Rear view of a businessman using a computer in a cluttered workspaceKeeping your work area clean should be your priority, especially if you have a workshop type of space. The smaller your work area, the more conscious you should be about keeping it clean.

Avoid clutter

When you leave things lying around, you may waste time looking for them on the next use. What’s more, your work area becomes cluttered. Instead of freely moving to every corner of your work area, you have to step over or push aside clutter to move. The solution? Have a designated space for everything.

Use enclosures

Dust can quickly build up on every surface in your work area especially when you work with wood. It can be hard to keep things clean. To prevent wood filings and sawdust from affecting the entire work area, use an enclosure for specific tools and purposes. Another way to limit the dust is by using a dust collector booth. Not only can this device protect your work area from clutter, but it can also reduce the risk of fire.

Vacuum and wipe down

Having a vacuum cleaner on standby is an easy way to clean certain spots. An industrial grade or professional vacuum cleaner can do the job better than a household counterpart can, especially if you have a large work area. After vacuuming, do a wipe-down of surfaces to catch the dust and dirt that you may have missed. Use a safe chemical for disinfecting, or simply use water mixed with vinegar.

Clean up the mess immediately

Spills can cause accidents. To reduce such risks, wipe or mop away the mess at the soonest. Don’t forget to wash and wring your mop in each use. A wet mop or rag will not absorb spills properly.

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Lost or misplaced tools, difficulty of access, accidents, fires, and many other issues can stem from neglecting cleanliness. Follow these tips to prevent them from happening.