sleeping-time-650684_640One of the most common problems among adults today is insufficient sleep. In fact, statistics indicates that sleep deprivation in the United States has now become a public health epidemic.

“It’s no secret that we live in a 24/7 society,” says Carl Hunt, MD, director of the National Center on Sleep Disorders Research at the National Institutes of Health. “There are many more opportunities to do things other than sleep – 24-hour cable TV, the Internet, email, plus long work shifts.”

To remedy this, health experts from various specializations have come up with solutions, including sleeping medications, herbal pills, relaxation therapies and meditative exercises.

Technology is not one to back down from this challenge. This year, many tech inventions will emerge to prevent sleep loss.

Chrona Sleep Elite

The Chrona Sleep Elite is a sleep optimization system that transforms any pillow into a smart pillow. Instead of concentrating on the hours of sleep, it prioritizes the quality of sleep. With high-tech sensors packed into a thin memory foam that slides easily into any pillow case, the Chrona plays low-frequency sounds that drive users into a deep, soothing nighttime rest.

To ease users out of slumber, it emits high-frequency sounds before waking them with light and gentle vibrations. Interested buyers can get their Chrona shipped in December this year.

Kokoon EEG Headphones

The Kokoon EEG headphones are the first headphones comfortable enough to be slept in. Recognized as smart headphones, they can determine how and when to adjust the volume of the music as the users sleep and wake up.

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Powered by ONKYO, the Kokoon EEG headphones have sensors and app that can track people’s sleep and provide clinical insights on how to improve its quality. For that extra comfort, engineers developed these headphones using their patented FlexMould Comfort System to fit the gadget to the natural contours of the head. With a soft gel cushioning, the Kokoon EEG headphones serve as extra pillows for the ears.


Tagged as the brainwave-oriented sleep companion, DreamScience by Oregon Scientific is a speaker system that helps users achieve more restful levels of sleep. With its patented Sleep Enhancement Technology, DreamScience creates a therapeutic state of calm by giving the user relaxing ambient sounds that adjust in volume and rhythm. This process is scientifically proven to relax the body and mind.

Their brainwave-embedded sequences can stimulate the brain’s beta, alpha and delta waves, which contribute to a peaceful, healing and meditative sleep.

The track list for Sleep Sounds includes Hawaiian, Tranquility and Unwind. Meanwhile, the track list for Wakeup Sounds includes Energize, Dawn Rain, Revitalize and Aurora. The retail release of DreamScience is expected June this year.