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The Reign of the Construction Industry: This Year’s Building Management Trends

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Building Management Technology advances every year – and 2017 has a lot to offer for building management. Besides the use of software for construction estimating, below are the predicted trends that will continue to reign over the construction industry:


Since the dawn of hackers and illegal online services, cybersecurity has always been a priority. More and more people prefer to connect with each other using mobile devices. What this forms is a huge web of connectivity that could be vulnerable to attacks and accidental or prohibited release of valuable information.

Fortunately, there are now regulations for network security and data protection. These guidelines are critical in making sure that the owner and future occupants get a building with a high level of security.

The Internet of Things

Before it became accessible to many, connectivity was once really costly. The price of setting up wireless IP or wired IP connectivity was too expensive for integrators and customers. In the last few years, however, the internet witnessed a huge explosion in a number of gadgets linked. This heightened level of connectivity allows for better building efficiency. They can now easily deliver data about energy and building performance through cloud-based technology.

For instance, Automated Fault Detection & Diagnostics (AFDD) can provide the users an insight on the current performance of the building and the real-time costs.


Every year, tech firms surprise the world with their innovative designs and features, whether it is hardware or software. This is a huge advantage to the industry, as these gadgets help increase the employee’s productivity. With just the use of a mobile platform, managers can easily oversee the status of the building. They can even actively monitor and command the important infrastructure anytime and anywhere.

Technology will always be a helpful tool in the construction industry. These are just some of the business management trends that will help improve the productivity and security of buildings.

Fiber Optics: What It Is & How It Works

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Fiber Optic EquipmentThe Internet (and the World Wide Web that rides on it) used to depend entirely on telephone lines — which mostly used copper cables — to run and connect the network of computers all around the world. It was new technology, and when you got past the dial-up phase and upgraded to DSL (which still uses ordinary phone lines), you had the fastest Internet connection available. Companies did a lot of work faster and more consistently.

Then broadband happened. All of a sudden, your DSL is about ten times slower than your competitor's connection because they switched to fiber broadband. Fiber optic technology has made telecommunications faster, cheaper to build, and more reliable. Internet users around the world probably don't know it, but they owe a lot of their Facebook time to fiber optic cables.

What is Fiber Optic?

Optical fiber or fiber optic is a technological medium that allows for information transmission by using light pulses transmitted through glass or plastic fiber strands. Fiber optic cables can carry a lot more information faster compared to copper cables. Optical fiber is also impervious to interference caused by electromagnetics. It is more stable so it generally does not need to retransmit signals.

How is Information Read?

In the old days, if you took a piece of string and two Campbell's soup cans, you could make a simple telephone system to talk to your friend next-door. Picture the string as the fiber optic cable, where the information (in this case, the sound of your voice) passes through. As for the cans, you'll need a more complicated system of converting the information to light pulses, which can pass through a fiber strand. A transceiver, such as a Cisco SFP-10G-LRM, does that job. In a data communications setup, it will convert the information to a format that a computer understands, which means a user can read and interpret it.

It's both interesting and amazing when you think about how the exchange of information can happen through cables connecting almost all areas of the world where people live and work. And with fiber optic cables, much more information can be shared in less time than you need to click on someone's Beach Photos album.

On-site Fix Support: A Solution for Enhanced Internet Versatility

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Internet VersatilityVoice and data projects vary in size and demand different levels of flexibility and versatility depending on the specific requirements of that project. However, regardless of the simplicity or complexity of each upgrade, you need to integrate a well-defined solution and embrace working with teams to have an efficiently functioning network.

Project Teams

Working with data and voice project teams will help you complete network management projects within your defined scope of time. Nonetheless, it is imperative for your team to have extensive experience in the various network-related fields to successfully guide voice and data projects.

However, to have foolproof oversight throughout your projects’ milestones, you should precisely allocate each network component its respective substrate resource. This approach will also assist in centralizing your network management system.

