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How to Keep Your Work Area Clean and Safe

by Admin - on Apr 20th 2017 - Comments Off on How to Keep Your Work Area Clean and Safe

Rear view of a businessman using a computer in a cluttered workspaceKeeping your work area clean should be your priority, especially if you have a workshop type of space. The smaller your work area, the more conscious you should be about keeping it clean.

Avoid clutter

When you leave things lying around, you may waste time looking for them on the next use. What’s more, your work area becomes cluttered. Instead of freely moving to every corner of your work area, you have to step over or push aside clutter to move. The solution? Have a designated space for everything.

Use enclosures

Dust can quickly build up on every surface in your work area especially when you work with wood. It can be hard to keep things clean. To prevent wood filings and sawdust from affecting the entire work area, use an enclosure for specific tools and purposes. Another way to limit the dust is by using a dust collector booth. Not only can this device protect your work area from clutter, but it can also reduce the risk of fire.

Vacuum and wipe down

Having a vacuum cleaner on standby is an easy way to clean certain spots. An industrial grade or professional vacuum cleaner can do the job better than a household counterpart can, especially if you have a large work area. After vacuuming, do a wipe-down of surfaces to catch the dust and dirt that you may have missed. Use a safe chemical for disinfecting, or simply use water mixed with vinegar.

Clean up the mess immediately

Spills can cause accidents. To reduce such risks, wipe or mop away the mess at the soonest. Don’t forget to wash and wring your mop in each use. A wet mop or rag will not absorb spills properly.

Lost or misplaced tools, difficulty of access, accidents, fires, and many other issues can stem from neglecting cleanliness. Follow these tips to prevent them from happening.

Big Data Analytics: Faster Decision Making in the Construction Industry

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 two builders standing with an open blueprintKeeping to the schedule is important in any construction project. It determines any important progress and keeps the people involved on track. Sometimes, though, a certain situation calls for a change in the project’s timeline.

Whether it’s a big or small change, contractors know that they should make a decision quickly — and to do this, they need instant access to the important data. LoadSpring, for instance, anticipates this kind of demand from clients by providing high-altitude overviews of all their clients’ project data.

Duties of the Construction Industry

A lot of construction companies have to deal with multiple projects at the same time. Their duties include collecting, organizing, and analyzing data, as well as coming up with work and progress reports. On top of that, they have to manage technical data constantly.

Faster Operation

Big data analytics enables construction companies to manage and analyze a large bulk of data that they couldn’t have managed manually. In effect, it saves both time and effort for contractors, which enables them to focus better on the construction site.

More Efficient Risk Prediction

Every big decision on a project constitutes a level of risk. When presented with the right data, however, it enables contractors to improve on cost certainty, predict and avoid possible pitfalls, and find ways to improve on certain areas of the project.

Moreover, it helps them obtain valuable insights that can improve their decision-making processes.

Real-Time Access

Some data analytics software enable users to share computer resources. This takes less of a contractor’s time because they don’t have to contact all parties involved to broadcast the changes or progress made.

Contractors have to make important decisions all the time, and it doesn’t always come with the luxury of time. This is why more contractors are relying on software to analyze big data for them.   

Inertial Guidance and Its Role in Space Exploration

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People in SpaceExploration has always been the pursuit of mankind. For over three thousand years, humanity has discovered an array of navigation tools and references; from stars, sea currents, sensors, to radio, among other things. While these methods prove useful in marital and terrestrial navigation, they are dependent on external references, which make them susceptible to harsh conditions.

A navigation system necessary for flight and space exploration should be impervious to these conditions and independent of external references or influences. These considerations led to the development of inertial navigation systems in the 1940’s.

Inertial Guidance in Space Exploration

Inertial guidance uses motion sensors or accelerators and gyroscopes to establish the position, orientation, and velocity of a moving object without the need for external information. Since then, INS systems have evolved to achieve extreme accuracy and reliability.

In human spaceflight, inertial navigation systems provide guidance for lift-off until the shuttle separates from the booster. Because inertial systems have limitations, engineers have been finding ways to update these for outer space explorations. Celestial tracking is still a major requirement, especially for aircraft traveling to and landing on planets, and those returning to earth.

