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Business Applications, and What They Mean for Your Startup Company

by Admin - on Oct 25th 2018 - Comments Off on Business Applications, and What They Mean for Your Startup Company

business meetingPeople who choose to take a leap and establish their own startup companies are no strangers to risk.

According to statistics, about 82 percent of startup funds are provided by the entrepreneur or their family and friends. Further, about 72 percent of startup investors rely on their personal savings for capital.

Practically, starting a small company is a big leap of faith as, apart from financial concerns, you will likely face many challenges along the way. These obstacles range from material resources to human resources. Even co-founders can also cause problems, especially if they are not as motivated as you are. As a result, there may not be a proper workload assignment. Plus, as a startup, you will have to work extra hard to earn consumer trust.

You also cannot afford ineffective management as this may lead to failure. This is why you should take advantage of all the available tools to streamline your business operations. One thing you can invest in is a business application.

Business Software Helps Your Employees

A business application helps simplify IT matters, according to Stave Apps. By extension, business applications also simplify the tasks of your employees.

This tool gives employees an organized view of what needs to be done and what needs to be prioritized. If you are investing in custom business software, you have the option of adding user-friendly tools that are valuable to your business operations.

For instance, if you are in the industry of supply chain management, you can add features that manage shipment, forecasts, multi-site logistics, and inventory life cycle.

Additionally, when your employees use this platform, you have a record of what they are accomplishing. Meaning, you can track their progress. With this data, you can analyze and address the weaknesses of your employees. This is crucial because as a starting company, you can only commit so many mistakes.

Business Software Saves You Money

With a business application, you will be able to monitor sales, finance, customer relationship management, and employee performance. You can do all these and more in a single user interface (UI). As a result, you save money on IT costs.

If your business software is multifunctional, you don’t have to purchase multiple licensed programs. Additionally, being able to do many tasks in one UI means decreased chances of data loss.

Because a business application makes tasks a little easier for your employees, they can work effectively and save time. This means you don’t have to hire many people to meet business demands.

If an accounting program is integrated into your software, for example, you may not need a large accounting department. This saves you money on staff payroll.

Business Software Improves Communication

Miscommunication often results in mistakes, especially if you employ remote or freelance workers, as the communication process may not be as seamless as you need it to be. A business application, though, can be used as a communication channel for everyone involved in a project – whether they’re on staff or otherwise.

Business software also enables a more streamlined interdepartmental communication. As a result, you or your employees should not have to dig through your emails to find one particular thread. In addition, no one has to physically go to the other department. This saves your employees time which they can use for other tasks.

For established companies, an integrated business application is an innovation. For startups, however, business software is a helpful tool that can help avoid business disasters.

Tips for Solving Bottlenecks in the Workplace

by Admin - on Oct 17th 2018 - Comments Off on Tips for Solving Bottlenecks in the Workplace

Solving Bottlenecks in the WorkplaceBusiness operations are among the core aspects of your enterprise. These refer to the sets of processes that help in manufacturing your goods or deploying your services. As these procedures are interdependent, you can only expect a problem when there is something wrong with one aspect; a chain reaction might happen.

Then, there will be a bottleneck, which can lead to a work backlog and more. Solving the bottleneck should be your priority. Otherwise, you will compromise your income and customer satisfaction.

Introduce New Methods

Sometimes, bottlenecks happen due to additional privacy as far as file access is concerned. If you are planning to democratize the files among your team, you need to make sure that they can easily access them. One of the new methods that you can introduce is a cloud-based project management program.

Revise Your System

This is a solution that you might want to look into if you are planning to come up with a more efficient system. Streamlining your system means cutting away procedures or bureaucratic parts that delay production and cause stress among your people. A much simple flow chart can explain the new process, but introduce it gradually.

Provide a Temporary Solution

While repairing the bottleneck, you need to come up with a temporary yet viable solution so as not to delay production. This can mean hiring new equipment to compensate for the production demand. Whatever you do, make sure that it will not cost you a lot.

Overall, you should look into many aspects of business operations. Among the things that you should prioritize is the removal of the bottleneck. Doing so will improve your productivity and customer satisfaction.

How the Digital Age Changed Advertising

by Admin - on Jun 19th 2018 - Comments Off on How the Digital Age Changed Advertising

Digital advertiser on his laptopAdvertising is just as relevant as marketing and sales when it comes to business. Advertising spreads the word of the company’s capability, dependability, and trustworthiness when it comes to their products and services. Traditional advertising uses billboards, TV and radio ads, and print ads, but now many companies prefer digital marketing as it is more affordable and reaches a broader audience.