Break-Fix Support

As resource allocation centralizes data and voice project management procedures, each node increases its degree of quality control and maintenance across the whole network. This complexity may cause numerous network hitches though network technician can utilize on-site break-fix support to troubleshoot and resolve these network issues on both the customer premise side and the carrier side for thorough network maintenance.

This level of flexible maintainability helps network experts set up easily reliable and scalable voice and data infrastructure in numerous different locations.

Staging and Configuration of Equipment

Usually, service providers preconfigure and stage network equipment in their sites to effortlessly man and manage networks for localized quality deployment. This approach helps service providers reduce post-installation failures as well as minimize on installation costs.

Service providers of voice and data solutions solve network issues by using reliable troubleshooting methods to assure their clients of network reliability and network topology versatility. These companies also provide on-site fix support on each of the different nodes of your network to enhance network performance and seamless project scheduling.

Improving Function: Effective Ways to Upgrade Your Hotel Business

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Hotel Improvements in West JordanAs a hotelier, you must ensure that guests are happy and satisfied with their stay. One good way to achieve this is to do some upgrades and renovations to your hotel business. To help you decide on what type of remodeling service your hotel needs, here are some quick suggestions you might want to consider.

Modernize Your Facilities

Advances in technology have drastically changed the way people behave towards everything. That's why to make adjustments about these changes, it is necessary that you keep up with the technological needs of your guests. If you want to attract more visitors in your hotel, be sure to keep them plugged in at all times. Ecommnetworks.com noted that having a hotel guest Wi-Fi system, which everybody in the hotel can enjoy, is ideal.

Make Your Hotel Visible Online

If your concern is to attract more guests, then you have to make good use of social media. Create a platform wherein your future clientele can reach out and communicate with you directly. This is also ideal for you because most people refer to the Internet whenever they need or is looking for something. Along with that, it would be easier for you to announce updates or promos about your hotel through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Redecorate the Rooms

If you want to update the look and feel of your hotel, the best way to do that is by redesigning the interior of your place. You can either opt for a new theme in every room. Feel free to add in quirky and interesting decor in each space to create a more inviting and unique staycation experience.

Other than these three suggestions, there are certainly more things you can do to improve the look and function of your hotel. You simply need to be more creative and imaginative. If you think you need to consult professionals, don't hesitate to do so.

Workhorse of the Networking World: Getting the Right SFP Transceiver

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Walkie Talkie DeviceThe small form-factor pluggable or SFP transceiver, a device that allows multiple options for connectivity, is probably one of the best fiber optics on the market. It’s recognized as the modern workhorse of the networking world, because it’s easy to repair, replace, and change. The hot-pluggable capability alone makes these devices a treasure for designers in the industry.

If you consider purchasing compatible SFP transceivers, knowing what to look for during the procurement process will allow you to maximize its capabilities. Read on.

Right Input and Output Requirements

Getting SFP transceivers is much like going through a maze. The main thing you need to know is that there is one transceiver for every job. To know which one you should buy, know the inputs and outputs you need.

If you’re not sure about the cables you’re using (or the ones you will use for a better network), talk to a professional. You may also read up online. Whether you are planning to get a Cisco SFP-10G-LRM or a SFP-10G-SR, datasheet is a good reference.

Hot Pluggable

Businesses are conscious about their budgets, which is reasonable — because they need to avoid extra cash in the future due to their shortage of foresight today. They need hot-pluggable devices, as this avoids the need to redesign devices just because of a simple SFP transceiver replacement.

So, when getting an SFP transceiver, make sure it has a hot-pluggable feature.


Choosing a branded SFP transceiver is important if you want to maximize the capabilities of the SFP transceiver. Most bigger brands, such as Cisco, have the capital to invest in the best customer support. Most offer warranties, which will ensure your peace of mind in case anything malfunctions with the device

Some manufacturers, however, only offer short-term warranties. Luckily, many vendors provide an option for extended support.

Purchasing compatible SFP transceivers for your network is not easy, but it will be once you know exactly what you are searching for. The key here is to take note of both the technical and customer support aspects of buying one, as both are equally important in avoiding issues with the design in the future.