Navigational Aids

To improve capabilities and meet accuracy requirements, scientists have integrated other navigational instruments and methods to inertial guidance systems. One example is the GPS-aided inertial navigation system

In this scheme, the INS provides short-term data, while the GPS corrects accumulated errors and delivers more refined information. These systems are common in large passenger jet aircraft. There are also specialty labs that continuously develop algorithms and hybrid systems to perform specific functions, from human motion tracking, weapon orientation tracking, virtual and augmented reality and more.

Exploration has always been the pursuit of mankind. For over three thousand years, humanity has discovered an array of navigation tools and references; from stars, sea currents, sensors, to radio, among other things. While these methods prove useful in marital and terrestrial navigation, they are dependent on external references, which make them susceptible to harsh conditions.

A navigation system necessary for flight and space exploration should be impervious to these conditions and independent of external references or influences. These considerations led to the development of inertial navigation systems in the 1940’s.

A Quick & Easy Guide to Increase Productivity with Takeoff Software Programs

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Man Using Construction Software

If there’s one thing you wouldn’t want to happen at work, that is your staff being burned out because of the high stress levels at work. Too much work means lower job satisfaction.

If you notice that your team’s productivity is about to hit rock bottom, you may want to look at solutions takeoff programs can give. These can lessen your load and more importantly, make work better for your staff. The best part is a takeoff software program can help get more work done, too.

Accurate Work

In construction, your team would have to give out details of material costs, subcontract expenses, actual labor, and equipment costs. Giving out these details is one thing, but making sure they’re accurate is another.

To make sure these details are accurate, you have to dedicate enough time to go over them. Going over these details can be time-consuming and tiring, however. With takeoff software, you may not have to go over these details. The programs are designed to return the right results — the closest numbers to the true costs. This means that you can guarantee accuracy the first time around.

Up to Consistent Quality

With takeoff programs, you can work on a pile of projects using the same layout. This means you would be using the same procedures and costs. More importantly, this means the quality of projects remains consistent.

Project Management

Takeoff programs can handle many tasks that can be done automatically. Apart from giving out the accurate estimation of costs, they can process lists and sort out data. The result is the possibility of better project management.

If you can let the software do the work they were designed for, would you need to assign these types of work to the people in your team? Of course, not. This means your team members can do something else, like focusing on other important tasks.

To sum up, take-off programs can be a big help when it comes to increasing the productivity of your team. These programs are designed to accomplish particular types of automated work, and they can accomplish these things at a fast rate. If your team could use a helping hand, it may be time to step up your game with take-off programs.

Three Ways to Dominate the Online Retail Game

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A Woman Shopping Online

Starting an online retail store is a good business idea, especially now that Google’s algorithm has stronger support for local businesses. As most shoppers these days typically use the Internet to buy whatever they want, there is no better time to join the action than now.

Here is some information you can use to increase your chances of success with your online store.

Know your way around pricing

If you carry products from brands you do not own, you should know how much the going prices for the goods are at all times. You may subscribe to an online service that monitors MAP policy enforcement as it is impossible to keep tabs of prices manually. Minimum Advertised Pricing or MAP carries an impact on how much you may earn, as it dictates how low you can go with a particular product to remain competitive.

You may still come up with a workaround on the pricing, however, but be careful how you do it so you don’t break the policy yourself. For example, you may advertise coupons without specifying which products the coupons may be used on if the discount is lower than the MAP for that product. Rather, specify which products the coupons may not be used on.

Work with a reliable delivery service

Working with a delivery or courier agency without knowing how well they can handle your business is risky. Customers are not patient when it comes to delays or damages in the goods they order. When you promise overnight shipping, make sure to do overnight shipping. To make your store even more popular, offer free shipping. This is another way to work around a MAP, actually. Some online stores try to make a profit off the shipping fee, but that is just a bad business practice and you should stay clear of it.

Use reviews and listings to your benefit

Google puts a high premium on reviews and listings, and customers get more value out of them. If you are getting bad reviews left and right, something must be wrong and you should address it immediately. If the positive reviews start coming in, those alone are good for advertising and marketing. As for listings, the more listing websites your business appears on, the better. Google understands that these listings all belong to one website or business, and it interprets this as a positive. You need that for your SEO success.

