New EmployeesWelcoming new employees is hard work. You have to go over everything you know about the company that may be important for new ones to remember. It can be difficult to introduce a person to an established culture within the workplace.

This is why you have to make a good company induction video, advises, that they can simply watch on their first day. Here are some things you should always include in the material.


What does your company believe in? This should be instilled in every employee so they can act according to the main goal of the company they work for. This is the foundation for everything they do within the workplace and the value they will carry when they get out of the office. Including this in the video sets the tone for the rest of their time in your company. Have a simple and clear vision of what your company wants to achieve.


All workplaces follow strict rules that every employee should abide by. These laws are set to keep order within the work area and keep the processes smooth. Whether it is about proper attire or simple rules on asking for the restroom keys, this can help make things faster and decrease simple issues. The induction video may also include the first few things new employees need to accomplish like clearances. This gives them something to work on during their first day while learning the ropes of working in your company.

Having an induction material makes it easier for new recruits to adjust to a new environment. It also lessens the work of people assigned to train them. Create company induction videos complete with all the necessary information new employees need to know. Knowledge is the armour they wear to get them ready for working efficiently for your company.