Companies use programming software to carry out tasks and manage projects. Some businesses hire Jira consultancy service providers like Accxia to improve management processes for their advertising needs, such as financial information, data reporting, and product management functions.

How Computer Software Improves Advertising

Management software helps improve advertising as it can help companies identify critical strengths and weaknesses in their advertising. They could locate which ad has the most views, which area has the highest increase in customers, and what kind of promos and advertising methods work on their target audience.

Computer software could track the data of any company’s business, but along with this could help them improve their methods and work on their advertising strategies.

Modern Advertising: Making it Mobile

Modern advertising has made mobility and accessibility key themes since more people are using their smartphones and mobile gadgets.

Many businesses can advertise on several platforms to reach different age groups and niches. Social media has also made it possible for small companies to use it as another form of advertising disguised as customer service and engagement.

What the Future Holds

The next few years can make advertising tools more specific to localities, niche groups, age brackets, and countries. Computer software has enabled companies to focus on these details, and mobile digital technology has made advertising focus on the preferences of the individual, and not only the group.

Technology and advertising will indeed grow in the next few years, but how it will change the methods and strategies of many businesses is anyone’s guess, as personalisation and customisation go together with accessibility.

Choosing the Right Product for Surface Prep and Finishing

by Admin - on Mar 22nd 2018 - Comments Off on Choosing the Right Product for Surface Prep and Finishing

Worker applying plasterThe right surface finishing of any material or equipment is important to the safety, efficiency, and productivity of the industry that’ll be using it. Different applications will demand all sorts of requirements depending on the end use of the equipment. That’s why it’s also important to know the different options involved in the finishing process to make sure you’re meeting the requirements of its application.

Will you need to follow specific codes in the industry? Do you know how the final product will be used? As each product leaves a different finish, knowing the necessary requirements will help you choose which products would work best for the job.

Wire Brushes

Rather than removing base materials, power wire brushes clean these surfaces and leave them with an orange peel finish. They work best for rust removal, paint removal, or weld cleaning. Wire brushes work well in maintaining surfaces and is the least aggressive of these products.

Buffing Wheels

These products don’t usually contain abrasives, but are used with certain compounds that have fine abrasives to create a shiny or mirror-like finish.

Non-Woven Abrasives

Hand pads, blending discs, and surface conditioning discs are some of the examples of non-woven abrasives. They are made of fibers filled with abrasive grains that can leave finishes from coarse to ultra-fine.

Coated Abrasives

The finishes that coated abrasives produce vary depending on the size, grit type, or the tool it was used on. Leaving a smoother finish as it gets finer, they usually range from coarse grit to fine grit.

Grinding Wheels

The most abrasive of these products, grinding wheels are used to remove a lot of material in the least amount of time. It’s not normally used for finishing but there are applications that do require it.

Remember that there’s no one-size-fits-all product for different applications. You may even have to combine products to reach a specific finish. Doing your research and understanding the application requirements will help you choose the right products and help you reach the perfect finish for your application.

Current and Future State of the Business Phone System Industry

by Admin - on Jan 23rd 2018 - Comments Off on Current and Future State of the Business Phone System Industry

Dialing in business phoneFunctions of Indianapolis business phone systems have changed drastically over the past decade. Communications expert Apex Telecom states that because of great leaps in its technology, employees can now enjoy instant messaging, hold online meetings, and send instructional videos through their network.

New Range of Services

Part of its expansion in functionality is the introduction of cloud-hosted phone systems and Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP. Not long ago, people did businesses communications only through snail mail and landline systems that use copper wire connections.

This required the installation of large, expensive equipment and on-premises maintenance. Today, landline services are becoming obsolete in favor of a cheaper, but more efficient option – the VoIP system. This relies on the internet connection that the business is already using to get online.

Industry Forecast

The use of VoIP is fast growing, and forecasts show that almost all US users will be using the system in the coming years. Only 6% of US consumers will still be using landline phones by the end of 2018.

Meanwhile, the market for cloud-hosted solutions is projected to surge by more than 10% a year through 2021. You can host VoIP systems either in the cloud or on premises. Unlike landlines, VoIP doesn’t require costly upfront charges, which make them a popular choice among business owners.

Information Week reported that 70% of organizations are planning or have already deployed their communication systems in the cloud.

