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Traditional analog phone lines are now a thing of the past. With the rise of virtual telephone lines, companies can enjoy access to an almost unlimited number of phone lines over the internet. Apart from eliminating the need for a physical connection to a phone company, shifting to a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) allows businesses to save more money on their business phone while increasing phone reliability.

Companies like SIP.US, for instance, allow for the quick provision of SIP trunks in a fully-automated, self-service environment. In fact, SIP trunk deployment guarantees productivity improvements and long-term savings.

A Lower Cost for International Calls

Calls on traditional phone lines can get expensive for companies that maintain several international business relationships. Furthermore, making long-distance calls on Public Switched Telephone Networks (PSTN) requires setting aside a budget, which could dissuade employees from making calls at the end of the month or resort to cutting conversations short. With SIP trunks, all long-distance calls are essentially free since they travel over data networks.

Integrated Communication

Some organizations use various kinds of systems for voice calling and video chats. As a result, employees end up using multiple instant messaging applications to communicate with each other. These ad hoc systems, however, do not translate into a cohesive user experience. With SIP trunks, you can use the system for every type of communication and make it the foundation for a unified communication suite.

Improved Flexibility

Changes to a conventional enterprise phone system can be difficult to configure since it requires the services of an IT technician. These rigid systems are often a lot more complicated, however, so users cannot simply disable features they need at a particular time. SIP trunks, on the other hand, offer flexibility by making sure companies only pay for the resources they use. Since everything is accessible through an online dashboard, changes do not require technical expertise.

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Get work done faster by installing SIP trunks. Upgrading to the virtual telephone line will translate to significant cost savings and better productivity right from the get-go.