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What Makes a Successful CTA?

by Admin - on Jan 25th 2018 - Comments Off on What Makes a Successful CTA?

Man holding mouseMany business owners are fast realizing that being online demands far more than web space and a website copy. The sheer number of web pages on the Internet makes it mandatory for specific measures to be taken to accomplish visibility. But these days, many agencies in Massachusetts say that the most effective strategy is inbound marketing with a call-to-action (CTAs).

According to website analytics experts, over ninety percent of visitors who read headlines on a website also read the calls-to-action (CTA). Another statistic shows that a single CTA within an email caused clicks to increase by 371 percent, while sales surged by 1617 percent.

Social media is also a big factor: the inclusion of CTAs on a Facebook page can cause a 285 percent increment in the Click-Through Rate. However, the mere inclusion of a CTA will do little good if it fails to follow some guidelines to achieve its primary objective of generating leads. Here are three elements that ensure a CTA is effective.


A website is a piece of a virtual real estate. The placement of a CTA will determine its visibility and efficacy. Conversion rates vary according to location, so, sidebar CTA conversion rates range between 0.5 to 1.5 percent. Pop-ups convert between 1 to 8 percent, while welcome gates range between 10 to 25 percent.


The website colors need to contrast with the background without looking garish. The color palettes used for the website should suit it target audience and product. Ask your designer to look into the psychology of color in marketing, and choose a CTA color that immediately attracts the eye.


A CTA needs to be noticeable. This means it must be appropriately-sized without going overboard. A minimum size of 44 by 44 pixels is the minimum recommended by Apple for any clickable Web element.

The rise of marketing strategies has made it possible for savvy business owners to market their websites and become searchable on the Internet. When looking for outstanding consulting services using CTAs and inbound marketing strategies, make sure that you express these points to your chosen digital marketing provider.

The Most Costly, Yet Worthy PPC Keywords

by Admin - on Dec 20th 2017 - Comments Off on The Most Costly, Yet Worthy PPC Keywords

Man working on a tablet with PAY PER CLICK on a screenGoogle earns through various channels, and 97 percent of their earnings come from pay-per-click marketing. To succeed in this area, you should know the priciest keywords and why they are essential to succeed in your Internet marketing in Singapore. For one, they give you an idea of what your competitors or other industries considering worthy of investment. Here are the top ten priciest keywords according to Google AdWords.

1. Business services
2. Bail bonds
3. Casino
4. Lawyer
5. Asset management
6. Insurance
7. Cash Service and payday loan
8. Cleanup and Restoration
9. Degree
10. Medical Coding Services

These costly keywords come mostly from business management and financing. These industries often have access to a lot of cash. Aside from the legal and financial industries, the presence of the keyword “degree” reveals the increasing importance of the education industry in the digital age.

Why Are They Expensive?

Keywords increase in price when users are desperate for a certain service or product. In such cases, the keyword becomes essential in many search engine results, and more people click on websites that offer such services.

If the provider also has a product or service that requires expertise and is often expensive, then the keywords associated with their industry can drive up the price.

For many people, they want to fulfill their dreams and make their wishes come true. The Internet provides a way for many people to do this. “Degree” remains an expensive keyword because education is the primary route for many people to succeed.

Find Clients Using Keywords

If you want to create a website that is in any of these industries, you have to pay the high per-click rates for those top keywords. Especially if you are offering something that many people consider vital to their livelihood or health, you know that you will end up in one of the most costly niche groups.

For those in such industries, these costly keywords could be a source of frustration and confusion; but Google’s revenue assures companies that using them drives traffic and possible client conversion.

Why You Should Integrate Social Media in Your Marketing Efforts

by Admin - on Nov 14th 2017 - Comments Off on Why You Should Integrate Social Media in Your Marketing Efforts

Social Media SitesIt is a brave new world out there, especially for businesses. Traditional brick and mortar stores are no longer enough to keep clients loyal and interested. There must be something new that they can see without having to visit the actual shop every day.

Most companies try to solve this problem by creating an eye-catching website so they can continue to interact with their clients online. However, what most of them fail to realize is that a great site will not bring in conversion or more sales without social media campaigns.

