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Home Security: The Usual Suspects of False Alarms

by Admin - on Jun 2nd 2016 - Comments Off on Home Security: The Usual Suspects of False Alarms

Home Security in HoustonTriggering a false alarm isn’t just embarrassing, it could also be life-threatening to those in real need of emergency services. While no sane person would deliberately cause the alarm to go off without a good reason, inadvertent triggers often occur because of honest mistakes.

To keep the likelihood of false alarm at home, take note of these four main culprits:


The majority of false alarms takes place due to human error. Especially if you have visitors unaware of your system, your home security could unintentionally be “breached”.

This is why it’s important to train, or at least inform, everybody about your security products. Using visuals is extremely useful.


Dogs and cats could innocently set off your motion sensors and unnecessarily call the attention of your dispatcher. As your canine or feline friend would often wander freely around the house, the chance of triggering false alarms is high if you leave it unchecked.

Also, rodents and insects could likewise mess with your home security. If you’re planning to have alarm monitoring, you have another reason to get rid of pests at home.

Weak Batteries

Modern security products have lasting batteries, but you still need to replace them every now and then. North Star Home explains that you would usually receive an audible warning that the power is low to prompt replacement, but they may also trigger false alarms.

It’s your job to ensure your system have a reliable power source. Knowing when these batteries should last, and paying attention when you should change them effectively reduces the occurrence of a false alarm.

Home Security Installers

Believe or not, some providers of home security systems in Houston, Atlanta, and other cities in America are responsible to false alarms. Especially if your system’s design is not well thought of, your alarm may set off while doing your most ordinary activities.

Apart from hiring experienced professionals to install your security products correctly, you might have to notify them when doing any remodel to align all of your sensors and detectors after the makeover.

In most cases, you can avoid false alarms if you have the foresight and work with a trustworthy home security company. As long as you’re well aware of what might unnecessarily trigger your system, your alarms would go off only when they should.

Stop Right There: Ways to Avoid Tripping on Your Own Sensors

by Admin - on Apr 7th 2016 - Comments Off on Stop Right There: Ways to Avoid Tripping on Your Own Sensors

Door and Window SensorsWith the crime and violence rates going out of control, it’s no wonder why you, and probably everyone you know, feel unsafe.

This reality fuels the need for technologies that would take care of everyone’s safety, aware or not. And talking about security, it all starts whether or not your home is capable of holding off the bad elements away.

But, with tons of home security options available in the market, getting the right gadget is trickier than ever. NorthStarHome.com shares some noteworthy ideas in choosing your home security gadgets well.

The Basics: Access Points Security

What you want to secure first are your doors and windows. And one of the most effective ways to accomplish this is to plant sensors around your home’s access points.

Door and window sensors are the foundations of every home security system. Even if you don’t have a sophisticated home security system, these sensors are often enough to scare away any potential burglars and criminals.

Other places you can install sensors include the following:

  • vaults
  • cabinets
  • drawers
  • display cases
  • room dividers

Attaching the Sensors Correctly

Security sensors come in two pieces: one fits the access point itself (doors, windows, cabinets, etc.) and the frame.

Make sure to place the two pieces close to each other to maximize their sensitivity. When the two pieces separate, it’ll trigger an alarm. Depending on what type of sensor you have, it can also notify you through your mobile and send a notification to the concerned authorities.

Variations of Sensors to Consider

Sensors come in different designs. Some require a bit of wiring, while the independent devices don’t.

Wired sensors require more time to install and cost a reasonable amount of investment. On the other end, separate sensors are relatively affordable and easy to access.

Every security measure is different. That’s why allotting a good amount of time and effort to know what works for your home and what doesn’t go a long way.