

    Here are ways to identify which app is most likely help you find a match.

    Age Group

    Some dating apps are more appealing to certain age ranges than others or simply because most of its users are of a particular age range. If you’re in your 40s, it’s not impossible, but it’s going to be difficult to find a match on Tinder because a majority of its users are in their 20s. Ask your friends who were successful online daters for referrals about which app to use.

    Matching Profiles

    There are apps for specific types of people; some are high-profile, high-earning CEOs, or have high standards when it comes to finding a match. Sites such as Raya and The League are for those that fit the mentioned descriptions. Some apps have stringent requirements before letting anyone in.

    Niche Market

    Some dating apps are specifically for LGBTQ or catered to women. These specific niches already filter the dating pool. If you don’t meet the bare requirements, look elsewhere. Some are not exclusive to finding a date, but also for meet-ups or community building. If you don’t click romantically, you can still be friends.

    Type of Connection

    Some apps are not shy about what its community wants. These cater to those who just want to hook up discreetly or for people who want a serious relationship, and some simply want to find like-minded people.

    If you want to explore online dating, there are plenty of apps to choose from based on your self-identification, intentions, and chosen niche. These tips are some of the ways to find the right app for you.