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Why is Your Home Sinking?

by Admin - on Feb 12th 2016 - Comments Off on Why is Your Home Sinking?

Home Problems in CaliforniaDo you see any cracks on your walls, especially the basement or just outside of it? These are signs that your house might be sinking, and your likely reaction is to blame the ground and construction company. But, you need to look below the ground to determine the cause of the settlement.

Signs of foundational problems are no laughing matter. Your home might completely sink, putting you or other people in danger. The first thing you should remember is that moisture affects different soil types in various ways; the two most common are sand and clay. Moisture does not have much of an effect on sand. When it rains, water just passes through it and when wet, it does not expand or shrink when dry. Clay is the problematic type because when wet, it holds water and expands, and it shrinks when dry.


BASEco says drought is a factor because it dries clay out. When this happens, clay begins to dry and may cause your home to sink. The high temperatures results in soil shrinkage around your property, creating empty spaces for your house to settle in. The problem gets worse when there are trees; shrubs and mature trees take moisture form the ground, causing the shrinking to get even worse.

Soil Compaction

Soil compaction reduces its volume because of outside factors; this reduction lowers the quality of the environment and soil productivity. This has a variety of effects that will not only sink your house, but will also affect its surroundings. If the construction company fails to compact the soil adequately, it starts to compress under the weight, resulting in settlement.

Soft Soil

Drought is not your only problem and the only factor that may cause the sinking. Floods and heavy rains wet the soil, soaking the clay and making it soft. Houses will begin to sink because of the weakened soil. The effect is similar to whenever you step on mud.

A sinking house is a serious problem that needs an immediate solution. Once you see the signs such as cracking walls and sloped floors, contact a professional.

The Role of Competitive Analysis in Business Development

by Admin - on Feb 12th 2016 - Comments Off on The Role of Competitive Analysis in Business Development

Business DevelopmentDifferent businesses and entrepreneurs deal with competition differently. Some businesses believe in focusing on their own plans is the best way to win. Others obsess with their competition to the extent of using illegal techniques to level up.

Intelligent entrepreneurs are comfortable with tracking their competition, copying a few moves and adapting to the business environment in question. Regardless of your motivation, monitoring your competition has numerous advantages.

Learn your competitive advantage and disadvantage

Competitive analysis helps management understand their competitive advantage and disadvantages in relation to their competition. By using techniques such as MAP policy monitoring, says a business can set prices that the protects their brands and partners by taking the competitor’s pricing into consideration.

Apart from this, the competitive analysis gives your business an upper hand because you will understand competitors past, present and future strategies. You will be able to provide an informed foundation to come up with tactics that give your business a competitive edge.

Better ROI forecasts

Every business needs ways to forecast possible returns from future investments. This gives your business an upper hand especially because you will be able to anticipate possible reactions from your competitors. You will make the right move depending on how competitors respond to a new product or a pricing strategy. Competitive analysis helps determine strengths and weaknesses, which when businesses exploit will push them to the top of the competition.

Know your competition before competing

Analysis helps you identify your current competition first. You may have to look at the market from a customer’s viewpoint then group them according to their struggle for the same customers. The second technique would be to understand your competitions’ strategies so that you can learn their motivation. Analysis helps you point out their weaknesses and vulnerabilities to exploit them to your advantage.

There are many ways to win in business. Understanding your competition is important. Do not take it for granted.

SEO Mistakes: Are You Doing Website Redesign Properly?

by Admin - on Jan 31st 2016 - Comments Off on SEO Mistakes: Are You Doing Website Redesign Properly?

Web DesignFor a lot of businesses, a redesign is a perfect opportunity to improve the site’s design and create a stronger brand presence. What they do not realise is that this might also be weakening other aspects of the site. Carefully planning your SEO during your redesign is not only critical to your conversion rates, but it also helps you get a better ranking on SERPs.

Here are some SEO mistakes that most businesses make during a website redesign:

Failure to audit the existing site

Before doing away with your old site, it is critical to examine what’s working and what requires improvement. Knowing your previous number of visits, top performing keywords, the number of inbound linking domains, pages indexed, and even pages that receive traffic will help you design a site that takes all these elements into consideration.

