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The New Face of Press Releases: What Changed?

by Admin - on May 11th 2017 - Comments Off on The New Face of Press Releases: What Changed?

Modern Press ReleaseTraditional press releases used to be simple announcements of events, products, or services on different platforms: TVs, desktops, or newspapers.

Today’s press releases, however, are no longer just about announcements; modern PRs deal with SEO tools, links, and wire posting. As more communication channels open, PR experts and journalists navigate through the changing times. Unfortunately, adapting isn’t easy., the first social platform for media relations, offered a simple observation: “Internet has transformed the way reporters work, source, and cover stories but PR pros have not adapted yet.” The mismatch results in missed opportunities.

Don’t commit the same mistake. Instead of staying out of the loop, learn more about the new age of press releases.

Goodbye, Standard PR

Traditional press releases are no longer relevant. Unless you’re a company with a groundbreaking product, spending more time with standard PRs is a waste of time.

Instead of gaining coverage through old techniques, PR experts and marketers should embrace new methods of getting news concerning accomplishments or offerings. Think of the following: social media, quality visuals, influencers, and industry leaders — these are the elements of today’s PR.

Fighting Negativity with Content

Easy access to social media leads to critical users. When they have bad experiences with a product or service, they can easily share their experiences with others. Some users may have a massive social media following or share a connection with a VIP in your list. The reach and connection of dissatisfied consumers can impact your reputation, and by extension, your profits.

To prevent this, today’s PRs establish processes initially to avoid bad experiences. Thorough training teaches teams how to handle difficult situations well, particularly when handling a bad review on social media.

Another strategy is to fight negativity with content. Through engaging content, experts and businesses keep the audience up-to-date about the industry. Information facilitates better experiences, which reduces your brand’s risk of becoming the subject of a social media rant.

Press releases have come a long way. The growth of technology is creating more opportunities. But tread carefully, and make sure your client’s brand gets the right kind of exposure.

Inertial Guidance and Its Role in Space Exploration

by Admin - on Apr 10th 2017 - Comments Off on Inertial Guidance and Its Role in Space Exploration

People in SpaceExploration has always been the pursuit of mankind. For over three thousand years, humanity has discovered an array of navigation tools and references; from stars, sea currents, sensors, to radio, among other things. While these methods prove useful in marital and terrestrial navigation, they are dependent on external references, which make them susceptible to harsh conditions.

A navigation system necessary for flight and space exploration should be impervious to these conditions and independent of external references or influences. These considerations led to the development of inertial navigation systems in the 1940’s.

Inertial Guidance in Space Exploration

Inertial guidance uses motion sensors or accelerators and gyroscopes to establish the position, orientation, and velocity of a moving object without the need for external information. Since then, INS systems have evolved to achieve extreme accuracy and reliability.

In human spaceflight, inertial navigation systems provide guidance for lift-off until the shuttle separates from the booster. Because inertial systems have limitations, engineers have been finding ways to update these for outer space explorations. Celestial tracking is still a major requirement, especially for aircraft traveling to and landing on planets, and those returning to earth.

Navigational Aids

To improve capabilities and meet accuracy requirements, scientists have integrated other navigational instruments and methods to inertial guidance systems. One example is the GPS-aided inertial navigation system

In this scheme, the INS provides short-term data, while the GPS corrects accumulated errors and delivers more refined information. These systems are common in large passenger jet aircraft. There are also specialty labs that continuously develop algorithms and hybrid systems to perform specific functions, from human motion tracking, weapon orientation tracking, virtual and augmented reality and more.

Exploration has always been the pursuit of mankind. For over three thousand years, humanity has discovered an array of navigation tools and references; from stars, sea currents, sensors, to radio, among other things. While these methods prove useful in marital and terrestrial navigation, they are dependent on external references, which make them susceptible to harsh conditions.

A navigation system necessary for flight and space exploration should be impervious to these conditions and independent of external references or influences. These considerations led to the development of inertial navigation systems in the 1940’s.

