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No Such Thing As ‘Good SEO + Bad Content’ Combo

by Admin - on Jan 25th 2017 - Comments Off on No Such Thing As ‘Good SEO + Bad Content’ Combo

Blog Content for SEO in BrisbaneThink about this: 73.9 million new posts, 49.0 million new comments and 2.4 million posts daily.

The big numbers represent the status of online content, as measured by WordPress on their platform alone. These statistics also represent the relevance of content in today’s digital marketing schemes. Since more people have questions, more people write down answers in the form of content.

While content is no doubt valuable, a large chunk of those numbers is, unfortunately, just junk.

Google aims to deliver fast results with the fewest clicks. They do so by focusing on their ranking factors – one of which is content. A number of brands and marketers, however, make the mistake of focusing too much on SEO that they forget about the words.

The More the Merrier: False Claims

For a number of SEO experts in Brisbane, putting out more content is not an instant solution for ranking. As the years progress, it seems as if the search engine developed a mind of its own. Compared to previous years, search engine optimisation managed to surpass its own intelligence. As a result, it is more sensitive to lousy content.

Some brands and marketers fall for the lie that publishing more offers better results. If the content is not of good quality, however, they waste all their efforts since Google is not a big fan of bad content.

Bad vs. Good Content

What makes a piece of content bad? For starters, the words obviously reflect purposes of self-promotion. Readers find no value in it due to the brand’s over-promotion and words of nonsense. When users see no answers on the content, they will deem it useless.

Good content, on the other hand, requires several factors before it can qualify. High-quality content focuses on serving the target market by answering their questions. It does not promote; it helps out in the most creative way.

Practice Helps

SEO cannot survive without content. To ensure the so-called ‘lifeblood’ of optimisation, it pays to have an efficient content strategy for faster link building. Google should also understand the context of the site.

Good content is essential in keeping up with good SEO. Though results take time, practice will always make things perfect.

High-Availability Solutions over Disaster Recovery Plans? Not so Fast

by Admin - on Nov 17th 2016 - Comments Off on High-Availability Solutions over Disaster Recovery Plans? Not so Fast

Cloud EnvironmentThese days, companies are seeing the cloud as a go-to location for critical infrastructure. In fact, a 2015 survey conducted by Infosys revealed that at least 81 per cent of respondents were planning to transition their mission-critical apps to the cloud within the next few years.

Given the number of cloud environments offering high-availability solutions with almost 100 per cent uptime, will this affect disaster recovery (DR) planning? In addition, do high-availability solutions permit companies to disregard internal DR tests, procedures and future plans? The answer to both is ‘no’, according to ALLTEKS Ltd — and the following explains why.

Companies Need a Plan for Handling Data Corruption

An important component to a company’s overall business continuity strategy is DR planning. While high-availability solutions are important for critical information and systems, these solutions would be useless in the event that it replicates errors.

DR plans ensure that companies can utilise a backup to recover a system. Another benefit to this is that IT employees would no longer have to spend most of their time dealing with errors and just reapply the backup to fix the issue.

Vendors and Employees Need Concrete Direction

Although companies are free to outsource the management of critical applications, employees should still know what to do in case of major data loss due to power outages and other incidents.

They need to know, for example, where they will work when IT infrastructures are not operational. In addition, they need to know how to access the company’s applications and data required to perform their job.

Cloud Providers Need to Understand the Environment

A company that uses a third party cloud provider to manage their environment must conduct a DR test to ensure that the vendor understands the IT environment of that particular company. When companies have rehearsed and documented DR plans, vendors will know how to react during a business interruption. Vendors could also use this opportunity to go the extra mile and offer custom services that can help the company’s IT department.

Given these reasons, companies should not use high-availability solutions to replace DR plans. In fact, such solutions should supplement the DR plan to make it more effective.

Maximizing Marketing: Inbound Strategies for Online Success

by Admin - on Nov 9th 2016 - Comments Off on Maximizing Marketing: Inbound Strategies for Online Success

Search Engine OptimizationAs a business owner, thinking of ways to get your brand out there and boost your business should be your priority. Considering that digital advertising is a major factor in today’s marketing tactics, it is important that you arm yourself with effective strategies to boost your online presence. Design Extensions, a trusted marketing company, recommends using inbound marketing stages to come up with online strategies to attract strangers, convert them into website visitors, and turn them into customers that would then promote a business.

