Features of Cloud Server Hosting

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Man pressing a projected image of a digital cloud

There are many software applications today that are cloud or internet based. This has made all businesses and companies across various sectors opt for these highly-advanced technological platforms and tools.

What is cloud hosting?

Project management hosting on the cloud is one such tool which makes the job of the manager and engineers very efficient. Cloud hosting is a service which operates in such a manner that the servers are all clustered together. This is considerably better and more advanced than traditional web hosting.

Instead of being housed in one server, in cloud hosting you will be a part of multiple servers. Your website will be housed in a virtual world, where it is considered secure and accessible only to authorized personnel. The reason this type of hosting is popular is discussed below.

Financially viable for most businesses

Cloud hosting is a very cost effective when compared to conventional hosting for most type of businesses. This is because there are no fixed fees, as you can pay for this as you go. You pay only for the servers you use, irrespective of whether they are one or multiple. Even small businesses can afford cloud hosting, which is not the case with traditional hosting.

Scalable and compatible

You can scale the capacity of your website depending on the demand and your needs. When your business expands, you can add on extra servers with the help of the cloud server. Similarly, when the demand falls, the extra server can be dropped.

This type of hosting is also compatible with all platforms as you can have any number of platforms in a single cloud. You need not worry about compatibility of your website with other websites, and the hosting services, if you use cloud hosting.

Another great feature is the response times which are instant. This makes the capabilities of the website very dynamic with virtually no down time. Thus, cloud web hosting is a natural progression in the field of technological progress and is poised to take over the traditional website hosting eventually.

Protecting Your Website Database

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SQL ChartIf you have a database-driven website, do not think your database does not contain data that are pleasing to eyes of hackers. All websites and databases are juicy targets. This should be your mindset to ensure vigilance against any threats to your site.

This is the reason most companies – at least businesses that rely heavily on online transactions – hire companies providing SQL server consulting services to upgrade their security protocols and make it difficult for anyone to pry into their data without their consent.

Here are some suggestions on how you can protect your website database from unwanted intrusions.

A very strong password

Using strong passwords for your website and its database is your first line of defence. While this is standard knowledge, you will be amazed at some people who settle for easier to remember passwords that leave their sites vulnerable to prying eye.

Use a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, as well as numbers and special characters, whenever allowed, in your database passwords. While this may not be foolproof, at least it would be tough for hackers to crack.

Continuously update security software

Keeping the software that runs your website and its database updated is another defence against possible hacking attacks. Hackers are legends in looking and finding software security vulnerabilities that they can exploit to penetrate your website or database.

Employ proper parameters

Ensuring all your queries have appropriate parameters is essential when using MySQLi databases. This is because databases with improper SQL statements are easy preys to hackers. Using rogue code, hackers can get information that you stored on such database, change its tables or delete the data it contains.

All websites and their databases are targets for hackers, and it is your responsibility to protect against such attempts. There is no excuse for leaving your site vulnerable to attacks. Work hard to protect your database, because you know hackers work hard to break into your security walls.

The New Face of Press Releases: What Changed?

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Modern Press ReleaseTraditional press releases used to be simple announcements of events, products, or services on different platforms: TVs, desktops, or newspapers.

Today’s press releases, however, are no longer just about announcements; modern PRs deal with SEO tools, links, and wire posting. As more communication channels open, PR experts and journalists navigate through the changing times. Unfortunately, adapting isn’t easy.

Babbler.us, the first social platform for media relations, offered a simple observation: “Internet has transformed the way reporters work, source, and cover stories but PR pros have not adapted yet.” The mismatch results in missed opportunities.

Don’t commit the same mistake. Instead of staying out of the loop, learn more about the new age of press releases.

Goodbye, Standard PR

Traditional press releases are no longer relevant. Unless you’re a company with a groundbreaking product, spending more time with standard PRs is a waste of time.

Instead of gaining coverage through old techniques, PR experts and marketers should embrace new methods of getting news concerning accomplishments or offerings. Think of the following: social media, quality visuals, influencers, and industry leaders — these are the elements of today’s PR.

Fighting Negativity with Content

Easy access to social media leads to critical users. When they have bad experiences with a product or service, they can easily share their experiences with others. Some users may have a massive social media following or share a connection with a VIP in your list. The reach and connection of dissatisfied consumers can impact your reputation, and by extension, your profits.

