a couple navigating their wayA complicated technology such as GPS simulation would not be easy to navigate for a beginner. No product developer will want to allow a novice to handle such an important system. Especially because they are used in delicate procedures, you will need to train everyone who will use it.

These three vulnerabilities are just some of the things you have to prepare for:


GPS simulation is useful in a variety of applications. It is useful to commercial industries as well as government agencies. It’s surprising how widespread the use of this technology is.

And because of its wide range of applications, many want to take advantage of it to interfere with the signal and get vital locations or information.


Communicating information is one of the reasons GPS is important. By tracking the exact location of a device, allies can send reinforcements when needed. It is also vital in the discovery of unchartered territories — that is if a hacker does not jam the signal.

This could prevent the rescue of stranded individuals or important equipment. You want only the best to train your personnel to recognize signs of jamming and, in the first place, secure the network to prevent it from happening.


It’s one thing to prevent a GPS system from transmitting the location; it’s another to interfere with the system so it will transmit the wrong location. Spoofing makes the GPS signal seem like it is coming from a different location.

The implications of this range from Pokémon being available in only a certain area to derailing scientific advancements for personal gains. So as you can see, while spoofing might seem harmless in some situations, it could also result in billions in losses and inconveniencing many people.

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As with any system, training and maintenance are crucial in ensuring no data is compromised. When you’re dealing with GPS, the stakes are higher, so you cannot afford any slipups.