These are three pieces of advice that many new online store entrepreneurs do not know about, or at least do not practice. Use them to your benefit and give your business a better chance of making it big.


CAD and RMS: Technologies for the Police Force

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Police Doing Surveillance

It is not uncommon that CAD dispatch is now used in law enforcement. Not only does it make officers efficient and productive, but it also signals the era of technology as a replacement for manual encoding and filing systems.

However, the combination of CAD dispatch and RMS promises a better service. This is the trend that simplifies the storage of data, the retrieval of information, and the encoding process. eFORCE Software says that Automating CAD and RMS helps police officers handle many tasks in the shortest possible time. One example is the ability to respond to incidents while sending records to various units.

CAD Dispatch and RMS for Better Policing

There is no doubt that the integration of these two technologies has contributed to better policing. One of the objectives of police chiefs is to automate records and respond to incidents faster than they have done before.

In one city alone the number of residents will be astounding. Encoding the needed information on a database will take a quite a while. The good news is that computers can now help in these tedious tasks. They can check for stolen vehicles and track down plate numbers. Records and warrants can be checked with an RMS.

All it takes is a single click and you can find the needed information. All you need is a database and a bit of training.

Modules and Data Storage

What is good about most CAD dispatch and RMS is the availability of core modules to teach police officers how to store and file accident reports, warrants of arrest, accident reports and other incidents of crime.

With the help of the CAD dispatch, everything else in the RMS can be accessed easily. Though the dispatch may be used separately, it wouldn’t hurt to use this with an existing system, such as the RMS. If used properly, the CAD dispatch and RMS may be great tools to gauge the performance of police officers.

Spies on the Internet: The Biggest Enemies of Businesses in 2017

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Virus Infected Computer

Viruses and malware are no longer the top concerns of today’s IT experts. This 2017, spies are the first priorities — that is, cyber spies.

A recent study from Trend Micro revealed that 20% of IT leaders believe cyber espionage is this year’s top threat. Querying more than 2,400 of the industry’s decision makers, the study also reported that 17% pointed to targeted attacks as the second threat, followed by phishing.

The previous year saw phishing as the biggest threat, but in 2017, it’s a different story.

For this reason, more businesses seek firmer security measures, hiring licensed experts armed with a series of credentials, which is why IT professionals continually hone their skills through exam simulators and other resources — to gain better knowledge against harmful threats.

The Threat of Espionage

Corporate and national state espionage has had a long history. Due to advancements in technology, the scale and ease of such attacks remain unprecedented.

Cyber espionage is a big possibility for businesses that host data of interest, and also hold a gold mine of intellectual property (e.g., biotech, military contractors, and pharmaceutical industries).  If the hacker has enough determination to “scale” the perimeters, they can get inside the network.

Typical cyberespionage operations involve use of highly sophisticated techniques that exploit the business’ wealth of information. Their main purpose is to infiltrate the target, and infect systems to steal valuable data.

This means attackers now have the power to compromise government or corporate systems on a larger scale.

The Pursuit of Online Defense

As long as money is part of the talk, there will always be constant activity in industries and in the government. Hacking is imminent when others seek the unfair advantage.

For a better defense, the researchers recommend prioritizing valuable and sensitive data, as well as taking every precaution to keep information safe. If an organization is a high target for espionage, additional measures and security monitoring are necessary.

Firms can also fight cyberespionage by building in-depth profiles on potential adversaries, giving them an idea on potential attackers.

Cybersecurity has no silver bullet; the threats constantly evolve. This should encourage businesses to step up their game in terms of defense for the sake of protecting valuable information. 

Cloud Technology: Your Company’s Head in the Clouds

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Cloud Technology and Business EfficiencyTechnology and automation have a massive effect on the workforce and employment. Today’s labour force shares the market with machines and systems, paving the way for more jobs that require creativity and human ingenuity.

With that said, the development of cloud technology reduces the concern of individuals about running a database, instead of enabling them to focus on growing their business. As a business owner, consider what SQL database administrators know: cloud technology will make the business process more efficient.