To prevent this, today’s PRs establish processes initially to avoid bad experiences. Thorough training teaches teams how to handle difficult situations well, particularly when handling a bad review on social media.

Another strategy is to fight negativity with content. Through engaging content, experts and businesses keep the audience up-to-date about the industry. Information facilitates better experiences, which reduces your brand’s risk of becoming the subject of a social media rant.

Press releases have come a long way. The growth of technology is creating more opportunities. But tread carefully, and make sure your client’s brand gets the right kind of exposure.

Why You Need to Install GPS Fast

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A person using a GPS while in their car People are now enjoying the full maximization of GPS or global positioning systems. The accurate determination of locations has become a necessity over the years. In the daily commute, personal affairs and in business, geo-location and GPS systems have become necessary.

Why should you make the transition? Here are the top reasons why car owners are installing internal GPS systems to their automobiles.

Accuracy and Adaptability

Harnessing the prowess of the GPS Constellation navigation, the accuracy of GPS is undeniable. It can locate and pinpoint locations and roads down to the tiniest detail. The problem with maps is that they easily get outdated.

GPS, however, shows you the changes in real time and adapts to the road situations as you drive.

Hands-free Guide

Gone are the days of pulling by the side of the road to check your map for directions. With a trusted GPS, all you need to do is to input your location, and the system will direct you to the area. The most modern systems feature automation and are voice activated, making for a safer trip.

Other options allow the GPS AI to change routes in cases of emergency, and when traffic situations are undesirable. GPS systems allow drivers to navigate with ease and minimal distraction, making the experience smooth and enjoyable.


Among the best features of a car-installed GPS is its accurate tracking feature empowered by the GPS Constellation. You can leave your car safe and secure knowing that its location is always accessible to you. These systems connect with the user’s mobile – others through cloud computing systems.

Even better, geo-location systems hook up to the alarm system, making the car safer and more secure.

Global positioning systems have been more than beneficial to many industries in the world. It is time to make that change and reap its benefits, with little cost.

What You Need to Do to Pass the CompTIA A+ Exams

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Woman writing on a notebook while she types on a computer

IT professionals are well acquainted with the CompTIA A+ certification. More than a simple certification which helps people progress in their careers, it is an industry standard required of all IT professionals. Both support technicians and actual software engineers are required to take this certification exam. Many dread the actual exams but with enough preparation, acing it would be quite easy.

Preparation is the key to passing any certification exam. But with exams such as the CompTIA A+ certification tests, it is important that you are well guided on the content of the exams and testing techniques. Follow these review pointers in order to get started.

Check the Exam Objectives

The CompTIA is transparent in terms of the examination coverage. Before the examination period, the test objectives or the exam coverage is released on their official website. While the coverage is not always accurate, the most important questions that are graded heavily are always in the released objectives.

Check the Syllabus

Standard tests cover troubleshooting techniques, network connectivity troubleshooting, and installation of software as well as the configuration of operating systems. More advanced exams also contain questions on security breaches and standard operating procedures. Whether you are studying on your own or enrolling into a review center, it is important that you review an updated guide. After studying guides, an updated a+ practice test should also be thoroughly reviewed.

Industry Standard and Time Management

There are plenty of tips online on how you can ace your exams but you still need to learn about testing techniques. There are questions framed to be more confusing than others and some that are regarded more points than the usual problem set. There are also techniques on answering questions quickly as well as which questions should be prioritized. These kinds of information are not available online and are accessible only to review centers. If you feel that you need more practice and need access to a+ practice exam samples, enroll yourself in a formal review center or buy professionally prepared samples which are available online.

The variety and abundance of samples and review materials online make it attractive for aspirants to simple self-study. However, procuring credible samples and reviewers, as well as learning from professionals can guarantee success. Choose your strategy wisely and prepare well before the actual date of exams.

Product Stress Testing and Its Role in Solving Transport Tragedies

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Airplane taking off at sunsetThe world has seen some deadly aviation disasters in history. The Tenerife Air Disaster (known as the deadliest air crash in history), the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH37, and the mid-air explosion of TWA Flight 800, which occurred immediately after takeoff are a few of the unforgettable aviation accidents.