The Importance of Inbound Marketing

Web design and development is important in attracting your targeted audience. Branding also plays a huge part in getting your business known. High-quality inbound marketing, however, is what puts it on the radar of your targeted audience.

The Approach to Inbound Marketing

Under the topic of inbound marketing, you will find different approaches that boost your website.

One of these is Search Engine Optimization, which helps your targeted audience find your business when they’re browsing online for a related product or service. Another approach is Pay-Per-Click Ads which run on various online platforms to get the best returns for a business campaign. Yet another method is Analytic Reporting which gives online marketing statistics to help you see how far your business has come.

Of course, Social Media Marketing plays a huge part in the strategy development. In 2015, 70% of the U.S. population was on at least one social media platform. Furthermore, social media networks boasted $8.3 billion earnings from advertising last year. As such, inbound marketing includes tailor social media strategies to make the most of your business online.

Although informative publications and attractive designs play a role in the online success of your business, you cannot neglect inbound marketing strategies that allow your target audience to find you. After all, what good is an optimized website if there are no leads that direct to it?

Facing the Blue Screen: Common Fixes for BSOD at Startup

by Admin - on Sep 2nd 2016 - Comments Off on Facing the Blue Screen: Common Fixes for BSOD at Startup

Blue Screen in ClearwaterUsers will know that the Windows boot sequence started properly when the Windows logo finishes loading. The only thing left to do is to input the login credentials and they can start working. What happens when users see a blue screen at startup instead of an animated Windows logo?

Computer Repair 911 calls this error the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD). This stop error prevents users from performing operations on the computer. A BSOD that shows up every startup indicates a problem in the computer’s hardware or software.

What troubleshooting steps should users perform to address BSOD?

Restart in Safe Mode

When users start the computer in safe mode, Windows bypasses loading typical software programs and hardware drivers. Once safe mode has finished loading, users can then perform troubleshooting steps, such as uninstalling faulty drivers or scanning for malware.

Launch Startup Repair

Some BSOD errors prevent safe mode from pushing through. For these cases, users can launch startup repair by going to the Advanced Boot Options screen. This tool automatically fixes any issues that prevent Windows from starting. Since the process is automatic, all users need to do is wait for the operation to finish. The process takes a while to complete so users need to be patient.

Perform System Restore

Not all issues can be fixed by the startup repair tool. When the tool fails to fix the problem, it will recommend users to perform system restore. This allows users to revert to a time when system settings and processes are still working correctly. System restore will not touch any personal documents. It may, however, uninstall some programs that were installed after the restore point. Users can reinstall these programs once system restore is complete.

These are the common fixes users perform when attempting to resolve any BSOD issues. Reinstalling a fresh copy of Windows should be the last resort as this procedure may require reformatting the hard drive.

ISO 55000 Asset Management System: A Holistic Approach for Processes

by Admin - on May 25th 2016 - Comments Off on ISO 55000 Asset Management System: A Holistic Approach for Processes

Asset Management SystemEquipment along with other devices that are being used by the company to reach corporate goals is essential. The overseeing of these physical assets has gone past production and storage rooms and are now thoroughly discussed by executives due to their significant roles in the entire operation. A good way of ensuring that physical assets are monitored throughout its life cycle is through an asset management system.

According to Mainpac, ISO 55000 asset management is established by the International Standardization Organization as a recognised standard for monitoring of all aspects regarding physical assets. ISO 55000 allows for streamlined processes for collective monitoring of manpower, equipment and capital resources to achieve maximum performance.

Benefits of ISO 55000 Asset Management

An asset management system functions as the framework for development, coordination and monitoring of all activities that involve the use of physical assets all throughout its lifecycle. The life cycle stages start from acquisition up until replacement and back again and this goes for every equipment. Just imagine the amount of extensive data that have to be collected and organized. With an asset management system, paperwork can be properly collated and readily available for future reference.

Another advantage offered by this system is the set of guidelines that businesses can refer to in inspecting their physical assets. If there is an asset or two that are functioning below expected performance level, immediate care and contingencies can be easily determined. Early detection of possible malfunction can greatly reduce downtime that can affect overall productivity.

