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Buggin’ You: Signs Your Home is Full of Bugs

by Admin - on May 18th 2017 - Comments Off on Buggin’ You: Signs Your Home is Full of Bugs

Bed BugMaking your home clean is a priority. Other than it helps you have a comfortable and livable space, it gets rid of allergens and dirt that may affect you and your family. As such, you will have to set aside time for cleaning alone. You may ask help from your family members or work with a reliable company offering cleaning services.

If you want to make your home truly clean, you need to get rid of bugs. Here are some of the signs you need to watch out for, as advised by carpet cleaning companies in Salt Lake City and other parts of Utah.

Sounds and smells

If you’ve been hearing weird sounds at night before you sleep, chances are there are already bugs and insects around your home. Add to that the stink that disturbs you any time of the day. If you keep on experiencing such things, you need to check certain areas of your home, like the surface under your mattress or the space under your furnishings.

Dead parts around

If you’ve always been puzzled by dead insect parts in random places of your home, you might want to check if your unwanted tenants are cannibalizing each other. Some of these unsightly parts may show up under appliances. They may even be present in your home’s outside spaces, like the patio.

Damaged goods

Ever wondered how your favorite dress or shirt got damaged? Don’t blame the mice yet. It could be your other unwanted guests. If there are nymphs in your cabinets and shelves, chances are these insects are already feeling cozy at your home.

These are just some of the signs to look out for if you suspect there is an infestation of insects at your home. Be sure to call exterminators and cleaners before things get worse.

Good News: These Facts about a Downdraft Paint Booth, All of Are Beneficial

by Admin - on Feb 16th 2017 - Comments Off on Good News: These Facts about a Downdraft Paint Booth, All of Are Beneficial

Downdraft Paint BoothSo, you are thinking of putting a business idea into motion. You want your own industrial auto shop. You want your own paint booth, too. You want a downdraft paint booth, to be exact.

Yes, you may have the money to start the ball rolling. You can afford to buy equipment. But, is having an idea and having the money all you need? Of course, they are not. To get started, here are some facts about downdraft paint booths.

Fact 1 – Cleanliness Is a Priority

The biggest benefit that a downdraft paint booth offers is cleanliness. The airflow concept is pleasant. It draws air around a vehicle, and underneath it, it frees the air.

Alongside, it promotes safety. There is the risk of dust contamination in booths, right? Well, in a downdraft booth, dust contamination is unheard of.

Fact 2 – Down to Top

The pattern that the paint booth follows is down to top. First, it goes straight down. From the ceiling, it goes to the floor.

Fact 3 – Concrete Pits Are In

To function well, a downdraft paint booth is in need of a concrete pit. This means that concrete pits are in. You may also want to put up a tunnel.

Yes, putting up concrete pits can be costly. But, if you think about it, it is a cost-effective way of keeping your downdraft booth functioning well. If you want to put up a paint booth with a good foundation, why not set aside money for concrete pits, too?

Fact 4 – A Big Money-Saver

You can save money with a downdraft paint booth. How, exactly? You can make great finishes, and lower the need for corrections and the occurrence of buffing.

Running a shop successfully is not too simple. You need to learn many things (such as how to operate the store and what particular kind of equipment is needed).

Getting in Good SEO Shape is Like Hitting the Gym

by Admin - on Jan 8th 2017 - Comments Off on Getting in Good SEO Shape is Like Hitting the Gym

SEO ExpertsWhat do SEO experts and professional trainers have in common?

Most people may assume that the answer is “nothing.” But if you closely, there are some similarities between the two industries.

Perhaps SEO experts and marketers can relate with professional fitness trainers when it comes to dealing with clients who demand immediate results. There’s no express ticket to guaranteed results. For the business (in this case, you) this reality can be disappointing, but it’s one of the facts of search engine marketing.

Aside from this, here are more similarities between the two seemingly unrelated fields:

No Such Thing as a Wonder Pill

Digital marketing experts, such as SEO Reseller Program, and fitness trainers both agree on one thing: THERE ARE NO SHORTCUTS to getting into great shape – whether it’s your body, or your rankings that we are talking about. If there were, these would definitely come with serious consequences. High-quality reseller plans do not cut corners – it’s all about the process.

There is no such thing as a wonder pill that turns a beginner into an intermediate athlete, or a link building scheme that immediately ranks your site. Keep in mind that lasting, significant, reliable results will always demand hard work.