Improper URL structure

Most sites have indecipherable URLs that do not align well with the content of their site pages. When redesigning, it’s essential to restructure your URL that follows your content and website intent.

Not analysing your backlinks

Despite the fact that backlinks improve a site’s search ranking, they also have a disadvantage. As recommends, analysing your backlinks and removing the spammy ones are the best ways to get on Google’s good side. Spammy and low-quality links only get you penalised.

Unresponsive design

If your site cannot be viewed on tablets or smartphones, you need to take this into account during your redesign. Having a responsive design ensures all of your website’s URLs are viewable across all devices. This configuration allows Goggle to crawl your pages and retrieve content.

No web analytics

Failing to add web analytics tracking to your site is a mistake that could cost you when it comes to search engine rankings. Analytics track the success of your site and suggest areas to improve on.

Before rushing to redesign your website, it is important to have an SEO checklist that ensures everything is considered during the process. Hiring an SEO firm can help you stay on top of the game without compromising your website.

On the Window or on the Wall? Best Locations for CCTV Cameras

by Admin - on Jan 29th 2016 - Comments Off on On the Window or on the Wall? Best Locations for CCTV Cameras

CCTV in NJWhen it comes to home security measures, trust your gut. But every now and then, play the devil’s advocate and ask yourself tough questions. If you have security cameras, one important question you should answer is this: Which areas of your home should you add extra eyes?

Every home has a weak spot. If you have experienced a break-in before, it only makes sense to install cameras in these areas. But if you are new to surveillance equipment in NJ, place your camera in locations that are invisible to intruders’ eyes but have a perfect vista of possible entry points.

The Front and the Back Door

According to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI), 34% of burglars enter a home through the front door. Placing a surveillance camera here ensures footage, in case of a break-in. To prevent criminals from knocking out your camera, install it in the second level or in the eves, and focus it on the front door.

The same applies to your back door. Your cameras should be out of reach and hidden to prevent robbers from destroying them.

Basement Stairs

Basements often have small areas, such as hatches and doors, which are large enough to crawl through. Intruders can gain access to your home by crossing through them.

When it comes to securing your basement, placing a camera by the stairs helps. Using this equipment, you record the activities of wayward thieves sneaking into your home via this route. Install a motion sensor security camera with night vision feature to monitor activities in low-light conditions.

Backyards and Side Gates

Some crooks consider your backyard their pot of gold. They set their eyes on your expensive lawn and garden equipment, children’s toys, and recreational equipment. Secure your backyard by adding motion-sensor floodlights and a night-vision security camera. If your backyard has fences, your camera should have a view of the entrance gate.

Don’t give crooks the chance to invade your home. By strategically placing your security cameras in the right places, you give your home the extra set of eyes that would keep you safe.

Going Beyond Traditional Training: Get eLearning

by Admin - on Jan 25th 2016 - Comments Off on Going Beyond Traditional Training: Get eLearning

eLearningThe speed of the leader determines the speed of the pack. This rings no truer than in learning. If you deploy outdated learning systems in your enterprise, your organisation will lag, while the others stay ahead of you.

Getting the best method of learning not only sharpens your team, but also ensures your workforce stays committed. These are the merits of eLearning, as Velpic notes.

A Changing Workforce

All the advances of technology has bred a more informed workforce than ever before. Though speed of information is one theme common in most, such a workforce has its own set of wants and needs. As an enterprise, not being able to cater to these could be a deal breaker.

While baby-boomers took the lead in the consumer marketplace, millennials are set to dominateBack in 2014, industry authorities point out that 36 per cent of the workforce are millennials. That number is expected to increase to about 46 per cent by 2020. You will soon find more of this generation in your staff. That could be good news.

Over 65 per cent of these millennials indicate that opportunity for personal development is one of the most influential factors in their work. This distinguishes them from older generation who value high pay more than anything else.

Gearing Up

Getting your enterprise the right learning tools would definitely make you a lot more appealing to rising millennialsThis is where you could benefit a lot from eLearning.

