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Fine Tuning Your Customer Service Systems

by Admin - on Aug 4th 2017 - Comments Off on Fine Tuning Your Customer Service Systems

Customer Care on a Laptop ScreenExceptional customer service has replaced hard selling in raking in business from the consuming public. Is your game plan up to date? Browse through these four reminders just to be sure you're always improving.

Manage Your Phone Calls

The best service experience over the phone is speaking to an actual CSR after the third ring, but as businesses grow this is not always possible. Having the phone ring without anyone picking up make callers doubt whether the number is correct or still in use. 

Don’t risk your customers thinking they have the wrong number and give up calling altogether. Invest in message on hold services. Professional voice talents can control the quality of their voices and speech to exude confidence, compassion and positivity. With message on hold services, you can even promote your products and send out announcements.

Take Customer Service Training Seriously

Browsing through customer service tips online can make all the steps seem self-explanatory. Is training essential? The answer is yes. Customer service training lends insights to human behavior. Why do these clients become irate? What was wrong with the representatives’ response? Training answers these questions better. 

Add to this the shared experience of other participants; your customer service representative will know better what to expect. Another important aspect of actual training is learning to manage one’s own emotion after receiving poor treatment from customers.

Standardize And Document Your Approach

You may think that your staff knows what to do, but consistency in quality can be best achieved by rolling out standard how-tos for answering the phone, handling customer issues, responding to odd customer questions, catering to unexpected requests and so on. After you decide on guidelines, have them on paper in good order.

Hire With Customer Service In Mind

The emotional intelligence and compassion required to be patient with and help others should be one of the qualifications of your staff. The new thrust, particularly in small and medium enterprises, is to spread out customer relations responsibilities all throughout the organization. It is, after all, an attitude, not a single department.

To get ahead and stay ahead, customer centricity should be embedded in a team’s culture, documented procedures, and communication tools. 

What You Can Get from SIP Trunking Services

by Admin - on Jun 13th 2017 - Comments Off on What You Can Get from SIP Trunking Services

SIP TrunkThe main driving factor behind many businesses adopting SIP or session initiation protocol trunking services are the advantages over traditional PSTN or public switched telephone network services. While cost savings is undoubtedly the most obvious advantage, it’s just one piece of the puzzle.

Whether you’re a business owner looking to switch to SIP trunking or you are planning to get wholesale trunking services and then resell them, below are the key benefits you and your customers will enjoy:

True Redundancy – SIPTRUNK, Inc. explains that when you use SIP trunks, you could work with different providers, which in turn provide you with failover capabilities in the event that there’s an issue with your primary network connection or a power outage.

Flexibility and Scalability – These could easily scale to fit your specific requirements, enabling additional channels and trunks with DID or direct inward dialing to be activated in mere minutes, and not weeks or months, as with traditional PTSN services. In addition, you could designate SIP lines to every one of your employees.

Network Management Consolidation – When using SIP trunking services, you won’t have to monitor and manage your PTSN network because SIP trunks operate over the data network, effectively eliminating the need to support and maintain multiple networks.

Toll-Free and Local – With SIP trunking, you get both toll-free and local phone numbers directed to one SIP trunk. You could likewise get local numbers for your business, even if you don’t actually have a physical business space in a certain local area.

Faster Return on Investment – Because you have significantly lower capital expenses when compared to a PSTN line, this, in turn, translates to a quicker return on your investment.

Whether you’re operating a small or big business, all these advantages equate to reduced costs and easier data and network management. This is especially true if the SIP trunking services have been specifically designed for the particular needs of your business. However, do take note that not all SIP trunking service providers offer the same services and capabilities. To that end, research your options well and go with a provider that could customize the most efficient SIP trunking plan for your needs.