Despite the baffling circumstances initially surrounding these aviation mysteries, many of them were eventually solved and led to the development of new regulations that now make air travel safer.

One particular component contributes substantially to the solving of plane crash mysteries: the in-flight data recorder or ‘black box.’ This nearly indestructible part of an aircraft is a result of extremely stringent product testing. With rosters of experts and equipment, such as an environmental testing chamber, creating a contraption can survive almost anything. Such a quality proves handy in a situation where almost everything is destroyed and rendered useless.

The Mysteries of The Black Box

Perhaps the only strange thing with a black box is its name. It’s bright orange, not black. But its wonders don’t begin and end with its color. The black box is often the first thing authorities look for in an aircraft accident. It is specifically designed to withstand a plane crash since it survives jet fuel fires, extreme water pressure, and constant physical trauma. Additionally, the black box has a battery that lasts about a month on its own.

The job of a black box is to record everything that happens in the cockpit. All inputs, conversations, instrument readings, and other relevant data are stored in the black box. These pieces of information will prove invaluable in determining what causes a crash.  Black boxes are subject to a series of grueling tests to survive such a situation, including crash impact, static crush (where 5,000 pounds of pressure is applied on the component), Pierce test, fire test, and water pressure test.

A black box’s durability is nothing miraculous. It’s a result of regular stress tests and innovative solutions. Without industrial-grade product testing processes, an in-flight data recorder would not be as efficient and effective as it is today. The lack of a black box would’ve halted the progress of aviation safety standards. With it at the core of crash investigations, what seemed like an oblivious connection at the start proves to be a very logical one in the end.

An Unseen Threat: What’s Lurking in Your Office Carpet?

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A Dirty CarpetIn the office setting, little thought goes into cleaning up the carpet. Unless there’s a huge stain or mess on the carpet, then a good vacuuming every once in a while ought to do the trick, right?

While any sign of dirt or bacteria may not be visible, commercial carpets really do take a beating and require more than just a vacuuming to keep it clean and free of dirt. ProKleen, a carpet and upholstery cleaning service, believes that regular carpet cleaning can improve the environment in an office setting significantly by eliminating possible asthma and other health risks.

What are some the hidden problem-causing elements lurking inside your office carpet, then?

Dust and Dirt

Did you know that the average American home accumulates up to 40 pounds of dust every year? A larger office setting with significantly more foot traffic, therefore, has an even higher amount of dust and particulates. In fact, vacuuming only gets rid of about 85% of the dirt, so it is necessary that you turn to upgraded carpet cleaning methods for better results.

Pathogens and Bacteria

Unlike moldy bread, it’s harder to tell whether a carpet is harboring bacteria, such as mold, salmonella, and E. coli. Mold and mildew thrive in warm, wet environments and they can survive in an uncleaned carpet for over a month, though. So, make sure you always keep your carpet clean and dry.

Outside Chemicals

Even if office workers wipe the dirt off their feet before entering the office, a host of chemicals clings to shoe soles that could damage a carpet. A combination of melted ice and vehicle oil could leave behind an unpleasant stain on carpet fibers, turning the carpet into an absorbent pad for all types of chemicals.

Bugs and Fleas

The average person sheds about one million dead skin cells in a single day. It is no surprise that microscopic bugs make their home out of carpets since they often contain large amounts of dander and dead skin. Dust mites can trigger allergies to those with skin asthma, so it is imperative that you give your carpet an occasional good scrub.

Dirty carpets can lead to unpleasant odors and cause unsanitary conditions. Keep your office in good shape with regular carpet cleaning — your health will thank you for it.

How to Keep Your Work Area Clean and Safe

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Rear view of a businessman using a computer in a cluttered workspaceKeeping your work area clean should be your priority, especially if you have a workshop type of space. The smaller your work area, the more conscious you should be about keeping it clean.

Avoid clutter

When you leave things lying around, you may waste time looking for them on the next use. What’s more, your work area becomes cluttered. Instead of freely moving to every corner of your work area, you have to step over or push aside clutter to move. The solution? Have a designated space for everything.

Use enclosures

Dust can quickly build up on every surface in your work area especially when you work with wood. It can be hard to keep things clean. To prevent wood filings and sawdust from affecting the entire work area, use an enclosure for specific tools and purposes. Another way to limit the dust is by using a dust collector booth. Not only can this device protect your work area from clutter, but it can also reduce the risk of fire.