Ways a Construction Take Off Software Can Assist You

by Admin - on Jan 14th 2017 - Comments Off on Ways a Construction Take Off Software Can Assist You

Take Off SoftwareIt cannot be denied that construction operations are, indeed, daunting. Fortunately, there is a slew of software to ease one’s workload. One of these systems includes quantity take offs cost estimating software. Here are ways this software can give you a big sigh of relief:

It handles cost estimates

Rather than doing the project costing manually, you can take advantage of the software to save up long hours of doing the job. With this system to handle the task, you can focus your attention on other important aspects of your project. Such software comes with user-friendly functionalities that can seamlessly generate the data that you need.

It calculates costs with precision and accuracy

What’s great with this software is that you are guaranteed that it produces accurate costs and data. You are also ensured that integral factors of the project are considered, including logistics, design, and a lot more.

It can help you deliver projects quickly

Your profitable business starts with having the right construction take off software. This software helps you in meeting the increasing industry demands to build projects faster than ever before. Moreover, it has also the ability to save repeated processes that can revisit for your next projects.

Today, you can find an array of construction takeoff software. However, if you are a newbie, it is prudent if you go for a simple program that you can easily use before jumping off on software that is more complicated.

Should you want to learn more information on how this computer system can be of help, it is wise to talk to a company now offering software products and solution for cost estimation, construction, assembly systems, and a lot more. You may also check if they offer a free trial of the software.

Downdraft Tables = Solution to Indoor Air Pollution

by Admin - on Dec 19th 2016 - Comments Off on Downdraft Tables = Solution to Indoor Air Pollution

Office EnvironmentWith the numerous advances in technology, you’d think that humanity would prioritize trying to alleviate the environmental problems. The polluted atmosphere calls for a method to sustain cleanliness and it’s a good thing that some manufacturers thought ahead of everybody to craft downdraft tables.

The Power of the Furniture

These specifically designed workstations or tables clean out pollutant from the air. Equipped with a ventilation, it allows the furniture to strain out the pollutants and return clean air to the office space. Getting your employees downdraft tables will surely alter the air quality that you and your employees breathe at work.

The furniture is available in different sizes to provide businesses with the freedom to choose and decide. These function for a number of applications as they can clean up construction or welded materials whether used or discarded.

The Office Benefits

Using this furniture will provide the employees all the freedom they need as they won’t feel suffocated, which leads to more productivity. The cleaner atmosphere will bring about employees that perform better and the machines will be more durable with less wear and tear.

The furniture doesn’t only clean out your air, but it also has a filtration system that helps you save up on the energy bill. If you are able to filter all the pollutants away from your company’s machinery, it will be safe from foreign objects that can potentially clog it. Thus, they will perform more efficiently.

These types of table operate on easily preserved filter that you do not need to replace immediately. It can save your company’s expenses freeing you from the hassle of replacing them from time to time.

Downdraft tables have plenty of advantages to offer. They do not only help you save on your energy bill, increase the durability of your machinery, have filters that last for a while, but most of all provide you with a healthier environment.

Want to Get Creative With Your Wedding? 2016 Is The Year to Do It

by Admin - on Oct 18th 2016 - Comments Off on Want to Get Creative With Your Wedding? 2016 Is The Year to Do It

Creative WeddingWeddings are an occasion you only want to experience once, so getting the wedding of their dreams just right — making it a fun and memorable experience for everyone all throughout — is a priority for couples. Fortunately, more and more weddings this 2016 are taking place in various locations such as beaches, hotels and art galleries, making it easier for couples to personalize their weddings.

Those planning the walk to aisle before the year ends should be aware of the trends everyone has been talking about the past year.

Flower Power

Gone are the days of traditional wedding bouquets and centrepieces. Most prefer to experiment with hand-picked and wild flower varieties. Some savvy couples include other elements such as fruits, coffee beans and fragrant herbs in their garlands as well. It’s a unique way to improve the table setting and give the wedding an added personal flair.

All About the Lighting

Perfect lighting is the key to setting a romantic mood for the night. Wedding lighting is the best and simplest way to create an intimate environment. Wedding planners choose from an assortment of lighting options, including chandeliers, candelabras, pendant lights and bare Edison bulbs.

Live Wedding Jams

Hearing personalized music play during the big day can really say a lot about a couple and their relationship. According to Garston Entertainments Ltd, there’s something about wedding reception entertainment, such as live music, that makes people happy and creates a more festive atmosphere. Live bands can also go from soft music to upbeat tunes for the dance floor, making music fun for everyone.