Pushing Brand Recall

Your audience is on social media; there is no doubt about that. It could be Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter or Pinterest, and the challenge is to be where the people are. Having social media accounts with fresh and interesting content allows you exposure on people’s news feeds.

If it is on IG and Pinterest, you can post photos and short video clips of what is new and exciting in your line up of products and services. It can also be used to drum up enthusiasm for a new product or event you are launching.

Branding is important when building marketing campaigns, so you have to be consistent with your hashtags, logos, as well as your design and content. Experts like Bluesoft Design employ teams of industry experts and influencers who are skilled at social network behavior and best practices.

Increases Conversion and Sales

Your new websites is a great vessel for carrying your products and for conveying your message across. If utilized properly, you can already make money from the website by adding an online ordering system and a payment platform.

Additionally, you can have your audience subscribe to your newsletter by including a landing page where you can ask them for their email address and contact information. For marketers, these pieces of information are invaluable and open up various opportunities to engage the client.

Remember though, that social media campaigns and website designs are best left to professionals. Hiring the right one will matter.

Internet Users in U.S., UK Hold Varying Beliefs on Cyber Security

by Admin - on Aug 28th 2017 - Comments Off on Internet Users in U.S., UK Hold Varying Beliefs on Cyber Security

Businessman clicking a VPN icon on a virtual screenDo adult Internet users in the U.S. hold a higher level of awareness in cyber security compared to their counterparts in the UK?

A recent survey of 2,000 adults in both countries revealed different views and perceptions on several topics and best practices for maintaining their online privacy and security while surfing the Internet.

Interesting Beliefs

Despite the survey showing varying results, the attitudes of some Internet users on malware seemed quite an interest. An estimated 300 respondents from the U.S. believed that it could improve Wi-Fi signals. On the other hand, only a handful of British users thought about the same thing.

This misconception among some of the U.S. respondents somehow aligned with another discovery, which involved 58% of users that believed their anti-virus software was enough to ward off a cyber-attack. In the UK, only 37% of the surveyed adults had the same perception. British users were also more doubtful of public Wi-Fi networks, such as those in coffee shops and hotels.

Safety Practices

Best practices for cyber security does not only involve protecting yourself against potential online threats, but also keeping your information private. The need for VPN tunneling software and other products becomes more relevant, due to ransomware attacks such as the WannaCry virus that recently unfolded all over the world.

VPN, short for Virtual Private Network, allows users to mask their identities while surfing the Internet. This is more popular in the U.S than in the U.K., with 65% of American respondents using it compared to 44% of British users, according to the survey.

A strong sense of familiarity with best practices for cyber security becomes increasingly important, amid the growing number of high-profile online threats worldwide. How do you plan to keep your online privacy and security free from viruses and other safety risks?

How To Plan Your Trip More Effectively

by Admin - on Aug 3rd 2017 - Comments Off on How To Plan Your Trip More Effectively

Two tourists navigating using a mapPlanning a trip can be a stressful experience, especially if it’s your first time doing it. You may find it difficult to choose a destination given the many options available. But there are ways to simplify the process and avoid the stress.

Visit Widget shares some tips on how to plan your travel to Asia or any other part of the world successfully.

Create Your Rough Itinerary

The first step is to decide where to go. With an exact initial destination in mind, it is easier to plan the initial phase, such as the type of clothes to bring, the transportation options available, the medicine you should bring, and the amount of money you need. You can then determine which places to go to next, such as nearby cities or countries, and your exit city when you have to fly to another continent.

Use Travel Apps

Technology has revolutionized travel. You don’t have to carry a Lonely Planet guidebook all the time. A quick Google search allows you to find the places you want to go to and the activities you want to try. A travel app can also help you plan your trip and choose a destination. These apps may display reviews and recommendations by like-minded travelers, making it easy for you to avoid scams and tourist traps. They also enable you to visit the most famous destinations or at least those you are interested in.

Determine the Length of Your Trip

You don’t have to set an exact return date, but a rough idea on when allows you to remain flexible. A little flexibility enables you to find promotions and great deals on flights or land trips. It also allows you to monitor your budget and avoid overspending.

These travel hacks allow you to plan your trip successfully. Proper planning relieves stress and gives direction to your adventure. After the planning stage, all you have to do is book your flight and pack your bags.

