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Why Baseball Analytics Is Both a Bane and Boon for Players

by Admin - on Nov 12th 2018 - Comments Off on Why Baseball Analytics Is Both a Bane and Boon for Players

Baseball player about to hit the ballThe trend of using analytics has gained traction in baseball, but some are wondering if its advantages are a good enough reason for ignoring the negative consequences.

Batting average, for instance, has reached its lowest point since 1972. While experts believe that baseball analytics would only continue to develop in the next 10 years, it remains important to figure out how clubs could overcome the challenge of using big data to their advantage.

Higher Risk-Reward Ratio

The lower batting average stems from a higher risk-reward scenario for teams, which involves the use of a batting technique of sending the ball as high as possible in the air most of the time. This increases the likelihood of a home run or a strikeout at the same time.

A strikeout is more possible to happen today, due to many pitchers register at least 95 miles per hour on a radar gun and have a decent record of strikeouts courtesy of them. Baseball analysts credit this to the use of analytics as well, as teams also use data to evaluate the performance of hurlers.

Research and Development

Aside from batting and pitching averages, many teams try to cover more ground on analyzing information and probabilities. For instance, some clubs have hired experts to find out whether there is a right time to steal bases during games.

Others seek to know how to reduce the chances of injuries and exploit the weaknesses of other teams. It’s one thing to be aware of a team’s tendencies, but applying the acquired knowledge in a game is another story.

Baseball analytics have provided teams with a way to outsmart each other, but it seems that it has come at the expense of entertainment. While the need to win is essential, it’s equally important that fans continue to be engaged in the sport.

Types of Butterfly Valves Used for Fire Sprinklers

by Admin - on Nov 7th 2018 - Comments Off on Types of Butterfly Valves Used for Fire Sprinklers

Fire SprinklerFire is among the most devastating disasters that might affect your property. Unlike in water damage where your belongings can be sufficiently dried and look like their former self, salvaging anything from a fire is generally impossible. To protect your belongings, a fire sprinkler is essential.

There are many components to evaluate when getting a sprinkler from fire sprinkler contractors for your Utah property. The butterfly valve is one of the vital ones since it regulates the flow of water through your sprinklers.

Most butterfly valves are connected to an alarm and control panel which sounds a warning in case of a fire. Here are the common butterfly valve types.

Grooved Butterfly Valve

This is the standard option for most fire sprinklers. It features grooved pipe connections which nicely settle with your sprinkler’s grooved couplings. The installation of grooved butterfly valves is fast and delivers a leak-free tight seal. These valves are used for pipes measuring at least 2.5 inches.

Threaded Butterfly Valves

The connections used for these valves are screwed onto your sprinkler’s pipe. Threaded butterfly valves need accuracy and precision during their installation since they ought to be threaded on both ends. They come in a broad size range, but the most common are 1- to 1.5-inch ones.

Lug Butterfly Valves

These have ‘lugs’ or threaded inserts that enable their installation using bolts alone. Since lug butterfly valves can be attached to separate pipe sections, you need not shut down your entire sprinkler for their installation. They are however expensive and have been replaced mainly by grooved butterfly valves for fire sprinklers.

You will come across other types of valves other than butterfly ones for fire sprinklers. These butterfly valves are however lightweight more so for large sprinklers.

Their maintenance and repair are also easier since their design is uncomplicated and comprises fewer parts compared to other valves and consequently cheaper to install.

Tips for Dealing Security Breaches

by Admin - on Oct 3rd 2018 - Comments Off on Tips for Dealing Security Breaches

data security conceptThese days, data breaches are inevitable in any company. Thus, companies such as Matrium Technologies offer innovative solutions that can stop advanced malware and other viruses. Since many businesses today depend on websites, computer drives, and cloud servers, ensuring the protection of company information is vital. Doing so maintains the trust of clients or customers.

Addressing Security Breaches

Identifying the cause of the breach is essential. You need to determine whether it is an online attack or data leakage caused by a lost or stolen laptop. Once you have identified the source, you might want to investigate and contain the issue quickly.

Once the breach has been resolved, you can create a detailed assessment of the risks that took place for both the business and the employees. Next, you might need to repair the data or system software. You should also have a concrete communication strategy and press statement that lets the public know about the issue.