Weekend-Long Weddings

Gone are the days when weddings were just a one-day affair. More couples are taking advantage of the seasons and planning daytime events for the guests to enjoy during the weekend. Saying “I do” isn’t just what the party is about. Entertaining one’s guests in between the actual ceremony has become the trend as well.

Couples planning to get married this year no longer need to have cookie cutter weddings and follow set traditions in planning their big day. If 2016 trends tell couples anything, it’s to go ahead and plan their wedding according to their personal taste and style. 

The Half-Life: Integration Of Computers Into Your Daily Life

by Admin - on Aug 26th 2016 - Comments Off on The Half-Life: Integration Of Computers Into Your Daily Life

Importance of ComputerThe use of computers today has been larger than ever. Its role in the lives of Kiwis and everyone across the world has become so important that we find ourselves unable to function with the slightest technological drawback. Slow internet speeds, low memory or even a wayward mouse can cause unacceptable delays.

You would not want to deal with the half-life of dealing with a faulty PC, and it is human nature for you to go searching for solutions.

Budget Computers & Mobiles, a service provider of computer repairs in New Zealand, lists down the common PC problems you may encounter. This includes screen repair, memory replacement or the need for additional hard drive space. Brands such as Toshiba, HP, Asus, Dell and Acer are amongst the more popular of PCs. The reliance on these PCs today is more than apparent in the need for speedy repairs and replacements.

Becoming Dependent on Computers

Computers have grown to become an indispensable tool for whatever purpose. Work, business, school, leisure and socialising are a few of its important uses. But is it a negative to be this dependent on computers?

A recent study reveals how 77% of people responded with a resounding affirmation. They believe society, as a whole, relied on computers and technology far too much. Furthermore, the sample size responds that without computers, the chance for society to succeed diminishes greatly.

This echoes the thinking of being set at a disadvantage if there are no computers to aid you.

The Importance of Computers

In general, people acknowledge the advantages computers provide. Its purpose is to ease daily tasks and enable progress. For this reason, computers have come to integrate their functionality into daily life.

Its importance has never been more evident in how everything today relies on the internet and the capabilities computers serve to provide.

Life Before Light: A World without Electricity

by Admin - on Jul 7th 2016 - Comments Off on Life Before Light: A World without Electricity

World without ElectricityIn the modern world where practically everything you do needs electricity, you’d probably go crazy if life suddenly threw you back in the Stone Age. You’ve lived life comfortably relying on the coffee maker to start your day and using your phone’s GPS on the way to a business meeting. You don’t even have to worry about minor blackouts because solar powered generators from Humless Reliable Power Systems help you get through the day.

People take electricity for granted because they’ve never lived without it for a long time. So how did your grandparents and great-grandparents survive without it?

Employment in Darkened Times

Before skyscrapers and business districts existed, most of your ancestors earned by working on farms. In the 1930s, in rural America, they did farm chores under the light of a lantern after nightfall and before sunrise. They usually hung the lantern a safe distance from the ceiling.

It was only in May 1936 that the Congress approved the Rural Electrification Act (REA), which brought electricity to the countryside.

Hygiene in Darkened Times

People usually bathed in creeks during summer, while they had to boil water on a stove fired by wood during winter. They would then pour hot water in a washtub on the kitchen floor. They normally took baths every Saturday night because they had to go to church the next morning.

Women had to carry a bucket full of water from the well. After they get the heavy wooden lid from the well, they would crank up the wheel to lift the bucket filled with 30 pounds of water and pull it up 50 feet.

Life, in general, had to be done manually before the luxury of electricity existed. These days, you take not only electricity for granted, but also the natural resources you get it from. Educating the younger generation and making them realize its pros and cons will go a long way for the environment.

Distance, Cost, and Sustainability: A Guide to Fiber Optic Setup

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Long distance communication is a matter of having the proper tools than anything else. Using fiber optics for data transmission is simple enough, so long as technicians know the limitations of the equipment they are about to install.

Here are a few reminders on how to make the most of fiber optic transceivers:

Use Multimode Transceivers for Short Distance Communication

Remember that short distance transmission is not necessarily the inferior option. A multimode transceiver like the PK-SFP-10G-SR will prove sufficient in systems spanning building-to-building communication.

