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Internet Users in U.S., UK Hold Varying Beliefs on Cyber Security

by Admin - on Aug 28th 2017 - Comments Off on Internet Users in U.S., UK Hold Varying Beliefs on Cyber Security

Businessman clicking a VPN icon on a virtual screenDo adult Internet users in the U.S. hold a higher level of awareness in cyber security compared to their counterparts in the UK?

A recent survey of 2,000 adults in both countries revealed different views and perceptions on several topics and best practices for maintaining their online privacy and security while surfing the Internet.

Interesting Beliefs

Despite the survey showing varying results, the attitudes of some Internet users on malware seemed quite an interest. An estimated 300 respondents from the U.S. believed that it could improve Wi-Fi signals. On the other hand, only a handful of British users thought about the same thing.

This misconception among some of the U.S. respondents somehow aligned with another discovery, which involved 58% of users that believed their anti-virus software was enough to ward off a cyber-attack. In the UK, only 37% of the surveyed adults had the same perception. British users were also more doubtful of public Wi-Fi networks, such as those in coffee shops and hotels.

Safety Practices

Best practices for cyber security does not only involve protecting yourself against potential online threats, but also keeping your information private. The need for VPN tunneling software and other products becomes more relevant, due to ransomware attacks such as the WannaCry virus that recently unfolded all over the world.

VPN, short for Virtual Private Network, allows users to mask their identities while surfing the Internet. This is more popular in the U.S than in the U.K., with 65% of American respondents using it compared to 44% of British users, according to the survey.

A strong sense of familiarity with best practices for cyber security becomes increasingly important, amid the growing number of high-profile online threats worldwide. How do you plan to keep your online privacy and security free from viruses and other safety risks?

Can You Trust Your Mobile VPN Provider?

by Admin - on Aug 22nd 2017 - Comments Off on Can You Trust Your Mobile VPN Provider?

Woman using vpn on her laptopVirtual private networks (VPNs) have been popular due to an increased level of data privacy and security, yet being unaware about trusted providers can bring more harm than good.

Mobile VPNs are not immune to this imperfection, especially since the use of smartphones brings a whole new level of risks for careless users.

Australian Research

Those looking for a trusted VPN provider should avoid using free services, according to the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization in Australia. That’s because providing free services seems to good be true, as the required IT infrastructure for an efficient VPN network carries a hefty price, said Narseo Vallina-Rodriguez, an International Computer Science Institute researcher.

In other words, using a free service not only puts your data and online privacy at risk but also allows fake VPN providers to monitor your traffic. For businesses, it’s important to find a trusted third-party provider like DBA Services, preferably those that offer a complete suite of services from a VPN network to remote DBA support. Some providers even offer their services at cheaper costs than hiring an in-house team, which can save expenses for your business.

How VPN Works

For the uninitiated, VPNs protect your online privacy through an encrypted tunnel, which can be done using different protocols. You need to take note that while your Internet service provider can’t see your traffic, they know if you are using one.

Finally, using a VPN network does not fully make you invisible on the Internet. It only makes it harder for hackers to steal your information, or ward off snoopy ISPs that scout for details to be sold to third-party groups.


Data security and online privacy have become more important as more people are online for different reasons. While a VPN network increases your chances to securing your data and online identity, be prepared to spend a certain amount to expect good results.

On-site Fix Support: A Solution for Enhanced Internet Versatility

by Admin - on Mar 22nd 2016 - Comments Off on On-site Fix Support: A Solution for Enhanced Internet Versatility

Internet VersatilityVoice and data projects vary in size and demand different levels of flexibility and versatility depending on the specific requirements of that project. However, regardless of the simplicity or complexity of each upgrade, you need to integrate a well-defined solution and embrace working with teams to have an efficiently functioning network.

Project Teams

Working with data and voice project teams will help you complete network management projects within your defined scope of time. Nonetheless, it is imperative for your team to have extensive experience in the various network-related fields to successfully guide voice and data projects.

However, to have foolproof oversight throughout your projects’ milestones, you should precisely allocate each network component its respective substrate resource. This approach will also assist in centralizing your network management system.

Break-Fix Support

As resource allocation centralizes data and voice project management procedures, each node increases its degree of quality control and maintenance across the whole network. This complexity may cause numerous network hitches though network technician can utilize on-site break-fix support to troubleshoot and resolve these network issues on both the customer premise side and the carrier side for thorough network maintenance.

This level of flexible maintainability helps network experts set up easily reliable and scalable voice and data infrastructure in numerous different locations.

Staging and Configuration of Equipment

Usually, service providers preconfigure and stage network equipment in their sites to effortlessly man and manage networks for localized quality deployment. This approach helps service providers reduce post-installation failures as well as minimize on installation costs.

Service providers of voice and data solutions solve network issues by using reliable troubleshooting methods to assure their clients of network reliability and network topology versatility. These companies also provide on-site fix support on each of the different nodes of your network to enhance network performance and seamless project scheduling.