With 24/7 accessibility, eLearning materials allow everybody on your team to learn at their own pace, making it a lot easier for everyone. Moreover, this enhances productivity, as fast learners can complete the training within the set time.

One of eLearning’s greatest advantages is its ability to overcome geographical limitations. This way, workers who are in different time zones can still collaborate in real-time and connect with subject matter experts at a press of a button.

With the significant savings over conventional learning systems, eLearning sure is one system that any smart business owner simply can’t ignore.

Five Things to Consider When Choosing Software for an E-Learning Portal

by Admin - on Jan 20th 2016 - Comments Off on Five Things to Consider When Choosing Software for an E-Learning Portal

e-learning portal softwareAt the moment, businesses have a range of e-learning software to choose from, their sheer number makes it hard to choose the right one for specific tasks.

Here are a few factors that will make it easier to choose the right software for your business’s e-learning needs:

Easy to use

Your product has to be user-friendly. As mundane as it seems, software that is too sophisticated will give the intended a hard time using it. As Velpic explains, easy navigation from section to section, course to course, and software that requires little or no training to operate will be a hit with both learners and instructors.


Technology has advanced at breakneck speed. Look for a provider who has good payment plans for comprehensive e-learning software. Some providers have hidden charges, especially when it comes to software upgrades; be sure to clear those charges, or put them in writing. Look at the limit placed on the number of users of the software.


Have a long-term view of the software when buying it. Maintenance has to be easy: add users, add content, and delete student progress without removing the structures that support it. The software should be easy to update, so you can operate your e-learning management system with less trouble.


The market offers software that is compatible with other manufacturers. You need to buy technology that will not link you to one vendor alone. Compatibility means content can be shared across different platforms. It has to accommodate diverse file formats, from videos to audios.


The software has to be available on various platforms and all types of browsers. Look for software that does not require any special program or application.

The software you choose to design your e-learning portal will make or break your overall business success. Weigh your options, so you can make the most of your e-learning portal.

Are You Ready to Start Your Own Business?

by Admin - on Jan 14th 2016 - Comments Off on Are You Ready to Start Your Own Business?

Own BusinessNot everyone is cut out to be a businessman — or at least not just yet. It takes a lot of responsibility, discipline, and the kind of dedication that is there for the long haul to even start a small business. Here are simple things to think about before you leave your job and set out on your own.

Are you sure you’re up for this?

You hate your current job and think that whatever your boss is doing now you can do a lot better. But can you? Perhaps you hate your job because you can’t get along with your officemates. Stop and think if it’s them or it’s you who’s the problem. Figure things out first. Perhaps a new job would do the trick for now. Maybe even a change in attitude will change your perspective. Before you dive into a business, wade a little longer in the employment waters. Waiting a little bit longer can make you more ready to start that business one day.

Do you have money to invest in a business?

From the gas you’ll use up when you go downtown to take care of the permits, to the office or store setup; from the salaries of your employees to marketing your new business—everything costs money. Price tracking software, accounting software and even a good enough computer setup will set you back a few hundred. If you don’t have the money yet, stick to your job for now, save up, and find more ways to make more money for your venture.

Do you know what you want to do?

There are thousands of business ideas out there, and one of them may be perfect for you. But which one? Don’t leave your job until you know what you want and have figured out how to set about making it a reality.

It’s a tempting thought to start your own business, be your own boss, make more money — but you have to be ready. Thousands of small businesses fold up in the first year because the owners thought they were ready but weren’t. When you’re ready to set out on your own, you’ll be glad you waited just a little longer.

Best Practices for a Boutique Call Centre Agent

by Admin - on Jan 7th 2016 - Comments Off on Best Practices for a Boutique Call Centre Agent

Call Centre WellingtonCongratulations on landing a boutique call centre job! While some of the horror stories you hear about them are true, it’s just like any other job: there are good days and bad days. However, here are things that should remain constant, especially with the boutique call centre.


Call centre agents may be seen as overbearing with their adherence to a script and to a process. After all, they’re following a system designed to make the customer choose what’s most advantageous for the business. However, boutique call centre agents have the responsibility to find the customer’s most pressing need and actually focus on solving it without sounding like a robot throughout the call.