Lastly, you should evaluate everything that occurred and identify the lessons learned to help you improve your information security. That way, you will be much prepared in the future. No one should be able to access your company’s, financial records, employee contracts, and other important documents.

Often, hackers will spend much of their time observing the work habits of employees. That is why it is essential to let every employee know how crucial it is to avoid sharing passwords and responding to suspicious e-mails. Encouraging critical thinking and helping employees identify various forms of hacking is vital in fighting cyber threats.

Overall, hackers compromise the safety of many companies. Fortunately, you can do something to stop them.

Here are Ways to Find the Right Dating App for You

by Admin - on Sep 11th 2018 - Comments Off on Here are Ways to Find the Right Dating App for You

couple dating after meeting onlineFinding a date online can be difficult for some because there are a lot of apps and sites. One matchmaking dating app is different from another and might work better for one group. Knowing which one to use best can help you find the one or just meet other people.

Here are ways to identify which app is most likely help you find a match.

Age Group

Some dating apps are more appealing to certain age ranges than others or simply because most of its users are of a particular age range. If you’re in your 40s, it’s not impossible, but it’s going to be difficult to find a match on Tinder because a majority of its users are in their 20s. Ask your friends who were successful online daters for referrals about which app to use.

Matching Profiles

There are apps for specific types of people; some are high-profile, high-earning CEOs, or have high standards when it comes to finding a match. Sites such as Raya and The League are for those that fit the mentioned descriptions. Some apps have stringent requirements before letting anyone in.

Niche Market

Some dating apps are specifically for LGBTQ or catered to women. These specific niches already filter the dating pool. If you don’t meet the bare requirements, look elsewhere. Some are not exclusive to finding a date, but also for meet-ups or community building. If you don’t click romantically, you can still be friends.

Type of Connection

Some apps are not shy about what its community wants. These cater to those who just want to hook up discreetly or for people who want a serious relationship, and some simply want to find like-minded people.

If you want to explore online dating, there are plenty of apps to choose from based on your self-identification, intentions, and chosen niche. These tips are some of the ways to find the right app for you.

An Expert Guide to Choosing the Right Deployment Model for Cloud Computing

by Admin - on Apr 13th 2018 - Comments Off on An Expert Guide to Choosing the Right Deployment Model for Cloud Computing

Man checking some serversCloud computing refers to computing over a network connection, typically the internet. It relies on virtual resources rather than hardware to run programs and applications. It is scalable, cost-efficient, reliable and flexible.

One of the critical choices you need to make when opting for cloud computing for your New Jersey business is its deployment model. This is the specific environment where you access your business’ data. Here are the three types of cloud deployment models.

Public Cloud

In this model, a cloud provider hosts your services and infrastructure off-site via a public network. A public cloud is easy to implement and cost-efficient since it has low operational costs.

This makes it ideal for startups and small businesses. The model, however, has less customized applications, performance measures, and security options.

Private Cloud

A specific enterprise solely owns this model. It is located in a secure environment behind a firewall which only permits authorized use. A private cloud gives your business greater control and security compared with the public cloud.

This is hence the ideal option for the banking and medical sectors and other institutions that should meet state and federal guidelines on data privacy. It is, however, costly since a single client bears all the costs of this cloud service.

Hybrid Cloud

This deployment model incorporates features of both public and private elements. Companies that opt for a hybrid model can use the public cloud for their non-sensitive operations and the private cloud for sensitive missions. Hybrid models are flexible and give the opportunity to leverage your cost benefits.

Selecting the correct deployment model for your company is essential. It enables you to concentrate on your business’ goals rather than on supporting infrastructure.

You should also ensure you choose a cloud computing host that can support your business operations consistently and keep your data secure regardless of its deployment model.

Smart Strategies to Make Your Online Retail Store Successful

by Admin - on Feb 21st 2018 - Comments Off on Smart Strategies to Make Your Online Retail Store Successful

Woman setting up online retail store on mobileLike any other business, opening an online retail store requires hard work. There are some items on the must-do list, such as researching on your market, checking for competitors, getting a domain name and deciding on the products you want to sell.

Other aspects you have to consider include:

1. Getting the best software

Investing in a good platform is essential to your business. You only want the latest, and you don’t want anything that has security issues.

