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3 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Web Design Agency

by Admin - on Sep 15th 2016 - Comments Off on 3 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Web Design Agency

Web Design Agency in ColoradoChoosing the right web design agency to entrust your website to is one of the most important decisions you’ll make when building your business website. Since web design is a big factor when it comes to converting visitors into customers, your team of experts should have the knowledge and experience to deliver great results.

Here are some things you need to ask a web design agency before hiring them.

Have you built your own brand?

Web design in Denver is heavily connected to branding. The way your website looks is a direct representation of you as a brand. That’s why it’s important for the agency of your choice to have a defined brand themselves. They must also have a clear list of what they can provide for your business. Ask for their brand guidelines and what results you should expect from their services.

Are you an expert on this type of website function?

Websites have different functions. Some are e-commerce, some are niche blogs, some are CRM-focused. The design agency you’ll hire should be an expert on the kind of business website you are. This way, you can collaborate and effectively make your website the best it can be by using the right design elements. This will help you capture better and more leads. This will also help the agency determine which technologies and techniques to integrate into your web design.

How can you help improve the site?

Some small business owners know that they need to improve specific areas of their web design but can’t seem to pinpoint them. A great agency will be able to help you determine these weak points and present you with different ways to improve them. If they can help you understand why some elements work and some don’t, then they can definitely be a great agency to hire.

Ask these important questions so you can choose the right web design agency to hire for the improvement of your website.

Design Strategies for Today’s Websites

by Admin - on Mar 2nd 2016 - Comments Off on Design Strategies for Today’s Websites

Web Design in DenverThe key to attaining success in the digital world is a fully optimized and well thought out website. All your SEO activities as well as PPC and social media marketing campaigns will be useless if your website’s design is not fully optimized for your viewers or visitors. It’s important to think carefully about your next website design strategy.

Here are some of the best Denver website development strategies to help you get started.

Responsive Website Designs

A website should never only be about aesthetics. Above all, it must provide a truly rich and remarkable experience for all users and visitors. Because design aesthetics are subjective, with some preferring certain styles over the others, design aesthetics should take a backseat when it comes to fully optimizing user experience. This means your website should be fully optimized for function regardless of the device used to open it.

Storytelling Designs

People love getting involved in the process of searching for information. Presenting web content as if you were storytelling makes for a unique user experience. Just make sure the content is what your users want and that there are no problems.

Optimized CTA Buttons

More important than you give them credit for, call to action buttons, or CTA buttons, need to be fully optimized. Draw the eye towards these buttons, not away from them.

Go for the rounded edges. Make sure the CTA buttons are in the reader’s line of sight. Set a specific command so your reader will know exactly what to do.

Integrated Social Media

While some experts don’t think social media marketing is important, there is technically no harm done if you patiently work to integrate your various social media accounts with your website. Remember, some individuals get their information from social media sites.

Year after year, new technologies come out. Until another one comes along, adhere to these design strategies to improve your website’s functionality.

SEO Mistakes: Are You Doing Website Redesign Properly?

by Admin - on Jan 31st 2016 - Comments Off on SEO Mistakes: Are You Doing Website Redesign Properly?

Web DesignFor a lot of businesses, a redesign is a perfect opportunity to improve the site’s design and create a stronger brand presence. What they do not realise is that this might also be weakening other aspects of the site. Carefully planning your SEO during your redesign is not only critical to your conversion rates, but it also helps you get a better ranking on SERPs.

Here are some SEO mistakes that most businesses make during a website redesign:

Failure to audit the existing site

Before doing away with your old site, it is critical to examine what’s working and what requires improvement. Knowing your previous number of visits, top performing keywords, the number of inbound linking domains, pages indexed, and even pages that receive traffic will help you design a site that takes all these elements into consideration.

Improper URL structure

Most sites have indecipherable URLs that do not align well with the content of their site pages. When redesigning, it’s essential to restructure your URL that follows your content and website intent.

Not analysing your backlinks

Despite the fact that backlinks improve a site’s search ranking, they also have a disadvantage. As DMB.com.au recommends, analysing your backlinks and removing the spammy ones are the best ways to get on Google’s good side. Spammy and low-quality links only get you penalised.

Unresponsive design

If your site cannot be viewed on tablets or smartphones, you need to take this into account during your redesign. Having a responsive design ensures all of your website’s URLs are viewable across all devices. This configuration allows Goggle to crawl your pages and retrieve content.

No web analytics

Failing to add web analytics tracking to your site is a mistake that could cost you when it comes to search engine rankings. Analytics track the success of your site and suggest areas to improve on.

Before rushing to redesign your website, it is important to have an SEO checklist that ensures everything is considered during the process. Hiring an SEO firm can help you stay on top of the game without compromising your website.