Fire SprinklerFire is among the most devastating disasters that might affect your property. Unlike in water damage where your belongings can be sufficiently dried and look like their former self, salvaging anything from a fire is generally impossible. To protect your belongings, a fire sprinkler is essential.

There are many components to evaluate when getting a sprinkler from fire sprinkler contractors for your Utah property. The butterfly valve is one of the vital ones since it regulates the flow of water through your sprinklers.

Most butterfly valves are connected to an alarm and control panel which sounds a warning in case of a fire. Here are the common butterfly valve types.

Grooved Butterfly Valve

This is the standard option for most fire sprinklers. It features grooved pipe connections which nicely settle with your sprinkler’s grooved couplings. The installation of grooved butterfly valves is fast and delivers a leak-free tight seal. These valves are used for pipes measuring at least 2.5 inches.

Threaded Butterfly Valves

The connections used for these valves are screwed onto your sprinkler’s pipe. Threaded butterfly valves need accuracy and precision during their installation since they ought to be threaded on both ends. They come in a broad size range, but the most common are 1- to 1.5-inch ones.

Lug Butterfly Valves

These have ‘lugs’ or threaded inserts that enable their installation using bolts alone. Since lug butterfly valves can be attached to separate pipe sections, you need not shut down your entire sprinkler for their installation. They are however expensive and have been replaced mainly by grooved butterfly valves for fire sprinklers.

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You will come across other types of valves other than butterfly ones for fire sprinklers. These butterfly valves are however lightweight more so for large sprinklers.

Their maintenance and repair are also easier since their design is uncomplicated and comprises fewer parts compared to other valves and consequently cheaper to install.