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ISO 55000 Asset Management System: A Holistic Approach for Processes

by Admin - on May 25th 2016 - Comments Off on ISO 55000 Asset Management System: A Holistic Approach for Processes

Asset Management SystemEquipment along with other devices that are being used by the company to reach corporate goals is essential. The overseeing of these physical assets has gone past production and storage rooms and are now thoroughly discussed by executives due to their significant roles in the entire operation. A good way of ensuring that physical assets are monitored throughout its life cycle is through an asset management system.

According to Mainpac, ISO 55000 asset management is established by the International Standardization Organization as a recognised standard for monitoring of all aspects regarding physical assets. ISO 55000 allows for streamlined processes for collective monitoring of manpower, equipment and capital resources to achieve maximum performance.

Benefits of ISO 55000 Asset Management

An asset management system functions as the framework for development, coordination and monitoring of all activities that involve the use of physical assets all throughout its lifecycle. The life cycle stages start from acquisition up until replacement and back again and this goes for every equipment. Just imagine the amount of extensive data that have to be collected and organized. With an asset management system, paperwork can be properly collated and readily available for future reference.

Another advantage offered by this system is the set of guidelines that businesses can refer to in inspecting their physical assets. If there is an asset or two that are functioning below expected performance level, immediate care and contingencies can be easily determined. Early detection of possible malfunction can greatly reduce downtime that can affect overall productivity.

ISO 55000 asset management system provides a holistic approach to risk management that can help businesses gear their decisions towards more relevant aspect of the company. By having comprehensive audit histories as well as maintenance and inspection of key assets, unnecessary expenditure can be avoided, allowing better allocation of capital that can further improve the overall operation of the company.

Five Things to Consider When Choosing Software for an E-Learning Portal

by Admin - on Jan 20th 2016 - Comments Off on Five Things to Consider When Choosing Software for an E-Learning Portal

e-learning portal softwareAt the moment, businesses have a range of e-learning software to choose from, their sheer number makes it hard to choose the right one for specific tasks.

Here are a few factors that will make it easier to choose the right software for your business’s e-learning needs:

Easy to use

Your product has to be user-friendly. As mundane as it seems, software that is too sophisticated will give the intended a hard time using it. As Velpic explains, easy navigation from section to section, course to course, and software that requires little or no training to operate will be a hit with both learners and instructors.


Technology has advanced at breakneck speed. Look for a provider who has good payment plans for comprehensive e-learning software. Some providers have hidden charges, especially when it comes to software upgrades; be sure to clear those charges, or put them in writing. Look at the limit placed on the number of users of the software.


Have a long-term view of the software when buying it. Maintenance has to be easy: add users, add content, and delete student progress without removing the structures that support it. The software should be easy to update, so you can operate your e-learning management system with less trouble.


The market offers software that is compatible with other manufacturers. You need to buy technology that will not link you to one vendor alone. Compatibility means content can be shared across different platforms. It has to accommodate diverse file formats, from videos to audios.


The software has to be available on various platforms and all types of browsers. Look for software that does not require any special program or application.

The software you choose to design your e-learning portal will make or break your overall business success. Weigh your options, so you can make the most of your e-learning portal.