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Getting in Good SEO Shape is Like Hitting the Gym

by Admin - on Jan 8th 2017 - Comments Off on Getting in Good SEO Shape is Like Hitting the Gym

SEO ExpertsWhat do SEO experts and professional trainers have in common?

Most people may assume that the answer is “nothing.” But if you closely, there are some similarities between the two industries.

Perhaps SEO experts and marketers can relate with professional fitness trainers when it comes to dealing with clients who demand immediate results. There’s no express ticket to guaranteed results. For the business (in this case, you) this reality can be disappointing, but it’s one of the facts of search engine marketing.

Aside from this, here are more similarities between the two seemingly unrelated fields:

No Such Thing as a Wonder Pill

Digital marketing experts, such as SEO Reseller Program, and fitness trainers both agree on one thing: THERE ARE NO SHORTCUTS to getting into great shape – whether it’s your body, or your rankings that we are talking about. If there were, these would definitely come with serious consequences. High-quality reseller plans do not cut corners – it’s all about the process.

There is no such thing as a wonder pill that turns a beginner into an intermediate athlete, or a link building scheme that immediately ranks your site. Keep in mind that lasting, significant, reliable results will always demand hard work.

The Myth of a Level Playing Field

In terms of SEO or physical sports, there is no such thing as a level playing field, when it comes to the competition. When it comes to fitness-focused activities, a person’s body type to a degree determines the results that he or she can achieve, or at least how quickly he or she can reach these. Some trainees require little effort to shape up, similar to how a few websites have high caliber sales propositions.

Dealing with the handicap is doable on both the SEO and the fitness fronts; but ultimately, not all fitness aficionados, as not all sites, will have what it takes to edge out the competition at the top — especially not on their own, anyway.

Motivation Matters

No workout ever works unless there is motivation – from within, but also from other people. In terms of fitness, maintaining a balanced lifestyle and a new regimen is made better with the help of a trainer. For websites, motivation takes the form of optimization, which is also better with the help of an SEO expert.

Good search engine optimization is the key to growing a great business. There’s no guarantee of immediate success, but it’s your first step towards a better future. One last similarity: SEO and fitness are both habits you acquire; once the habit is a part of your system, the new and improved routine will skyrocket your chances of getting to the top, and staying there.

Maximizing Marketing: Inbound Strategies for Online Success

by Admin - on Nov 9th 2016 - Comments Off on Maximizing Marketing: Inbound Strategies for Online Success

Search Engine OptimizationAs a business owner, thinking of ways to get your brand out there and boost your business should be your priority. Considering that digital advertising is a major factor in today’s marketing tactics, it is important that you arm yourself with effective strategies to boost your online presence. Design Extensions, a trusted marketing company, recommends using inbound marketing stages to come up with online strategies to attract strangers, convert them into website visitors, and turn them into customers that would then promote a business.

The Importance of Inbound Marketing

Web design and development is important in attracting your targeted audience. Branding also plays a huge part in getting your business known. High-quality inbound marketing, however, is what puts it on the radar of your targeted audience.

The Approach to Inbound Marketing

Under the topic of inbound marketing, you will find different approaches that boost your website.

One of these is Search Engine Optimization, which helps your targeted audience find your business when they’re browsing online for a related product or service. Another approach is Pay-Per-Click Ads which run on various online platforms to get the best returns for a business campaign. Yet another method is Analytic Reporting which gives online marketing statistics to help you see how far your business has come.

Of course, Social Media Marketing plays a huge part in the strategy development. In 2015, 70% of the U.S. population was on at least one social media platform. Furthermore, social media networks boasted $8.3 billion earnings from advertising last year. As such, inbound marketing includes tailor social media strategies to make the most of your business online.

Although informative publications and attractive designs play a role in the online success of your business, you cannot neglect inbound marketing strategies that allow your target audience to find you. After all, what good is an optimized website if there are no leads that direct to it?

Exposure and Beyond: Benefits of Search Engine Optimisation

by Admin - on Dec 19th 2015 - Comments Off on Exposure and Beyond: Benefits of Search Engine Optimisation

SEO Benefits in BrisbaneIf you’re planning to build a website, you are probably familiar with search engine optimisation (SEO). You might have seen the phrase in some articles you’ve read about managing websites and online marketing.

But, do you know exactly what it’s all about? If it’s a business website you’re planning to put up, then you need to learn more about this strategy. You might even need to visit and try the services of an SEO company. Brisbane has a number of experts who can help you.

Meanwhile, you may also want to do your own simple research about the benefits of SEO. What’s in it for you?

  • Increased website traffic

If you already have a little knowledge about SEO, this is the first thing that will enter your mind. An optimised website ranks high in search engines; hence, it gets more exposure to prospective visitors.

  • 24-hour marketing

SEO doesn’t stop working even after you leave your office or even if you take a vacation. Once your site becomes well-optimised, it will continuously attract potential clients and promote your content.

  • High sales

With customers visiting your website, you will surely have a greater chance of actually earning. Just make sure you have really good products and your website content is of high quality as well.

  • Cost-effective marketing strategy

SEO is not only helpful; it is affordable too. It is one of the most inexpensive strategies you can do to promote your products, services and company as a whole.

  • Long-term results

Yes, increased website traffic plus 24-hour marketing equals higher chances of having high sales. But how long will you enjoy this favourable outcome? Here’s good news: they can last a long time! Once you gain high rankings in search engines, your website will continuously draw clients to your company. And once you implement proper and effective marketing strategies, customers will come. You won’t even need to continue spending big on advertising.

There you have it – the different benefits of SEO. Indeed, it is not just about exposure. It is about actually earning and enjoying long-lasting positive results. Now, are you ready to ask for the help of SEO experts? You should be.