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Taking steps to get a divorce

by Admin - on Feb 27th 2018 - Comments Off on Taking steps to get a divorce

a couple getting divorcedWhen dealing with a divorce it can help to have the legal expertise of a divorce solicitor in London. With emotions running high, a divorce solicitor can ensure that the best outcome is reached in terms of dividing assets, finances and taking care of the welfare of any children involved.

Going through a divorce is an unfamiliar process for most people and the support of a divorce solicitor in London, such as Saracens Solicitors, can make navigating the legal framework much easier.

Here are the main steps involved in getting a divorce in the UK.

Step 1 – The marriage certificate

This must be submitted to begin the petition for divorce. If lost, a new copy can be obtained from the General Register Office, depending on the place of marriage.

Step 2 – File the petition

Filing the petition for divorce using Form D8 can be done at the nearest divorce centre based to you.

Step 3 – Giving notice

The other spouse needs to be informed of the petition for divorce. The court will do this but the address of the other spouse must be provided.

Step 4 – Dealing with the response

The other spouse in the divorcing couple can respond in one of several ways to the petition: no response, responds but intends to contest the divorce, responds but doesn’t intend to contest the divorce. In the event of a lack of response, if the petition was successfully delivered by the postal service, then the other spouse must be served again in such a way that it can be unequivocally proved such as personal service. If the other spouse intends to contest the divorce, then the case will likely go to court and this is where a divorce solicitor in London can prove especially helpful in dealing with the technicalities.

Step 5 – Decree Nisi

Form D84 and D80A must be completed and sent to the court. If the court decides that the necessary requirements for divorce have been met and the other spouse consents to the divorce then a Decree Nisi is usually approved in about two months.

Step 6 – Decree Absolute

Form D36 should be completed. The earliest point this can be done by the petitioner is six weeks and one day after the Decree Nisi. The Decree Absolute finalises the divorce.

3 Reasons Your Business Needs SIP Trunking Right Now

by Admin - on Sep 7th 2017 - Comments Off on 3 Reasons Your Business Needs SIP Trunking Right Now

Man touching virtual screen with voip conceptSession Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking is a communications method that allows you to connect directly with an Internet telephony service provider. This allows companies to forego expensive multiple phone lines in favor of connecting everything to the Internet. So, whether you’re a small or medium-sized enterprise, you can gain a lot from taking advantage of it. In fact, here are some benefits to this investment towards operational excellence.

1. You can save money on long-distance service.

Even if your business isn’t so widespread and only caters to local patrons in your chosen city or area, it’s always a good idea to have a way to communicate in real-time with suppliers, partners, and potential customers abroad. Having a SIP trunking service can help your business save on long-distance service costs. Consider installing one, so you are prepared for future expansion.

2. You can save on communications costs with outsourcing teams.

A SIP trunking service helps you save on long-distance communications costs by allowing you to outsource labor easily. While you and your team could always communicate through other channels, such as chat systems, having a direct line to your outsourced team is always a good idea, especially in terms of business continuity and disaster management protocols.

3. You can remove redundant networks.

This service can help your company remove any redundant data or telephone networks that are just adding to your overhead costs. It’s the simplest step you can make to having just one, IP-based network.

A SIP trunking service is a simple but vastly economical option for companies looking to save while streamlining their communications processes. Study these advantages and make that call today to inquire what you need to have this communications system set up. Furthermore, companies considering this solutions should know that they can also resell sip trunking services to help generate a new stream of income for the business.

Great Advertising Means Securing Your Deserved Market Share

by Admin - on Aug 11th 2017 - Comments Off on Great Advertising Means Securing Your Deserved Market Share

Laptop screen showing the words Ad CampaignAbout 99% of businesses in Singapore fall under the Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) category. Local owners and operators proudly comprise 84% of this number. This further proves that the country indeed has a booming economy.

However, the continuous growth of Singapore in terms of businesses and organisations also means that the number of your competitors is rising. This said, you should start looking at your current campaigns and make sure they are producing positive results. This is where hiring advertising services from agencies such as Singtel Media comes into play.

Keeping you standing out from the crowd

Advertising plays a huge role in raising awareness of your brand. When people do not know of your organisation, you can expect your client base to remain insufficient. This will then result in your business having difficulties keeping up with expenses and achieving success.