Use Single-Mode Fiber Cables for Long Distance Transceivers

Fiber Optic TransmissionsFiber optics relies on a simple guiding principle: that light can carry accurat
e information as long as it has a
consistent, reflective pathway to do so. Fiber optic bundles may be
nd or pivot, but the light bouncing in between their walls will remain true to its transmitted nature. The trick now in accomplishing long distance fiber optic communications is reducing the number of times light has to bounce on its way to the other end of the cable.

This is where single-mode fiber optic cables outperform their multimode counterparts. Engineers have built single-mode fibers with diameters about 93% smaller than multimode cables. The significant reduction allows light to travel faster, and with a lesser loss of information. This is why single-mode fibers are the industry standard for high-speed, long distance data transmission.

Use 10/100m Adaptive Port Devices

For fiber optic setups covering multiple kilometers, link attenuators, or 10/100m adaptive port devices, make for an economical and reliable system design choice. Achieving maximum distance and optimal functionality is easy with these devices, as they can accurately transmit data for 60 kilometers or more.

One of the most important things one should remember when setting up a fiber optic grid is the importance of “future proofing” the design. That is, using swappable transceivers and components wherever possible. This allows technicians to conduct upgrades and repairs easily and without having to shut down the entire data system for an extended duration.

The Various E-Learning Portal Features That Enhance Training Systems

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E-Learning Portals for Training SystemsLearning through the internet has opened gateways to new ideas and possibilities. Through e-learning, education can go beyond the physical boundaries of an office and even countries. With just one click, information can be easily accessed through an e-learning portal, a website that contains different instructions and training materials for numerous concepts. In many ways, this portal is much like a library full of information about different topics, only digitised.

Comprehensive Features 

A competent e-learning portal has many features that make it stand out among others, says Velpic. This gateway has all resources and instruments that can help in teaching and learning. Organisations that have recognised the potential of e-learning have used its function to educate their employees. By conditioning and centralising the organisation’s requirements, information that needs to be distributed can reach the employees. This allows for the creation of a variety of programmes and learning courses that are relevant to the growth of the employees, disregarding the formula of “one size fits all”.

Accessibility on mobile devices such as smartphones is also promoted as this gives the learners options on where and how they want to use learning portals. By making custom lessons accessible in all devices, it portrays the “learning on the go”.

Interaction and Productivity 

One of the many things that make e-learning interesting is the possibility of making community interaction with people that are not within your close proximity, location-wise. Through discussion forums, blogs and sharing buttons, these communication tools pave the way in creating various interactions on any type of learners as well as instructors.

Learning portals in an organisational set-up makes for an access point for numerous courses, training and other varied services offered to the customers, employers and more. By utilising the different features of this portal, organisations can upgrade their learning and training system into a comprehensive and organised platform.

Using Technology: How Civil Engineers Benefit From It

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Civil EngineersMany areas revolve around technology – science, engineering, and education are just a few of these. Advancement in technology focuses on making work easier, faster, and more efficient. IT experts and manufacturers are working tirelessly to make technological developments.

Application of technology in civil engineering

Technology also works in civil engineering as estimate software. The software helps overcome challenges and improve business capability due to preparedness. Costs for carrying out the projects are available, as information is accessible for the particular region. There are minimal errors and inconveniences, as users of the software know what is required. Geotechnical problems can be measured; solutions determined and passed on to others. It helps save the entire project from collapsing.

Flexible and accessible 

The software can be a part of project management solutions, which make it easier to identify profits and losses. It also provides an easier and faster method of analysis. This helps in generating different receipts as demanded by the civil engineer. In turn, this saves time and minimises the number of risks that can occur in a manual method.

Records measurements for the civil engineer

Integrating software helps prepare the engineer to run the bills. Prediction of the project and analysis is fast and accurate. This gives a clear view of comparisons between projects. It gives the contractor a way to move forward from the report and create an accurate working order. The estimator ensures consistency of data, as the software provides the same procedures and results repeatedly. The engineer can rely on past records to determine what will be required for future planning.

Procurement procedures

The best thing about using this type of software is having timely delivery of items even before projects start.This gives users enough time to assemble required resources. The availability of the items will help in the proper planning of work and future projections.

Technology has changed the way construction businesses operate, and this is evident in the use of software. If your business has yet to integrate these solutions, now would be the best time.