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The Reign of the Construction Industry: This Year’s Building Management Trends

by Admin - on Feb 6th 2017 - Comments Off on The Reign of the Construction Industry: This Year’s Building Management Trends

Building Management Technology advances every year – and 2017 has a lot to offer for building management. Besides the use of software for construction estimating, below are the predicted trends that will continue to reign over the construction industry:


Since the dawn of hackers and illegal online services, cybersecurity has always been a priority. More and more people prefer to connect with each other using mobile devices. What this forms is a huge web of connectivity that could be vulnerable to attacks and accidental or prohibited release of valuable information.

Fortunately, there are now regulations for network security and data protection. These guidelines are critical in making sure that the owner and future occupants get a building with a high level of security.

The Internet of Things

Before it became accessible to many, connectivity was once really costly. The price of setting up wireless IP or wired IP connectivity was too expensive for integrators and customers. In the last few years, however, the internet witnessed a huge explosion in a number of gadgets linked. This heightened level of connectivity allows for better building efficiency. They can now easily deliver data about energy and building performance through cloud-based technology.

For instance, Automated Fault Detection & Diagnostics (AFDD) can provide the users an insight on the current performance of the building and the real-time costs.


Every year, tech firms surprise the world with their innovative designs and features, whether it is hardware or software. This is a huge advantage to the industry, as these gadgets help increase the employee’s productivity. With just the use of a mobile platform, managers can easily oversee the status of the building. They can even actively monitor and command the important infrastructure anytime and anywhere.

Technology will always be a helpful tool in the construction industry. These are just some of the business management trends that will help improve the productivity and security of buildings.

In Construction Pollution, Nobody Wins

by Admin - on Dec 19th 2015 - Comments Off on In Construction Pollution, Nobody Wins

Construction PopulationIt’s very easy to dismiss the fact that construction sites are dangerous in more ways than one. Things can fall from a height, a lot of things are combustible and there are many things that could derail the entire project. Yet, in most safety modules, almost nobody talks about the low-key perils of pollution. This, from a place where cement sand, fire, cigarettes and industrial smoke are more present than anything in the place.

It’s scary to imagine that men and women breathe in heavy metals, wood dust and all kinds of noxious particles flying around construction sites. Even more, it’s not work sites; indoor workspaces, such as weld shops and wood working, also suffer high concentration of airborne pollutants.

Nobody Wins

Down draft tables and other air vacuum are necessary where there’s a lot of indoor pollution. Take away the basic responsibility of keeping the place clean, it’s about maintaining the health of the workers. Silicosis is a scourge of the construction industry, as is carbon monoxide poisoning.

In the event that a foreman foregoes ventilation systems, it may earn him praise for keeping the cost down. But that will come with a heavy cost: human life. Inhaling heavy particles will destroy a person’s lungs, if not traumatize the organ for life. In the end, it will just propagate more trouble for the company and for the workers.

Fighting Back

Pollution is an international problem, and there’s hardly anyone who lives in urban districts that escapes it. What more in a packed space? That means that the pollutants are more concentrated and potent, but it also makes it easier to manage. In industrial work sites, however, there’s a need for heavy-duty air filtration to make sure that every bit of particle gets sucked in.

One such strategy to deal with a high accumulation of fumes and dust is wet collection. Wet downdraft tables not only suck in dirty air, it produces clean, breathing air as its finished product. Think of it as a recycler of air, but more efficient due to its unique function.

If everyone would just see the immediate and long-term effect of pollution, the world would be a better place. But, it’s not, which paved the way for the creation of air filtration machines. No one wins in pollution, and it’s better to solve it rather than let it linger.