The bane of many customers looking for a solution to their problem: call centre agents may need to put the caller on hold. This is especially true if it’s a problem they cannot solve on the spot. Boutique contact agents have the same push to solve problems as quickly as possible, but they are encouraged to personalise their approach for each call, so there is more time to spare for each call.

Firm but Polite

The contact centre agent goes through a gamut of situations where they’re pressured to do something out of process just because the customer is desperately in need of a solution to their problem. While it’s tempting to give the customer what they want just to get them out of your hair, a boutique call centre agent still has the responsibility of following due process, talking the customer down if need be when they demand aggressively, but still keeping that calm and personable demeanour against all odds.

If you believe you’ve got what it takes to be a call centre agent that follows these guidelines, you’ll soon discover that the life of an agent is difficult but very rewarding. Perform to the best of your abilities and always let the caller know you’re there for them. Soon enough, those positive ratings will come and help you rise to the top.

The Mystery of the Uncommon Water Tank

by Admin - on Jan 7th 2016 - Comments Off on The Mystery of the Uncommon Water Tank

Water TankThe way the human race was able to achieve complete dominance over planet Earth proves one thing – we can live almost anywhere – given the right resources.

The rise and maintenance of any community depends on the availability of water. There’s no getting around this fact, and there are only two ways for long term settlement to be possible. People either begin building towns and cities near natural sources, or construct means to divert them to drier places.

The Lack of Tanks

The second method is obviously more difficult, but is also the only option in most situations. There are nowhere near as many river banks to satisfy the global population after all. This is the reason companies like Heartland Tank Services are doing pretty well for themselves. It doesn’t matter how big a water tank becomes, there will always be a need for a new water source, or maintenance for existing ones.

So, this begs the question, why aren’t there more water tanks dotting America’s landscape? The chances of finding more than one water tank within any town are pretty low. The chances of actually seeing one in a metropolitan city are even slimmer. If water storage is so important, why are tanks such an uncommon sight?

Fix the Tanks

The first reason is fairly obvious – money. Maintaining water potability is a time consuming and often unappreciated task. Having several medium tanks in densely populated location would quickly pull thousands of tax dollars down the drain. But, the worst of such an investment would be that it would be all for nothing because of the second reason – exposure.

Cover the Tanks

More holes mean more chances of contamination, which would be a big problem if water storage wasn’t centralized. Quality control on multiple tanks would be a logistics nightmare, not to mention a constant cause for concern on the health front. The solution that made the most sense would be to build just one giant tank to serve the area. But that doesn’t explain the lack of tank sighting in metropolitan areas.

The reason tanks are becoming increasingly rare in cities is because most of them are built underground to escape contaminants from air pollution. These aren’t as large as the ones in more rural areas, but they operate within a distribution network that operates every day without anyone being the wiser.


Company Induction: What New Employees Should Know

by Admin - on Dec 20th 2015 - Comments Off on Company Induction: What New Employees Should Know

New EmployeesWelcoming new employees is hard work. You have to go over everything you know about the company that may be important for new ones to remember. It can be difficult to introduce a person to an established culture within the workplace.

This is why you have to make a good company induction video, advises, that they can simply watch on their first day. Here are some things you should always include in the material.


What does your company believe in? This should be instilled in every employee so they can act according to the main goal of the company they work for. This is the foundation for everything they do within the workplace and the value they will carry when they get out of the office. Including this in the video sets the tone for the rest of their time in your company. Have a simple and clear vision of what your company wants to achieve.


All workplaces follow strict rules that every employee should abide by. These laws are set to keep order within the work area and keep the processes smooth. Whether it is about proper attire or simple rules on asking for the restroom keys, this can help make things faster and decrease simple issues. The induction video may also include the first few things new employees need to accomplish like clearances. This gives them something to work on during their first day while learning the ropes of working in your company.

Having an induction material makes it easier for new recruits to adjust to a new environment. It also lessens the work of people assigned to train them. Create company induction videos complete with all the necessary information new employees need to know. Knowledge is the armour they wear to get them ready for working efficiently for your company.

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