Advertising agencies use a wide array of strategic methodologies, allowing your enterprise not just to stay afloat, but to stand out from the competition. From television to digital, and from mobile to direct advertising campaigns, these companies have the much-needed tools, skills and expertise to meet the needs of SMEs.

Making the Internet work for your business

Web-based advertising is one of the areas advertising firms specialise in. The experts understand that the modern society now heavily relies on the Internet for most of their daily tasks. With 82.5% of the country’s population using the Web, you can leverage this to spread the word about your business.

Through combining targeted advertising and digital campaigns with other marketing strategies, you can reach thousands of people and let them know what your brand has to offer. Leave them with a long-lasting first impression, and they most likely will choose you over the competition.

3 Reasons You Need Effective Home Water Filtration System in Australia

by Admin - on Jul 27th 2017 - Comments Off on 3 Reasons You Need Effective Home Water Filtration System in Australia

Water filtration system at homeNormally, people in Australia do not have to worry about their water supply, as the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines have clearly emphasised the absence of harmful chemicals or pathogenic microorganisms. Unfortunately, most safe drinking water gives off a lingering smell and a strange taste of disinfectant. These issues have eventually prompted many Australians to turn to a water filtering system.

To solve the need for a purified water without the taste and smell of chemicals, a cooling tower water filtration may be ideal.

Water filtration system removes sediments.

The mechanical filters that get rid of the dirt and other unwanted particles in water can consist of impurities like sediments, which cause an unpleasant taste. Through an effective water filtration, the fine sediments can be screened out.

Water filtration system lowers chlorine level.

Chlorine is used by most water utility companies to treat drinking water due to its low cost, ability to kill bacteria in water, and ease of use. Although it disinfects, it can also create an unpleasant smell and taste — aside from the fact that it can form hazardous compounds when it reacts with some metals. With the activated carbon filter of water filtrations, you can remove the unpleasant smell and taste from water.

Water filtration system removes water contaminants.

Toxic when ingested, lead is removed to prevent seeping into the water supply via filtration equipment that specifically gets rid of the metal. As for those that use water from a well source, health agencies recommend an annual test for lead and other contaminants.

An efficient water filtration system can filter the water at the faucet attached to, in which the water supply becomes filtered. In fact, some water contaminants like the microbes and chemicals may even be caught and destroyed via a piece of filtration equipment that comes with the system.


Nurturing Your Kid’s Interest in Sports

by Admin - on Jun 30th 2017 - Comments Off on Nurturing Your Kid’s Interest in Sports

Group of Boys Playing Soccer

Parents should start seeing sports as more than just an academic distraction. If you are a parent, you need to start realizing that sports can benefit your children not only in terms of physical strength. It can also improve their social skills and help boost self-confidence.

Like what the President and Chief Executive of Little League International wrote on NY Times, participating in sports activities can teach children about teamwork, leadership, and sportsmanship, which will be valuable in the long run. Here are ways on how you can be supportive to them.

Enroll Your Kid in a Sports Program

If your kid is showing signs of interest in a particular sport, find a program or classes appropriate for their age. If your kid does not have any idea yet, help them out. Watch games and lightly discuss the differences of the sports with each other. If one program does not work, enroll them in a different program until they decide that sports isn’t for them.

Attend Your Kid’s Games and Practices

Volunteer to accompany them to practice. Observe and give your child tips on how to improve performance. Always be present during games. Praise your child when the team wins and provide comfort during losses. Do not lose your excitement so that he or she will remain eager despite a bad game.

Buy the Necessary Equipment to Improve Performance

This is important when clinics and leagues are over. Make sure that your child can still practice at home by themselves or with other kids. Research on proper clothes and gears and reward them with high-tech equipment. For baseball enthusiasts, Radar Sports, LLC and other sports experts say that you can get baseball radar guns to your measure improvement.

Whether your child decides to continue with the sport and professionally compete, treat it as merely a hobby, or altogether quit, show unconditional support. While it’s important to boost their competitive spirit, don’t be too hard on them. Make sure to nurture their other interests or allow them to take a break if it gets too much.