Once you determine the application that’s good for your business, you also have to consider cloud performance testing to pinpoint potential problems early on and ensure that your application can handle customer demands in the long run.

2. Producing the best content and design

Using the best software in the business means nothing if your site’s content and design are not commendable. Your store might offer the only product a customer needs, but if the images of the product on the site are not good enough, your customer can easily be put off.

Content is also important because it provides the necessary information a customer requires before purchasing a product. Without the right content to describe an image, your target market will end up ignoring your offerings.

3. Exhausting marketing efforts

Finally, market your store relentlessly to make your business known. With numerous competitors all over the world, it’s important for your business to stand out. So, apart from putting ads online, use social media channels to get the word out.

Don’t forget to add an SEO-rich blog for Google to pick up your site and make it visible to millions of users.

Nowadays, online shopping is the way to go. According to TechCrunch, 79% of Americans prefer to shop online more than heading to a physical store not only for convenience but also for lower costs. So, if you’re planning to open an online retail store, now is the best time.

Tips For Developing Intelligent Mobile Robots

by Admin - on Dec 4th 2017 - Comments Off on Tips For Developing Intelligent Mobile Robots

Team welding robots represent the movement. In the automotive parts industry.Robots are becoming more popular and advanced these days. Artificial intelligence is becoming a way of the future. There are even helper robots that mimic the appearance, intelligence, speech, and movement of human beings.

If you plan to develop an intelligent mobile robot, there are a few tips that can help you.

Developing Navigation

Robots range from simple to complex. Some have a limited range of motion and use infrared technology for navigation. Others are more complex and can mimic the movements and inertia of a real human being. When developing a robot with a more complex navigation system, an inertial simulator is your best bet. It provides the accurate measurements needed to upgrade robots with advanced movements and navigation abilities.

Developing Appearance

In recent years, science has edged toward the development of more human-like robots known as humanoids. Humans are a representation of a wide range of feelings, including love, compassion, and understanding. It only makes sense to want to develop a humanoid that can express those exact same range of emotions to make them just as much a companion as they are a source of aid.

Developing Abilities

Determine the purpose of your robot. Will you use it to improve autonomy within an industry? If so, the abilities are rather limited to the function you wish the robot to perform. If you wish to develop something more humanoid, abilities should include communication, movement, and intelligence at the very least. The humanoid should essentially provide human-like functions as a means of helping humans with everyday tasks.

Developing a User Interface

When developing your robot, make sure the interface is not complicated. It should be user-friendly in order to succeed. A complicated interface will frustrate users and create a learning curve that is often hard to address. Fortunately, even the most complex robots can contain a user-friendly interface that makes interaction easier.

Robot development, particularly when it involves humanoids, is a huge leap forward from standard robotic arms created back in the day. Today’s robots are more advanced, making movies seem more like a reality for the future. Fortunately, you could be a part of a bigger, better, more advanced future with the tips above.

Events Outside the Usual: Considerations for Non-Traditional Venues

by Admin - on Oct 16th 2017 - Comments Off on Events Outside the Usual: Considerations for Non-Traditional Venues

Woman In An Art GalleryMost events happen within the confines of traditional venues—staff meetings in the office conference rooms, product launches or celebrations in the hotel’s grand ballrooms or function halls and the like. Hosting such events in these venues are often straightforward affairs.

In some cases, however, traditional is not always an option.

Some events happen in non-conventional venues such as rooftops, warehouses, parks and local art galleries. These settings may lack necessary features required for your event, but that does not mean you cannot make it work.

Just keep the following considerations in mind:

Venue Access for Equipment Loading

For, a supplier of lights and sound equipment, most audio or lights for hire transport their own equipment with company-owned and managed vehicles. The question is: how can they load the equipment into the venue.

Determine if the venue has a parking lot next to the space’s entrance. If not, consult with the venue’s owners to determine how technicians can get into the venue. Venues with parking lots next to the entrance, on the other hand, should come with loading docks. Otherwise, you might need to make prior arrangements with the venue.

Power Outlets and Other Options

Power source is priority for any event. With non-traditional venues, such as parks, it is important to learn more about your power options. Does the park feature a pavilion with electricity? If so, will it be enough to power everything you need in your event? Otherwise, you may need to bring your own source of power.

If you’re hosting an event outdoors, consider renting a generator just to be sure.

