World without ElectricityIn the modern world where practically everything you do needs electricity, you’d probably go crazy if life suddenly threw you back in the Stone Age. You’ve lived life comfortably relying on the coffee maker to start your day and using your phone’s GPS on the way to a business meeting. You don’t even have to worry about minor blackouts because solar powered generators from Humless Reliable Power Systems help you get through the day.

People take electricity for granted because they’ve never lived without it for a long time. So how did your grandparents and great-grandparents survive without it?

Employment in Darkened Times

Before skyscrapers and business districts existed, most of your ancestors earned by working on farms. In the 1930s, in rural America, they did farm chores under the light of a lantern after nightfall and before sunrise. They usually hung the lantern a safe distance from the ceiling.

It was only in May 1936 that the Congress approved the Rural Electrification Act (REA), which brought electricity to the countryside.

Hygiene in Darkened Times

People usually bathed in creeks during summer, while they had to boil water on a stove fired by wood during winter. They would then pour hot water in a washtub on the kitchen floor. They normally took baths every Saturday night because they had to go to church the next morning.

Women had to carry a bucket full of water from the well. After they get the heavy wooden lid from the well, they would crank up the wheel to lift the bucket filled with 30 pounds of water and pull it up 50 feet.

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Life, in general, had to be done manually before the luxury of electricity existed. These days, you take not only electricity for granted, but also the natural resources you get it from. Educating the younger generation and making them realize its pros and cons will go a long way for the environment.