Big Business Advantage: Auto Attendant Recording Service

by Admin - on Jun 27th 2017 - Comments Off on Big Business Advantage: Auto Attendant Recording Service

Woman talking on her phone

When a business grows, it also means that the group of people and customers wanting to communicate with you grows. A staffer may not be able to handle all these calls. Companies like Marketing Messages say that you can make the system more efficient with an auto attendant recording service.

Never miss an important phone call.

With this system, all calls are channeled to the right department. Callers can choose the department they want to reach from an automated system without a long waiting time. In instances of vacation or after hours, callers can leave a message that you can address later.

Screen all calls.

Not all calls are important. Some calls may end up in your department with concerns that are not within your scope of work. These can be easily rerouted with options for the caller to leave a message and to ask for their contact number for the right department to call back.

Set up an appointment system.

There are days that you cannot sit down in your office and talk to the people who want to talk to you. There are important phone calls that you do not want to miss even while you are away in a meeting. The system can be set up so that an important phone call could be rerouted to you once it comes in, making it an efficient system for a large company.

Prioritize customer concerns.

Industries like phone services and Internet service providers will commonly have some customers. The calls may or may not require need immediate attention. The auto attendant recording service can store the customer's message to maximize employee performance, which employees or technicians can access and manage later. They could also help procure sales or customers. Furthermore, the concerns can be assigned according to a technician's expertise.

Managing a growing company's calls can limit you to focus on the more important aspects of your business. A growing company will need an efficient system to process every office transaction. You should get the auto attendant recording service before the old process overwhelms you.

Things That Every Business Should Have

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Man holding a walkie talkie inside a security room

Starting a business is not an easy task. Depending on the size of the company, much time is needed before an entrepreneur can leave it to their staff. However, once everything is operational, you can start to plan a vacation, provided the business is equipped with the following:

1. Security and Alarm System

Even a small company needs a form of security or alarm. You should install security staff, security systems, and alarms in the business premises to protect it from theft and damage. It is one of the necessities for any business.

2. Effective and Secure Correspondence

Every business needs clients. The customer is the heart of the business. Businesses like Marketing Messages believe that every company should use an effective and secure communication system. An effective staff can take care of after-hours messages, or you can get an on-hold message service. The message on-hold services could store the bulk of the messages that comes in every day. There should be someone assigned to filter out which one gets prioritized depending on client's needs.

3. Designate Someone as the Officer-in-Charge for Emergency Situations

There are instances in your business that you may need to go away and appoint someone who can take the reins for you. Machine breakdowns or decisions that need to be made in your absence can be initiated by this person to ensure that the business operates smoothly. This person should be able to make decisions on these matters. This way, business transactions go on, and customer satisfaction is achieved.

Any start-up business will start with a small staff and will usually multitask. However, when a business starts to grow, considerations for improving on procedures and systems should be taken into account to stay competitive in the market.

Keep Employees Healthy: 4 Suggestions For Your Office

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Team of employees giving high fives

The American worker spends anywhere between 7.7 to 8.4 hours at work each day on average. For most employees, that means spending more time awake in the office than at home, which becomes slightly more than a place of rest.

To make sure your employees do not experience frequent bouts of sickness caused by an unhealthy working environment, here are some tips:

Encourage Everyone To Wash Their Hands

This may be a bit of a no-brainer — washing hands with soap and water has been proven to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses that cause diseases — but only a precious few actually practice it at work. Encourage your employees to wash their hands more often, especially before and after eating.

Place Hand Sanitizers On Each Desk

You can’t always leave your desk to wash your hands. For those sneezes or coughs during the busiest times of the day, your employees can use hand sanitizers within their reach instead until they can get up and wash with soap and water.

Have Your Office Cleaned Daily

Hire janitorial services in Salt Lake City to keep your office clean. To prevent the cleaning activities from causing a distraction, inform your cleaning agency to have their janitors come after hours. They can do a wipe-down of work areas like desks and chairs, vacuum the carpets and occasionally shampoo them.

Have Common Areas

Common working areas enable your employees to leave their desks now and then if they have to focus on some work. The common working areas should have Wi-Fi access and be kept relatively quiet. If you want, especially if you have millennial workers, you can also have a place for relaxation and massages. These areas can help reduce stress levels among your employees.