What You Can Get from SIP Trunking Services

by Admin - on Jun 13th 2017 - Comments Off on What You Can Get from SIP Trunking Services

SIP TrunkThe main driving factor behind many businesses adopting SIP or session initiation protocol trunking services are the advantages over traditional PSTN or public switched telephone network services. While cost savings is undoubtedly the most obvious advantage, it’s just one piece of the puzzle.

Whether you’re a business owner looking to switch to SIP trunking or you are planning to get wholesale trunking services and then resell them, below are the key benefits you and your customers will enjoy:

True Redundancy – SIPTRUNK, Inc. explains that when you use SIP trunks, you could work with different providers, which in turn provide you with failover capabilities in the event that there’s an issue with your primary network connection or a power outage.

Flexibility and Scalability – These could easily scale to fit your specific requirements, enabling additional channels and trunks with DID or direct inward dialing to be activated in mere minutes, and not weeks or months, as with traditional PTSN services. In addition, you could designate SIP lines to every one of your employees.

Network Management Consolidation – When using SIP trunking services, you won’t have to monitor and manage your PTSN network because SIP trunks operate over the data network, effectively eliminating the need to support and maintain multiple networks.

Toll-Free and Local – With SIP trunking, you get both toll-free and local phone numbers directed to one SIP trunk. You could likewise get local numbers for your business, even if you don’t actually have a physical business space in a certain local area.

Faster Return on Investment – Because you have significantly lower capital expenses when compared to a PSTN line, this, in turn, translates to a quicker return on your investment.

Whether you’re operating a small or big business, all these advantages equate to reduced costs and easier data and network management. This is especially true if the SIP trunking services have been specifically designed for the particular needs of your business. However, do take note that not all SIP trunking service providers offer the same services and capabilities. To that end, research your options well and go with a provider that could customize the most efficient SIP trunking plan for your needs.

Protecting Your Website Database

by Admin - on May 12th 2017 - Comments Off on Protecting Your Website Database

SQL ChartIf you have a database-driven website, do not think your database does not contain data that are pleasing to eyes of hackers. All websites and databases are juicy targets. This should be your mindset to ensure vigilance against any threats to your site.

This is the reason most companies – at least businesses that rely heavily on online transactions – hire companies providing SQL server consulting services to upgrade their security protocols and make it difficult for anyone to pry into their data without their consent.

Here are some suggestions on how you can protect your website database from unwanted intrusions.

A very strong password

Using strong passwords for your website and its database is your first line of defence. While this is standard knowledge, you will be amazed at some people who settle for easier to remember passwords that leave their sites vulnerable to prying eye.

Use a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, as well as numbers and special characters, whenever allowed, in your database passwords. While this may not be foolproof, at least it would be tough for hackers to crack.

Continuously update security software

Keeping the software that runs your website and its database updated is another defence against possible hacking attacks. Hackers are legends in looking and finding software security vulnerabilities that they can exploit to penetrate your website or database.

Employ proper parameters

Ensuring all your queries have appropriate parameters is essential when using MySQLi databases. This is because databases with improper SQL statements are easy preys to hackers. Using rogue code, hackers can get information that you stored on such database, change its tables or delete the data it contains.

All websites and their databases are targets for hackers, and it is your responsibility to protect against such attempts. There is no excuse for leaving your site vulnerable to attacks. Work hard to protect your database, because you know hackers work hard to break into your security walls.

Why You Need to Install GPS Fast

by Admin - on May 9th 2017 - Comments Off on Why You Need to Install GPS Fast

A person using a GPS while in their car People are now enjoying the full maximization of GPS or global positioning systems. The accurate determination of locations has become a necessity over the years. In the daily commute, personal affairs and in business, geo-location and GPS systems have become necessary.

Why should you make the transition? Here are the top reasons why car owners are installing internal GPS systems to their automobiles.

Accuracy and Adaptability

Harnessing the prowess of the GPS Constellation navigation, the accuracy of GPS is undeniable. It can locate and pinpoint locations and roads down to the tiniest detail. The problem with maps is that they easily get outdated.

GPS, however, shows you the changes in real time and adapts to the road situations as you drive.