The Myth of a Level Playing Field

In terms of SEO or physical sports, there is no such thing as a level playing field, when it comes to the competition. When it comes to fitness-focused activities, a person’s body type to a degree determines the results that he or she can achieve, or at least how quickly he or she can reach these. Some trainees require little effort to shape up, similar to how a few websites have high caliber sales propositions.

Dealing with the handicap is doable on both the SEO and the fitness fronts; but ultimately, not all fitness aficionados, as not all sites, will have what it takes to edge out the competition at the top — especially not on their own, anyway.

Motivation Matters

No workout ever works unless there is motivation – from within, but also from other people. In terms of fitness, maintaining a balanced lifestyle and a new regimen is made better with the help of a trainer. For websites, motivation takes the form of optimization, which is also better with the help of an SEO expert.

Good search engine optimization is the key to growing a great business. There’s no guarantee of immediate success, but it’s your first step towards a better future. One last similarity: SEO and fitness are both habits you acquire; once the habit is a part of your system, the new and improved routine will skyrocket your chances of getting to the top, and staying there.

Improving Field Service in 3 Effective Ways

by Admin - on Dec 15th 2016 - Comments Off on Improving Field Service in 3 Effective Ways

Field ServiceNo matter what your mobile workforce is for, being able to deliver more and increase productivity is one of the most important aspects of a manager’s job. The ability to cover more ground and resolve multiple issues within a day means that you are getting the best performance out of your workers.

How do you do that? What steps should you take to achieve higher metrics and better customer satisfaction ratings?

We have talked to industry experts to help you determine the best possible ways to improve your services. Here are some bits of advice:

1. Do more.

Is it that simple? Many managers are often caught up in endless meetings that they do not have time to monitor and check their teams and projects. Make sure that you prioritise action before checking in with the higher ups. You must close the knowing-doing gap, so your teams can better benefit from your management.

2. Invest in diagnostics and metrics tools.

A reliable, unbiased party you can get to analyse your metrics is a software. Using service management software, UK firms can offer one of the best decisions you will ever make. You will be able to identify gaps and areas for improvement much easier — as well as determine where problems are coming from.

3. Always ask for collaboration.

Whenever teams come up against problems or challenges, allowing them to create their own solutions is one of the best things you can do. Once they have the right tools, it will be easier for them to decide on a solution that they can all get behind. After all, they are the ones who made it.

Improving service delivery is not a one-time action. It is a continuous process that you need to work on as long as you are on the job. Get the right tools and help your people raise their performance.

Hero Image: Things You Would Love (or Hate) About It

by Admin - on Jun 30th 2016 - Comments Off on Hero Image: Things You Would Love (or Hate) About It

Brisbane: Hero Images on a WebsiteHero images are one of the hottest trends in web design as of late. In a nutshell, a hero image is a sizable banner image placed at the centre of a website to serve as a visual magnet for the visitors.

Ask any self-respecting SEO expert in Brisbane, Toronto or Berlin, and you would learn that the use of these web banners has taken over the spot where sliders used to occupy. Bambrick Media and other digital marketing experts note that the rampant application of attention-grabbing graphics is not a fad, but rather a practice not going anywhere.

Much like other web design elements, hero images have a fair share of positive and negative qualities worth knowing before using. Without understanding their pros and cons, using them to improve user experience and usability may work against your site.


Hero headers always certainly more visually striking than words. Users tend to put more weight on thought-provoking images than dull text-based pieces. This is a great opportunity for you to keep them interested the moment they visit your site.

Large backgrounds can serve as a powerful tool to promote your brand and offerings. If designed properly, your expansive banners can speak a lot of your message and evoke emotion towards the users.


Badly designed hero images usually go noticed by most people the wrong way. Instead of enriching the user experience, a large header may get in the way and reduce the typography’s dramatic value due to overlaying.

In addition, the visual power of images may decrease on mobile sites. As the screen becomes smaller, it depreciates its intended effect. When executed poorly, hero images can slow down the page’s loading time — a prime factor that can affect user experience.

Despite the winning qualities of hero images, they’re not without drawbacks; fortunately, most their downsides are avoidable. As there’s a lot that goes into optimising these large banners effectively, you have to pick a capable web designer that knows their potential utility and probable liability.