Jumping to the Cloud

Cost is one of the top reasons many companies are switching to this solution. In contrast to the hefty capital expenditures associated with on-premises structures, cloud-hosted systems require minimal upfront costs. Instead, the business will only have to pay a monthly per-user fee.

Since most customers have mobile devices, they are favoring email and text messaging over landline calls for their convenience. Switching to VoIP can give your employees access to feature-rich, high-powered applications that improve communication.

Enjoying a Baseball Game More with a Radar Gun

by Admin - on Nov 14th 2017 - Comments Off on Enjoying a Baseball Game More with a Radar Gun

A batter hitting a baseballThere are four basic skills required in baseball: hitting the ball, catching it, throwing it, and running all over the place. Among all of these, it is throwing the ball that is most crucial in defense.

The pitch

Baseball is built on the pitch. This is where the game begins. Kids start out knowing only one pitch, the fastball. They try to throw as hard and as fast as they can. Players learn other types of pitches as they play the game. At some point, a player would settle to be the catcher, and someone else is noticed as the best pitcher on the team. That is the dynamics of learning to play in a game. From learning how to throw, then getting stronger with the throw, the pitcher then learns other pitches, including the curveball. A pitcher needs both speed and versatility in order to defeat a hitter.

A spectator’s tool

For spectators, a radar gun for baseball is one of the best tools they can bring along with them when watching a game. This is an easy-to-use tool, which can give the speed of the baseball during a pitch. The radar gun is pointed at a distance of one foot away from the release. This is usually an approximate direction, but there is no way to point to the exact direction of throw properly. Although not everyone has a radar gun, it can be a fun tool to use in amateur games. It can even be used for other sports where the ball’s speed is key.

Doppler shift

Radar guns work on the Doppler shift of an electromagnetic pulse. The gun emits a microwave beam. Shot in the general direction of the ball, the beam bounces back and this return is calculated for the speed, according to the difference in frequency. It may take a while to get used to, but it is important that reading a ball’s speed is done properly.

Listen Up Mobile App Developers! The Benefits of Cloud-Based Test Automation Tools

by Admin - on Oct 12th 2017 - Comments Off on Listen Up Mobile App Developers! The Benefits of Cloud-Based Test Automation Tools

AutomationYou might not realize this now, but the future belongs to all things "Cloud." Cloud-based software testing tools, for instance, are now making their presence felt on the development division. As a mobile app developer, here are all the perks you can get from cloud testing tools:

Accelerates the Testing Procedure

Automation tools don't only boost productivity and shorten test cycles, cloud-based versions also quicken the whole testing procedure. These are independent of devices and browser, don’t require installation and come with smooth upgrades that cause lowered downtime. 

These features allow companies to finish the procedure within or before the intended time frame, which is why it’s important to choose wisely when buying one.

Equipped with a User-Friendly Interface

Automation tools that are cloud-based usually have a user-friendly interface. These don’t require any particular training to operate, which makes them easy to use, even for rookie developers. 

Competitive Price Range

If you compare this cloud-based automation tool to the common test automation tool, you’ll realize that the former sells at a more competitive rate. You don’t need to spend a substantial amount of cash to upgrade your devices’ hardware.

Enhanced Security

Security is probably one of the largest worries when relying on the Cloud. Although there are problems that come with cloud computing, they are mostly just common misconceptions. With cloud-based tools, you will have the assurance that higher-ups in the technology industry continue to solve such security concerns. This is why these tools are safer for usage.

Even though the mixture of tried-and-tested tactics with the cloud is favorable for developers and enterprises, they still have to be cautious in using it. It can reduce the use of resources, time expenditures, and costs, but improper use of it can also do the opposite. 

The answer is to assess your needs and finish a comprehensive round of research regarding the available tools on the market before deciding.

SIP Killed the Telephone Star: Businesses and the Telephones’ Successor

by Admin - on Aug 30th 2017 - Comments Off on SIP Killed the Telephone Star: Businesses and the Telephones’ Successor

Businessman working on the smartphone
Traditional analog phone lines are now a thing of the past. With the rise of virtual telephone lines, companies can enjoy access to an almost unlimited number of phone lines over the internet. Apart from eliminating the need for a physical connection to a phone company, shifting to a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) allows businesses to save more money on their business phone while increasing phone reliability.

Companies like SIP.US, for instance, allow for the quick provision of SIP trunks in a fully-automated, self-service environment. In fact, SIP trunk deployment guarantees productivity improvements and long-term savings.