ISO 55000 asset management system provides a holistic approach to risk management that can help businesses gear their decisions towards more relevant aspect of the company. By having comprehensive audit histories as well as maintenance and inspection of key assets, unnecessary expenditure can be avoided, allowing better allocation of capital that can further improve the overall operation of the company.

3 SEO Mistakes You Should Avoid to Maintain Online Credibility

by Admin - on May 25th 2016 - Comments Off on 3 SEO Mistakes You Should Avoid to Maintain Online Credibility

SEO Mistakes to AvoidWith a lot of SEO trends and algorithm changes, it’s easy to get confused and do some mistakes with your online marketing strategy. That’s why you need to be careful about implementing something. You need to evaluate your plans and see if they can really improve your current SEO standing or if it doesn’t fit your business. Here are some of the worst SEO mistakes you should never make.

Unnatural Keyword Stuffing

While keywords are important, your main focus should be on creating content that actually matters to your target audience. Gone are the days when you can stuff all the keywords and keyword phrases you can think of in a single blog post. Now, you need to limit your keywords to one to two per article. The focus should be on creating compelling and informative content that your audience will find valuable. 

Not Keeping Up with Trends

While hopping on every current trend is bad, not hopping at all is just as bad. You need to keep up with the latest SEO trends and carefully select which ones to apply to your campaigns. It’s better to work with reliable SEO companies in Minnesota to help keep you up-to-date and choose which trends you can apply to your online marketing strategies that your audience will respond to.

Black Hat SEO Backlinks

Black hat SEO strategies are detrimental to your success. There was a time when buying backlinks worked, but Google’s algorithm updates have already prevented websites that use this to advance. Buying or exchanging unnatural backlinks is considered as spamming. The only backlinks you should work for are the organic ones and those coming from authoritative websites related to your industry.

It’s not that difficult to avoid making these mistakes if you know how important it is to work hard for high search rankings instead of taking shortcuts which will only fail you in the end. All in all, just be careful about your every move because it can make or break your online credibility.

Construction Estimating Software for Accurate Project Comparison

by Admin - on May 25th 2016 - Comments Off on Construction Estimating Software for Accurate Project Comparison

Construction SiteHave you ever considered working with construction estimating software? It may include programs that help you build custom formulas. In a few clicks, it helps you measure, manage, and closely follow the costs related to every construction task. Be it a large civil project, such as highway construction, or a simple home repair, a construction cost estimating program focuses on helping you not only model accurate bid proposals, but also compare your estimated costs in the bid proposal.

Construction estimating software for detailed comparison

Comparison helps you determine the actual costs for subcontractors, labor, materials, and equipment. This lets you maximize your profits and leverage for a handsome return on investment (ROI). Some construction estimating software further assist you in managing other aspects related to the construction industry, such as keeping a detailed inventory of past customers and scheduling of all payroll costs.

Do you need a cost estimating software after you have won a bid?

Definitely. It remains a key asset in every construction project and, according to eTakeoff, LLC, it proves to be a critical program you need to use even after winning a bid. The additional programs and services that come with the software cover general project management, including equipment leasing and employee tracking.

However, when planning to integrate this software in your company, consider one that integrates well with other programs you already use. Additionally, seek expert guidance in finding a reputable software vendor, estimating your project's expenses, and setting labor costs. These are all integral when starting out.

Construction cost estimating entails numerous yet essential details. An error in any of them can be costly. The mistake shouldn't cost you your career, so organize your business properly.

3 Solid Google Penalty Removal Tips

by Admin - on Apr 5th 2016 - Comments Off on 3 Solid Google Penalty Removal Tips

Overturned Your Google Penalty in PerthSo your world has collapsed after being banned by Google’s update? Panic grips you. All the hard work involving hours of research, writing and creating verified business listings on the social media gone down the drain? 

Fret not. SEO Perth Experts say hope is still around with these expert tips that can help you reverse the big G slam.

Pin Down the Exact Cause

Rather than panicking and acting irrationally to further aggravate the situation, calm down and assess the exact cause for the ban. There can be an automated penalty due to a fresh update or a manual penalty due to existing rules that have been flouted by your site. Google may or may not communicate to your about the ban. Review your analytics statistics or the server details of your traffic to pin down the precise issue.