The Venue Space

Knowing the dimension of the space is not only important for determining the number of people it can fit; this also determines the appropriate size for equipment, such as projector screens and video walls. Non-traditional venues can come with odd corners, obstructions and stairways. Determining where these are helps you with planning proper placements.

Planning events in non-traditional venues can be a challenge. But once you carefully sort out all the elements, it could make the event more memorable for guests and participants. 

What Is Mechatronics and What Roles Do Engineers Play?

by Admin - on Oct 6th 2017 - Comments Off on What Is Mechatronics and What Roles Do Engineers Play?

EngineersYou might not be aware of it, but you can see mechatronics everywhere these days. Engineers have their own mechatronics-related journal, and they can even read papers tackling mechatronics in journals that also discuss other fields. Meanwhile, a horde of various companies has started to embrace its principles and employ mechatronic services.

Origin of mechatronics

More than 40 years ago, engineer Tetsuro Mori of Yaskawa Electric Corp. first coined the term mechatronics when he mixed the words “mechanical” and “electronic.” He wanted to define the electronic control systems that his company was creating for mechanical factory equipment.

Mechatronics awareness

Mechatronics is literally everywhere nowadays, and you most likely don’t know that you have been using it. These vary from medical devices, washing machines and coffee makers to robotic assembly systems and computer hard drives. Electronics that manage mechanical systems account for some of the prices of a regular vehicle. It controls everything from memory-adjust seats to climate control, antilock brakes and stability control.

Defining mechatronics

Mechatronics means several things to a lot of people, but most engineers refer to Kevin Craig’s drawing when compelled about its meaning. They probably consider him as one of the country’s primary evangelists of mechatronic design. It includes four intersecting circles, namely computers, electronic systems, control systems, and mechanical systems.

Craig is a mechanical engineering professor who left Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute to begin a mechatronics program at Marquette University. He sees mechatronics as more than just mechanical and electronics.

Designating engineers

Meanwhile, Peter Schmidt, a senior research engineer at Rockwell Automation's Advanced Technology Group also teaches part-time with Craig at the university. He explains that all engineers can lead because everyone is doing engineering work. His company has then hired control and electrical engineers to plan its factory automation and machine control systems. Most engineers from the company share that they have been working on systems integration modeling and design (or mechatronics) for a couple of decades.

Companies must start integrating a multidisciplinary tactic from conception until delivery to split mechatronics from traditional control engineering. 

Small Office Changes That Increase Productivity

by Admin - on Aug 24th 2017 - Comments Off on Small Office Changes That Increase Productivity

Employees in a MeetingEven if everything’s in fine working order, everyone can always be more productive. You don’t have to breathe down your employees’ necks to make them work faster and better, and you don’t have to splurge on unnecessary perks to compete with a hot startup’s culture, either.

Sometimes, all it takes is going back to basics— ergonomics.

A few, minor upgrades to your office infrastructure and environment will do wonders. Here are a few ways to do that:

Upgrade communication lines.

You’ll never know how much productivity suffers from slow internet speeds until you switch to faster ones. It’s going to be a costly upgrade, but its benefits are going to be felt immediately.  Equip your office with Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunks and other competitive communications tech to be ready for rapid growth. SIP trunks are a cost-effective alternative to relying on phone lines for your telecommunications. In business, faster and better communication is the key to growing strong.  Your clients—and your employees—will thank you.

Buy more plants.

This might be the best and least-expensive office environment upgrade you can do. Plants regulate the air your employees are breathing, as well as generate more oxygen. Plus, the sight of plants has a calming, productive effect compared to corporate offices that look and feel too sterile. Go the extra mile and give everyone inexpensive succulents to decorate their desks!

Choose color wisely.

Colors can affect your employees’ mood. Too much of a color could affect the general mood so be careful about putting too much of one color in a single space. For example, a room that is painted bright red may promote energy, but it also could encourage aggression. Yellows can improve people’s mood, but it can also stimulate the appetite. You don’t have to go all out with the paints but choosing a few pieces of furniture with bright colors is more than enough.

It’s your employees’ job to accomplish their tasks, but it’s your job to help them make it happen. Invest in an office environment conducive to productivity. Even small changes can help a hyper-productive company culture that any employee would want to be a part of.