3 SEO Trends Every E-Commerce Website Must Follow

by Admin - on Jun 27th 2016 - Comments Off on 3 SEO Trends Every E-Commerce Website Must Follow

SEO Strategies for E-Commerce WebsitesE-commerce websites greatly rely on search engine optimization to get as many visitors and customers as they can. Aside from traffic, SEO also allows you to give particular product pages a boost in visibility to make your site as profitable as possible. However, you need to take a close look at SEO and all its new technologies and trends to keep your head in the game. Here are some of the most recent trends you need to incorporate.

Publishing Long-form Content

Product pages used to be composed of the product name, short description, a few photos of the products, and some customer feedback. However, search engine favoritism and user demand now require you to create long-from content for your product pages. This is because users want to know more about products so they could compare them to their other options. When publishing long-form content, you must highlight the strongest points of the product to persuade people to buy it. Don’t just put fluff.

Importance of Sharability

SEO in Minneapolis isn’t a standalone strategy, notes. You must also use social media marketing for the visitors who want to share your website and products to be able to share them. Social media is where most people spend their time online. It would be a waste to not take advantage of the many new customers you can gain simply by making your website more visible and your web page more shareable.

Video Content Is the Future

It’s now easier than ever to watch videos even on-the-go through mobile devices. That’s pretty much the reason video is now the leading form of content. Video content is effective in informing people and influencing them to know more about your brand and get your products. You’re already behind every other website if you aren’t using video content on your website yet.

Follow these trends because they are here to stay. This way, you can keep on gaining new customers and earn more profit for the years to come.

Using a Circuit Tester

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Circuit TesterWorking with live wires represents a high risk and you need to be careful when you do so but you can also speed up your work by using a circuit tester. The thumb rule is to always be careful with live wires and to handle them by holding the insulated portion of the tester leads when you do the testing and to switch off the circuits as soon as you finish your work. Let’s take a look at how the circuit tester can make your work easy.

You need to use a TASCO, Inc. two-lead circuit tester to check for voltage and you can do this by placing one lead on the live or hot wire and the other lead on the neutral or ground wire. You can identify the hot wire by its color; it is usually black but can also be of any color other than green or copper. The neutral is white and the ground is green or copper colored. Make sure that you test all the ground wires in older homes to make sure that they are connected to ground.

When you’re testing a ground wire, you can follow this easy procedure:

  • Turn off the mains and check the voltage with a voltage tester
  • Uncap the neutral wires and it is ok to leave them bundled
  • Remove the wires switch and bend them so that they don’t touch each other
  • Turn on the power again at the main panel and use the voltage tester to identify the live wire
  • Use the circuit tester and touch one lead against the live wire and the other lead to the neutral wire; it is working properly if it lights up
  • Test the ground wire by touching one lead against it and the other lead against the hot wire; it is working if it lights up

In the case of testing a metal box that doesn’t have a ground wire, you need to check if the box is by itself serving the purpose of grounding. You can follow the same procedure as above but in the last step of checking the ground wire, you need to hold one lead against the box and another against the live wire.

Best Practices for a Boutique Call Centre Agent

by Admin - on Jan 7th 2016 - Comments Off on Best Practices for a Boutique Call Centre Agent

Call Centre WellingtonCongratulations on landing a boutique call centre job! While some of the horror stories you hear about them are true, it’s just like any other job: there are good days and bad days. However, here are things that should remain constant, especially with the boutique call centre.


Call centre agents may be seen as overbearing with their adherence to a script and to a process. After all, they’re following a system designed to make the customer choose what’s most advantageous for the business. However, boutique call centre agents have the responsibility to find the customer’s most pressing need and actually focus on solving it without sounding like a robot throughout the call.


The bane of many customers looking for a solution to their problem: call centre agents may need to put the caller on hold. This is especially true if it’s a problem they cannot solve on the spot. Boutique contact agents have the same push to solve problems as quickly as possible, but they are encouraged to personalise their approach for each call, so there is more time to spare for each call.

Firm but Polite

The contact centre agent goes through a gamut of situations where they’re pressured to do something out of process just because the customer is desperately in need of a solution to their problem. While it’s tempting to give the customer what they want just to get them out of your hair, a boutique call centre agent still has the responsibility of following due process, talking the customer down if need be when they demand aggressively, but still keeping that calm and personable demeanour against all odds.

If you believe you’ve got what it takes to be a call centre agent that follows these guidelines, you’ll soon discover that the life of an agent is difficult but very rewarding. Perform to the best of your abilities and always let the caller know you’re there for them. Soon enough, those positive ratings will come and help you rise to the top.