The Cloud Increases Work Efficiency

Cloud-based servers improve worker efficiency because of their flexibility. They enable your team to work from anywhere, so their work-life balance does not take a hit no matter how hectic a situation they find themselves in.

Furthermore, having the documents in a central storage area increases visibility and encourages your team to collaborate. With information stored in a cloud, team members can access and share documents anywhere they have an internet connection.

The Cloud Protects Sensitive Information

When your company invests in a cloud-based server, the information stored in it will only be accessible to your employees and partners — and they can access it anywhere and anytime. This means you have control over who gets a hold of your documents.

It also means you can access information elsewhere even if the device or machine you normally use breaks down.

On another note, since cloud-based services are entirely online, they are environmentally friendly. As such, your business can reduce its carbon footprint.

In a way, cloud technology works as your company’s head in the clouds. It stores, processes and updates your company’s database in a network of servers that allow you to pull up information and access files anywhere there is an Internet connection.

With that said, why not invest in an SQL database for a smooth and efficient business process for your company?

Three Common Issues Project Managers Encounter

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Project Management Software Project management is an incredibly complex discipline that requires efficient decision making and execution. Since it is such a complex field, it’s easy to make a mistake and watch your project go over budget.

While the use of project management software and hosting can help streamline the process, human error and external factors may still affect the outcome. Some issues, however, are more common than others.

Here are some of the most common issues you may encounter as a project manager:

1. Not Getting the Right People on the Job

Resource allocation is not just about the physical materials that will go into your project — you need to get the right people on the job too. Ideally, you should be choosing people based on their experience and skill level. Realistically speaking, it is not always implemented, because you also have to select people based on their availability.

Not getting the right people for the job may have potentially catastrophic consequences on your project.

2. Not Getting Everyone to Commit to the Project

When it comes to managing a project, employee engagement plays a large part in its success. You want everyone to be completely on board with the project and passionate about its success.

Communication and clarity are important — clearly define each person’s role and their responsibilities, to avoid confusion. Explain the payoff of the project itself, as you have to show them that everyone has a stake in it.

3. Having too Many Ongoing Projects

Though it is tempting to work on multiple projects at once, it is counterproductive.  You cannot give each project the focus that it deserves. This only leads to productivity losses.

Instead, try to reduce the number of open tasks to free up some time. Reducing the work may improve completion rates.

Project management requires you to make quick decisions. Minimize these mistakes to improve success rates and to stay in budget.

Understanding the Job of a 911 Dispatcher

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Emergency HotlineSince its inception, 911 have greatly helped tons of people in the United States. As the country’s universal emergency number, the hotline consists of dispatchers who question callers and send help. Below are some of the questions 911 dispatchers ask during an emergency.

Where is Your Emergency?

The location of the emergency is the most important detail in a 911 call. By knowing the emergency site, 911 dispatchers can send help via computer-aided dispatch software like eFORCE Software. People may call for a person at another location, which is okay as long as they provide the exact site. 911 dispatchers typically ask for cross streets, landmarks, and building structure to find the victim as quickly as possible.

What is the Emergency?

911 dispatchers ask about the caller’s concern immediately so they can determine what type and level of response are needed. By determining the situation, 911 dispatchers can correctly process the call.

What is Your Callback Number?

911 may have a caller ID system, but dispatchers will still ask for a callback number when possible. Expect dispatchers to ask for your area code as this helps them track the emergency and respond to the caller immediately.

Who is the Victim?

As mentioned, most 911 callers phone for another person, which is why dispatchers always ask about the name and condition of the victim. Whether you are calling for a neighbor, a friend, or someone you don’t know, 911 dispatchers may ask for a physical, clothing or vehicle description.

Who is the Offender?

According to statistics, most 911 calls are crime-related. 911 dispatchers may ask for offenders, especially if they suspect extreme fear and panic in the situation. They will also ask if there are any weapons involved. If you are a witness or victim to a crime, address the offender immediately so 911 dispatchers can assist the emergency speedily.

Through time and technology, 911 have evolved into a hotline that Americans can trust anytime. Be aware of your situation and surroundings, and dial 911 whenever an emergency occurs.

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