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Technological Advancements in Online Learning

by Admin - on Mar 12th 2016 - Comments Off on Technological Advancements in Online Learning

Online Learning SoftwareA huge amount of money is being invested in newer and advanced technologies such as networking and the internet. This has helped all the education platforms over the web at every level and online learning has been completely revolutionized.

Education that was earlier available only in classrooms and schools is freely available over the internet. Velpic shares that here is also online learning software that can prove very beneficial.

  • Various types of online education

There are many self-help technologies related and other such books available online too. Besides this, you also have other websites which offer ‘classroom’ like education on a wide range of subjects. Some of these are for free while there are others which entail a small fee. The courses and subjects covered are vast and endless. Very user-friendly portals, interfaces which are interactive and video conferencing have made online education very interesting and enlightening.

  • Benefits of online learning

Due to the tremendous advancement of the internet, online learning has become very popular. Young students have benefited from these online learning portals. But the section of the community that has largely benefited through online portals is the adult population which wants to continue education. Adults who did not get educated earlier or those who want to learn some new subjects find online learning a great option.

  • Beneficial for rural communities

The government has launched many projects for effective and successful learning programs online. These programs have done well beyond all expectations and enabled adults in remote areas to get access to good education. The success of computer networking and the internet has made the programs very cost effective too. With improved cable and broadcast systems the online education programs have really become much better.

The process of online learning has been augmented by the new technologies that are available today. The online education programs are much more improved, reformed and completely altered for the better.

What You Need to Know About Making URLs SEO-Friendly

by Admin - on Feb 24th 2016 - Comments Off on What You Need to Know About Making URLs SEO-Friendly

SEO in BrisbaneIs your site’s URL SEO-friendly? Most people are quick to dismiss the idea of having an SEO-friendly URL, as they assume that search engines are not able to make sense of any type of URL or its structure. But, what is an SEO-friendly URL structure?

An SEO-friendly URL structure has the right keywords and punctuation marks. Additionally, it should be able to open for indexing and crawling.

The Brisbane SEO consultants of Bambrickmedia.com.au explain how you can create SEO-friendly URL structures:

Clear URL

If your site has several levels of files and navigation, the URL should reflect this in the folders and subfolders. The individual pages URLs should also be descriptive, but brief. Your visitor should be able to see the URL and know what to expect from your page.

Consolidate “www” and “non-www” domain versions

Search engines display two versions of your domain, mainly the “www” and the “non-www” versions. Have these two versions consolidated with a 301 redirect to point one version to the other. You can also specify your preferred version in Google webmaster tools. Remember that the latter has some drawbacks, as it’s only restricted to root domains and only covers Google and not other search engines. Consolidate these versions to ensure that backlinks are not going to the “non-www” version of your domain.

Avoid relative and dynamic URLs

Dynamic URLs lack keywords and are usually longer. Using static URLs is more convenient, as they are user-friendly and contain your preferred keywords. Ensure that your URLs use hyphens instead of underscores; Google treats underscores as a single word.

Gone are the days when having any URL structure would count. Today’s SEO looks at your domain structure and ranks it based on uniqueness and clarity. As a business owner, you may not have the time to restructure your URL. Hire an SEO consultant who can advise you on the necessary steps to make your URL user- and SEO-friendly.