Keeping your employees healthy is good not only for your relationship with them, but for their own productivity. Think about these suggestions and you might immediately notice better morale and fewer sick days.

Product Stress Testing and Its Role in Solving Transport Tragedies

by Admin - on Apr 28th 2017 - Comments Off on Product Stress Testing and Its Role in Solving Transport Tragedies

Airplane taking off at sunsetThe world has seen some deadly aviation disasters in history. The Tenerife Air Disaster (known as the deadliest air crash in history), the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH37, and the mid-air explosion of TWA Flight 800, which occurred immediately after takeoff are a few of the unforgettable aviation accidents.

Despite the baffling circumstances initially surrounding these aviation mysteries, many of them were eventually solved and led to the development of new regulations that now make air travel safer.

One particular component contributes substantially to the solving of plane crash mysteries: the in-flight data recorder or ‘black box.’ This nearly indestructible part of an aircraft is a result of extremely stringent product testing. With rosters of experts and equipment, such as an environmental testing chamber, creating a contraption can survive almost anything. Such a quality proves handy in a situation where almost everything is destroyed and rendered useless.

The Mysteries of The Black Box

Perhaps the only strange thing with a black box is its name. It’s bright orange, not black. But its wonders don’t begin and end with its color. The black box is often the first thing authorities look for in an aircraft accident. It is specifically designed to withstand a plane crash since it survives jet fuel fires, extreme water pressure, and constant physical trauma. Additionally, the black box has a battery that lasts about a month on its own.

The job of a black box is to record everything that happens in the cockpit. All inputs, conversations, instrument readings, and other relevant data are stored in the black box. These pieces of information will prove invaluable in determining what causes a crash.  Black boxes are subject to a series of grueling tests to survive such a situation, including crash impact, static crush (where 5,000 pounds of pressure is applied on the component), Pierce test, fire test, and water pressure test.

A black box’s durability is nothing miraculous. It’s a result of regular stress tests and innovative solutions. Without industrial-grade product testing processes, an in-flight data recorder would not be as efficient and effective as it is today. The lack of a black box would’ve halted the progress of aviation safety standards. With it at the core of crash investigations, what seemed like an oblivious connection at the start proves to be a very logical one in the end.

An Unseen Threat: What’s Lurking in Your Office Carpet?

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A Dirty CarpetIn the office setting, little thought goes into cleaning up the carpet. Unless there’s a huge stain or mess on the carpet, then a good vacuuming every once in a while ought to do the trick, right?

While any sign of dirt or bacteria may not be visible, commercial carpets really do take a beating and require more than just a vacuuming to keep it clean and free of dirt. ProKleen, a carpet and upholstery cleaning service, believes that regular carpet cleaning can improve the environment in an office setting significantly by eliminating possible asthma and other health risks.

What are some the hidden problem-causing elements lurking inside your office carpet, then?

Dust and Dirt

Did you know that the average American home accumulates up to 40 pounds of dust every year? A larger office setting with significantly more foot traffic, therefore, has an even higher amount of dust and particulates. In fact, vacuuming only gets rid of about 85% of the dirt, so it is necessary that you turn to upgraded carpet cleaning methods for better results.

Pathogens and Bacteria

Unlike moldy bread, it’s harder to tell whether a carpet is harboring bacteria, such as mold, salmonella, and E. coli. Mold and mildew thrive in warm, wet environments and they can survive in an uncleaned carpet for over a month, though. So, make sure you always keep your carpet clean and dry.

Outside Chemicals

Even if office workers wipe the dirt off their feet before entering the office, a host of chemicals clings to shoe soles that could damage a carpet. A combination of melted ice and vehicle oil could leave behind an unpleasant stain on carpet fibers, turning the carpet into an absorbent pad for all types of chemicals.

Bugs and Fleas

The average person sheds about one million dead skin cells in a single day. It is no surprise that microscopic bugs make their home out of carpets since they often contain large amounts of dander and dead skin. Dust mites can trigger allergies to those with skin asthma, so it is imperative that you give your carpet an occasional good scrub.

Dirty carpets can lead to unpleasant odors and cause unsanitary conditions. Keep your office in good shape with regular carpet cleaning — your health will thank you for it.