Facebook Introduces Instant Articles

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smartphone-586903_640As if anyone need more reason to like Facebook? It was announced recently that the social media giant will deliver news to users faster and more comprehensive than ever before.

Dubbed as Instant Articles, the Facebook news reader will provide news organizations with opportunities to create interactive content designed to be much easier to read using their smartphone or tablet.

Instant Articles is geared to revolutionize news delivery, helping news firms convey their content to younger readers. Their current partners include National Geographic, Buzzfeed, the New York Times, the Guardian, the Atlantic, Spiegel, and the BBC.

“We think the most important thing here is speed,” Facebook’s chief product officer Chris Cox says, “the obvious lesson we keep on learning is that on a mobile phone, the most important thing is immediacy.”

Facebook says users will have to wait as long as eight seconds for a news piece to load on a phone using the current system, and they’re planning to hasten that.

With Instant Articles, the news piece will fill the screen immediately with a few extras, such as photos, embedded videos and pop-out charts and maps. Facebook says this will help news firms make their articles more visually and mentally engaging.

One of the best things about Instant Articles is its commitment to providing tailored design for individual publishers to correspond with the features in their own websites.

But in the end, it all comes down to business and revenue sharing. Even with the promise of Instant Articles, news organizations will want to make sure their visitor traffic will increase. Facebook assures them that it will, and unlike in their old advertising network where they get a 70/3 revenue sharing deal, with Instant Articles, they will receive all profits generated from advertisements.

However, despite Facebook’s supremacy in social media sharing, news firms are wary of how their articles will behave, given the complicated and unpredictable mechanics behind Facebook’s newsfeed. With every tweak in the rules, much like in Google’s algorithm changes, traffic can abruptly plummet.

With this in mind, creators are being as careful as they can be. One news organization shared that being involved in Facebook’s new project is not only exciting but will certainly increase their content’s exposure in the most accessible gadget imaginable – the smartphone. Having said that, firms are treading lightly when it comes to handing over content distribution and having a third party decide how to use it.

“We will continue developing Instant Articles with our partners over the coming months and will listen to feedback from readers to help us improve the experience.” Facebook promises on their media website.

Pros And Cons Of Online Sociability

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A recent article in the Wall Street Journal claims that mobile technology has made people less sociable. With the increasing accessibility of smartphones and tablets, it’s also becoming increasingly easier for people to stay online and in their social media profiles. Apparently, that leaves a huge impact on how they socialize in the real world.

Online Connection is Different from Real-Life Bonding

facebook-76536_640According to a Pew Research survey, 71% of American adults have Facebook, and of these Facebook users, 45% check their profiles at least several times daily.

Being on Facebook entails looking at other people’s profiles, leaving comments on their posts and leaving posts on their wall. One would think that the Internet is actually a good platform for people to socialize. But for social psychologists, this can’t be farther from the truth.

What these online friendships do, say experts, is keep people from cultivating actual, more meaningful relationships.

Technology Feeds Anxiety and Vice Versa

In a study conducted by social psychologist Larry Rosen, it was found out that among 1,100 teens and adults, the majority of those aged under 35 couldn’t stand a few hours without checking their smartphones and tablets. Heavy users showed high levels of anxiety and unease when they were told they couldn’t use their mobile gadgets.

Anxiety feeds this behavior, says Rosen. The constant need to check phones comes from the anxiety of not knowing what’s going in the virtual world.

Additionally, it was found out that rabid smartphones users are people with either clinical or non-clinical social anxiety disorder. Those who can’t engage in real-life interactions turn to online faux bonding as a more comfortable alternative.

The problem with this, experts claim, is that socially anxious people tend to rely on social media, which doesn’t really offer the value of face-to-face communication. In fact, experts say they may be detrimental to the emotional health as they interrupt real human bonds.

“If we are constantly checking in with our virtual worlds, this leaves little time for our real-world relationships,” says Rosen.

In the Defense of Social Media

Other experts, on the other hand, claim that contrary to the notion that online social networks replace face-to-face sociability, they only supplement it. Their argument lies in the logic of meaningful online presence.

They say people can still expand their social horizons on the Internet, deepening and extending their connections to the world around them. With technology, people can take advantage of constant connectivity to make their close relationships even closer.

It all still depends on how people use or misuse the power of social media and technology altogether.