Disavowing Links

You can call for an audit report and scrutinise your link profile thoroughly to pinpoint damaging links. Google’s Disavow Tool can communicate to Google not to consider certain links that direct to your site. Try to enlist the help of a professional SEO company as they are well-equipped to act swiftly and efficiently to protect your site from further damage. Once you’ve pinned down the problem links, you’ll have to get rid of them with Google’s disavow tool.

Avoid Using Shortcuts for Restoring Rankings

Refrain from making further mistakes while the disavow request is being processed. In a bid to boost their rankings, webmasters try using a variety of tricks only to hurt their site profile further. The disavow request will take 15-30 days to process, and it is important to just lie low and not commit more mistakes during this phase. 

Google penalties are not the end of the world if you take immediate rectification actions like pinning down the exact cause of the ban, obtaining an audit report and going about disavowing problem links and avoiding any more shortcuts and mistakes that can damage the site further. Hire the services of a professional SEO company to act quickly and effectively to salvage your web business.

What Trusted NJ Telephone Systems Providers Can Do for Your Small Business

by Admin - on Apr 4th 2016 - Comments Off on What Trusted NJ Telephone Systems Providers Can Do for Your Small Business

Telephone Systems for Small Businesses in New JerseyIf you think that your small business doesn’t need a phone system, think again. Telephone systems are more than just a means of communication, they also make doing business easier for you. From lower costs to easier expansion, here are four perks of telephone systems for small NJ businesses, shared by

Easy to Use

Most providers give reliable equipment that users can easily configure and utilize. These systems have a user-friendly dashboard that anyone in your business can learn, even without a background in telecommunications.


Every business needs to have an open line of communication between them and their clients, and phone lines are a huge part of your budget. An integrated phone system for your business eliminates individual phone lines and your monthly phone charges. It also allows you to review your employees’ call patterns in an instant.

Efficient Management

A business class telephone system gives you peace of mind, especially when it comes to maintenance. Reliable NJ telephone systems providers monitor your phone lines all the time to ensure that everything is in proper working order. They are also available when you need them, like unexpected system glitches or broken phone lines.

Shared Resources

Another advantage of an integrated business phone system is how easy it is to use within your company. Most systems make it easier for your employees to transfer calls from one line to another without having to stand up from their desk and walk to the other side of the office. Some systems also have other features such as caller ID, voicemail, or automated directory that ensure your business runs smoothly.

Quick Expansion

As your business grows, so do your needs. A business class phone system allows you to expand your lines and features as you wish. Most NJ telephone systems providers also have set packages you can choose from to better accommodate your growing business needs.

An integrated business phone system gives your business an easy way to communicate in the best terms possible. Check with your NJ telephone systems provider for the best package for you!

SQL Performance Tuning: Simple Tips for the Common Businessman

by Admin - on Dec 7th 2015 - Comments Off on SQL Performance Tuning: Simple Tips for the Common Businessman

BusinessmanStructured Query Language (SQL) is commonly used to communicate with databases, and is considered to be the standard language used for relational database management systems. An SQL statement can be used to update and retrieve data from a database. Database tuning can be tricky, especially when handling large amounts of data since the smallest changes can have a great impact on the performance.

 Here are some simple SQL performances tuning tips to ensure that your business database always runs smoothly and efficiently.

  1. Blindly reusing code may not always be the best alternative. Try trimming the code to meet your current requirements for better performance and better results. Simply reusing data could also slow down the performance since it often pulls more data than really necessary.
  2. Using update blindly can also affect the performance. Instead, try using case. By testing each row for order amount conditions, this option can be used to set the ‘preferred’ label before writing it into the table. Hence: faster performance.
  3. Know when using temp tables will work. When used right, temp tables can keep you from making errors, like double-dipping. Resorting to using temp tables all the time can cause you more headache than anything else.
  4. Pre-stage data, whenever possible. Often, people overlook this step, and end up using more server resources than required.
  5. As much as you can, steer clear of correlated subqueries. These queries usually run row by row, and can greatly slow down the performance. Instead, refactoring correlated subqueries as a join.

When you have no time or the knowledge of SQL language, you also have the option of hiring professionals like DBA Services to take care of the SQL performance tuning for you.

Regularly tuning a database ensures that the search query results are displayed quickly and also that the database is not unnecessarily tied up.Choose a reputed service provider, to ensure that the job is done properly and efficiently.