Vacuum and wipe down

Having a vacuum cleaner on standby is an easy way to clean certain spots. An industrial grade or professional vacuum cleaner can do the job better than a household counterpart can, especially if you have a large work area. After vacuuming, do a wipe-down of surfaces to catch the dust and dirt that you may have missed. Use a safe chemical for disinfecting, or simply use water mixed with vinegar.

Clean up the mess immediately

Spills can cause accidents. To reduce such risks, wipe or mop away the mess at the soonest. Don’t forget to wash and wring your mop in each use. A wet mop or rag will not absorb spills properly.

Lost or misplaced tools, difficulty of access, accidents, fires, and many other issues can stem from neglecting cleanliness. Follow these tips to prevent them from happening.

Big Data Analytics: Faster Decision Making in the Construction Industry

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 two builders standing with an open blueprintKeeping to the schedule is important in any construction project. It determines any important progress and keeps the people involved on track. Sometimes, though, a certain situation calls for a change in the project’s timeline.

Whether it’s a big or small change, contractors know that they should make a decision quickly — and to do this, they need instant access to the important data. LoadSpring, for instance, anticipates this kind of demand from clients by providing high-altitude overviews of all their clients’ project data.

Duties of the Construction Industry

A lot of construction companies have to deal with multiple projects at the same time. Their duties include collecting, organizing, and analyzing data, as well as coming up with work and progress reports. On top of that, they have to manage technical data constantly.

Faster Operation

Big data analytics enables construction companies to manage and analyze a large bulk of data that they couldn’t have managed manually. In effect, it saves both time and effort for contractors, which enables them to focus better on the construction site.

More Efficient Risk Prediction

Every big decision on a project constitutes a level of risk. When presented with the right data, however, it enables contractors to improve on cost certainty, predict and avoid possible pitfalls, and find ways to improve on certain areas of the project.

Moreover, it helps them obtain valuable insights that can improve their decision-making processes.

Real-Time Access

Some data analytics software enable users to share computer resources. This takes less of a contractor’s time because they don’t have to contact all parties involved to broadcast the changes or progress made.

Contractors have to make important decisions all the time, and it doesn’t always come with the luxury of time. This is why more contractors are relying on software to analyze big data for them.   

Inertial Guidance and Its Role in Space Exploration

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People in SpaceExploration has always been the pursuit of mankind. For over three thousand years, humanity has discovered an array of navigation tools and references; from stars, sea currents, sensors, to radio, among other things. While these methods prove useful in marital and terrestrial navigation, they are dependent on external references, which make them susceptible to harsh conditions.

A navigation system necessary for flight and space exploration should be impervious to these conditions and independent of external references or influences. These considerations led to the development of inertial navigation systems in the 1940’s.

Inertial Guidance in Space Exploration

Inertial guidance uses motion sensors or accelerators and gyroscopes to establish the position, orientation, and velocity of a moving object without the need for external information. Since then, INS systems have evolved to achieve extreme accuracy and reliability.

In human spaceflight, inertial navigation systems provide guidance for lift-off until the shuttle separates from the booster. Because inertial systems have limitations, engineers have been finding ways to update these for outer space explorations. Celestial tracking is still a major requirement, especially for aircraft traveling to and landing on planets, and those returning to earth.

Navigational Aids

To improve capabilities and meet accuracy requirements, scientists have integrated other navigational instruments and methods to inertial guidance systems. One example is the GPS-aided inertial navigation system

In this scheme, the INS provides short-term data, while the GPS corrects accumulated errors and delivers more refined information. These systems are common in large passenger jet aircraft. There are also specialty labs that continuously develop algorithms and hybrid systems to perform specific functions, from human motion tracking, weapon orientation tracking, virtual and augmented reality and more.

Exploration has always been the pursuit of mankind. For over three thousand years, humanity has discovered an array of navigation tools and references; from stars, sea currents, sensors, to radio, among other things. While these methods prove useful in marital and terrestrial navigation, they are dependent on external references, which make them susceptible to harsh conditions.

A navigation system necessary for flight and space exploration should be impervious to these conditions and independent of external references or influences. These considerations led to the development of inertial navigation systems in the 1940’s.

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