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Why Filtering Your Cooling Water System Is Important

by Admin - on Aug 23rd 2017 - Comments Off on Why Filtering Your Cooling Water System Is Important

Filter for drinking waterA functional cooling system is essential for any plant. They prevent your machines from overheating and breaking down. With water cooling, having clean, filtered water can make a huge difference. Untreated water can result in foul water, with traces of organic growth. Both of these could drastically decrease an industrial plant’s productivity and even result in system breakdowns.

What makes up a cooling tower water filtration system?

The system consists of a set of mechanisms that take away harmful impurities that are present in the water. A system’s configuration would largely depend on the feed water’s quality, the kind of cooling tower present, the water quality requirement recommended by the manufacturer, the circulatory water’s chemistry, the kind of heat exchanger, and the concentration cycle.

 What does a filtration system check for?

  • The water’s alkalinity. This indicates the potential presence of calcium carbonate.
  • Chlorides. They are proven to be highly corrosive to metals.
  • Iron levels. The presence of iron mixed with phosphate can damage equipment.
  • Organic matter. Too much of this could lead to the growth of microorganisms that can cause corrosion. Certain organisms can also lead to health hazards for your workers.
  • Sulfates. They can also lead to metal corrosion.
  • Dissolved and suspended solids. Things like dirt particles are also regulated as they cause scaling and corrosion.

All in all, an efficient water treatment system is a must to make sure that your machines’ service life last much longer.

3 Reasons You Need Effective Home Water Filtration System in Australia

by Admin - on Jul 27th 2017 - Comments Off on 3 Reasons You Need Effective Home Water Filtration System in Australia

Water filtration system at homeNormally, people in Australia do not have to worry about their water supply, as the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines have clearly emphasised the absence of harmful chemicals or pathogenic microorganisms. Unfortunately, most safe drinking water gives off a lingering smell and a strange taste of disinfectant. These issues have eventually prompted many Australians to turn to a water filtering system.

To solve the need for a purified water without the taste and smell of chemicals, a cooling tower water filtration may be ideal.

Water filtration system removes sediments.

The mechanical filters that get rid of the dirt and other unwanted particles in water can consist of impurities like sediments, which cause an unpleasant taste. Through an effective water filtration, the fine sediments can be screened out.

Water filtration system lowers chlorine level.

Chlorine is used by most water utility companies to treat drinking water due to its low cost, ability to kill bacteria in water, and ease of use. Although it disinfects, it can also create an unpleasant smell and taste — aside from the fact that it can form hazardous compounds when it reacts with some metals. With the activated carbon filter of water filtrations, you can remove the unpleasant smell and taste from water.

Water filtration system removes water contaminants.

Toxic when ingested, lead is removed to prevent seeping into the water supply via filtration equipment that specifically gets rid of the metal. As for those that use water from a well source, health agencies recommend an annual test for lead and other contaminants.

An efficient water filtration system can filter the water at the faucet attached to, in which the water supply becomes filtered. In fact, some water contaminants like the microbes and chemicals may even be caught and destroyed via a piece of filtration equipment that comes with the system.


Home Appliances: Ways to Make Sure They Will Last for a Long Time

by Admin - on Sep 17th 2015 - Comments Off on Home Appliances: Ways to Make Sure They Will Last for a Long Time

microwaveElectric appliances have made lives easier, providing comfort and convenience in doing daily tasks. Homeowners would love to keep them in good condition for as long as possible. Nonetheless, these manmade machines can go out of function without proper maintenance.

To make your appliances last for a long time, Nino’s Trading Company offers the following tips:

Washing Machine

Always check the capacity of your washer before proceeding with your laundry duties. Large loads can shorten the lifespan of your washing machine. Never use the washing machine to wash huge carpets and rubber mats. After washing and drying your clothes, open the lid to allow the moisture to evaporate.

Clean the washer at least once a week — use a damp cloth to wipe the interior drum. This will help remove any dirt, soap residue, and threads from washed clothes.


Don’t stock too many food items inside your refrigerator. Overloading pushes the compressor to work even more to keep items inside the refrigerator cold and fresh. Be mindful when it comes to the food to you will store inside the refrigerator.


Don’t put any utensil or container made of metal inside the microwave – not even an object with metal trimmings. If the food item is wrapped in aluminum foil, remove the foil before putting the food inside the microwave. This is to avoid any possible fire hazard.

Don’t heat any flammable food item or beverage inside the microwave to avoid fire or explosion. The same is true for sealed items — remove the seal before heating. When using the microwave, do not cover the top portion. After using it, clean all the food stains and spills inside to avoid foul odor.

These steps can make a big difference on the function of your appliances. By doing your part and following instructions diligently, you can avoid appliance repairs and keep your units in good condition.