A Lower Cost for International Calls

Calls on traditional phone lines can get expensive for companies that maintain several international business relationships. Furthermore, making long-distance calls on Public Switched Telephone Networks (PSTN) requires setting aside a budget, which could dissuade employees from making calls at the end of the month or resort to cutting conversations short. With SIP trunks, all long-distance calls are essentially free since they travel over data networks.

Integrated Communication

Some organizations use various kinds of systems for voice calling and video chats. As a result, employees end up using multiple instant messaging applications to communicate with each other. These ad hoc systems, however, do not translate into a cohesive user experience. With SIP trunks, you can use the system for every type of communication and make it the foundation for a unified communication suite.

Improved Flexibility

Changes to a conventional enterprise phone system can be difficult to configure since it requires the services of an IT technician. These rigid systems are often a lot more complicated, however, so users cannot simply disable features they need at a particular time. SIP trunks, on the other hand, offer flexibility by making sure companies only pay for the resources they use. Since everything is accessible through an online dashboard, changes do not require technical expertise.

Get work done faster by installing SIP trunks. Upgrading to the virtual telephone line will translate to significant cost savings and better productivity right from the get-go.

As a Good Employer: Improving Workplace Safety and Keeping Everybody Healthy

by Admin - on Aug 6th 2017 - Comments Off on As a Good Employer: Improving Workplace Safety and Keeping Everybody Healthy

Work safety word on the cardA considerable number of employees succumb to work-related injuries in the course of their duties, putting your company in a tight spot. Luckily, you can take proactive measures and nip such disasters in the bud to keep all your employees safe.

The last thing on every employee’s mind when leaving home for work is not getting back. Due to workplace accidents, some people never live up to their promises of going home. In 2016, more than 60 people never made it home after kissing their families goodbye in the morning. Of course, you wouldn't want to be part of that.

Avoid Sure Disaster

Any incident at work can prove to be ruinous. It can cause you to incur millions in legal and compensation costs on top of losing a valued employee. The regulatory authorities might be breathing down your neck for the near future. Failing to comply with any of their recommendations could lead steep fines and legal actions. It can be bad for your reputation too, and you could have customers decamping to the competition. Hence, you need to take credible measures to create a safe working environment for everybody.

Engage an Expert

It's common for businesses to ignore small risk factors when ensuring safety, but it's what leads to sure disaster. For instance, a slip, trip, and fall accident can cause you a considerable amount of trouble. Legally, you are responsible for any harm in your premises. Rather than take chances, you should hire a safety expert to fix all these risk factors. They're professionals who can help create safety measures that suit your particular needs. They can even train your employees to keep safe.

Work-related accidents are unfortunate incidents that bear severe consequences for your company. Luckily, you can take proactive measure and eliminate the risk factors before they compound and keep your workers safe.

Fine Tuning Your Customer Service Systems

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Customer Care on a Laptop ScreenExceptional customer service has replaced hard selling in raking in business from the consuming public. Is your game plan up to date? Browse through these four reminders just to be sure you're always improving.

Manage Your Phone Calls

The best service experience over the phone is speaking to an actual CSR after the third ring, but as businesses grow this is not always possible. Having the phone ring without anyone picking up make callers doubt whether the number is correct or still in use. 

Don’t risk your customers thinking they have the wrong number and give up calling altogether. Invest in message on hold services. Professional voice talents can control the quality of their voices and speech to exude confidence, compassion and positivity. With message on hold services, you can even promote your products and send out announcements.

Take Customer Service Training Seriously

Browsing through customer service tips online can make all the steps seem self-explanatory. Is training essential? The answer is yes. Customer service training lends insights to human behavior. Why do these clients become irate? What was wrong with the representatives’ response? Training answers these questions better. 

Add to this the shared experience of other participants; your customer service representative will know better what to expect. Another important aspect of actual training is learning to manage one’s own emotion after receiving poor treatment from customers.

Standardize And Document Your Approach

You may think that your staff knows what to do, but consistency in quality can be best achieved by rolling out standard how-tos for answering the phone, handling customer issues, responding to odd customer questions, catering to unexpected requests and so on. After you decide on guidelines, have them on paper in good order.

Hire With Customer Service In Mind

The emotional intelligence and compassion required to be patient with and help others should be one of the qualifications of your staff. The new thrust, particularly in small and medium enterprises, is to spread out customer relations responsibilities all throughout the organization. It is, after all, an attitude, not a single department.

To get ahead and stay ahead, customer centricity should be embedded in a team’s culture, documented procedures, and communication tools.