Hands-free Guide

Gone are the days of pulling by the side of the road to check your map for directions. With a trusted GPS, all you need to do is to input your location, and the system will direct you to the area. The most modern systems feature automation and are voice activated, making for a safer trip.

Other options allow the GPS AI to change routes in cases of emergency, and when traffic situations are undesirable. GPS systems allow drivers to navigate with ease and minimal distraction, making the experience smooth and enjoyable.


Among the best features of a car-installed GPS is its accurate tracking feature empowered by the GPS Constellation. You can leave your car safe and secure knowing that its location is always accessible to you. These systems connect with the user’s mobile – others through cloud computing systems.

Even better, geo-location systems hook up to the alarm system, making the car safer and more secure.

Global positioning systems have been more than beneficial to many industries in the world. It is time to make that change and reap its benefits, with little cost.

Big Data Analytics: Faster Decision Making in the Construction Industry

by Admin - on Apr 12th 2017 - Comments Off on Big Data Analytics: Faster Decision Making in the Construction Industry

 two builders standing with an open blueprintKeeping to the schedule is important in any construction project. It determines any important progress and keeps the people involved on track. Sometimes, though, a certain situation calls for a change in the project’s timeline.

Whether it’s a big or small change, contractors know that they should make a decision quickly — and to do this, they need instant access to the important data. LoadSpring, for instance, anticipates this kind of demand from clients by providing high-altitude overviews of all their clients’ project data.

Duties of the Construction Industry

A lot of construction companies have to deal with multiple projects at the same time. Their duties include collecting, organizing, and analyzing data, as well as coming up with work and progress reports. On top of that, they have to manage technical data constantly.

Faster Operation

Big data analytics enables construction companies to manage and analyze a large bulk of data that they couldn’t have managed manually. In effect, it saves both time and effort for contractors, which enables them to focus better on the construction site.

More Efficient Risk Prediction

Every big decision on a project constitutes a level of risk. When presented with the right data, however, it enables contractors to improve on cost certainty, predict and avoid possible pitfalls, and find ways to improve on certain areas of the project.

Moreover, it helps them obtain valuable insights that can improve their decision-making processes.

Real-Time Access

Some data analytics software enable users to share computer resources. This takes less of a contractor’s time because they don’t have to contact all parties involved to broadcast the changes or progress made.

Contractors have to make important decisions all the time, and it doesn’t always come with the luxury of time. This is why more contractors are relying on software to analyze big data for them.   

A Quick & Easy Guide to Increase Productivity with Takeoff Software Programs

by Admin - on Apr 8th 2017 - Comments Off on A Quick & Easy Guide to Increase Productivity with Takeoff Software Programs

Man Using Construction Software

If there’s one thing you wouldn’t want to happen at work, that is your staff being burned out because of the high stress levels at work. Too much work means lower job satisfaction.

If you notice that your team’s productivity is about to hit rock bottom, you may want to look at solutions takeoff programs can give. These can lessen your load and more importantly, make work better for your staff. The best part is a takeoff software program can help get more work done, too.

Accurate Work

In construction, your team would have to give out details of material costs, subcontract expenses, actual labor, and equipment costs. Giving out these details is one thing, but making sure they’re accurate is another.

To make sure these details are accurate, you have to dedicate enough time to go over them. Going over these details can be time-consuming and tiring, however. With takeoff software, you may not have to go over these details. The programs are designed to return the right results — the closest numbers to the true costs. This means that you can guarantee accuracy the first time around.

Up to Consistent Quality

With takeoff programs, you can work on a pile of projects using the same layout. This means you would be using the same procedures and costs. More importantly, this means the quality of projects remains consistent.

Project Management

Takeoff programs can handle many tasks that can be done automatically. Apart from giving out the accurate estimation of costs, they can process lists and sort out data. The result is the possibility of better project management.

If you can let the software do the work they were designed for, would you need to assign these types of work to the people in your team? Of course, not. This means your team members can do something else, like focusing on other important tasks.

To sum up, take-off programs can be a big help when it comes to increasing the productivity of your team. These programs are designed to accomplish particular types of automated work, and they can accomplish these things at a fast rate. If your team could use a helping hand, it may be time to step up your game with take-off programs.