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Beware of Water That Smells Like Rotten Eggs

by Admin - on Jul 27th 2016 - Comments Off on Beware of Water That Smells Like Rotten Eggs

Clean Tap WaterDo yourself a favor now and check your tap water. Try to see if it smells of rotten eggs. If it doesn’t, you’re lucky. If it does, not so much. What it means is that your tap water is contaminated with sulfur, a pollutant that does a lot more than smell bad. Try looking it up on sites like CertainWaterService.com/web and you’ll realize why.

Quick Facts About Sulfur

Sulfur is what makes you tear up while you chop onions. It’s also responsible for that strong smell. In water, it’s characterized by the smell of rotten eggs. Know that the presence of sulfur alone is not dangerous. But it also heralds the fact that the water might be highly polluted.

Why sulfur, of all things? Bacteria produce it live in oxygen-deficient places like deep wells and plumbing systems. In there, they eat decaying organic matter. Hydrogen sulfide gas is subsequently produced as a result. This gets trapped inside the pipes over time.

Possible Health Effects

First off, know that sulfur plays a role in human nutrition. Eggs, fish, and poultry contain good amounts of sulfur. If you want good hair, skin, and nails, you’re to ingest foods with a good amount of sulfur content. But the problem lies in taking too much, like everything else. Diarrhea and dehydration are the biggest threats to human health of too much sulfur consumption.

There are two different compounds involved in this: sulfate and hydrogen sulfide. The former is known to cause dehydration because of a laxative effect. But the good thing is, sulfur-oxidizing bacteria don’t harm humans at all. As for the latter, it’s flammable and poisonous. High concentrations of hydrogen sulfide are known to cause nausea and illness. It may even cause death.

How To Treat Sulfur-Laced Water

Numerous treatment options exist. The sulfur can be oxidized using aeration, chlorination, and ozone, to name a few. Aeration works by using oxygen to react to the hydrogen sulfate. An odorless, dissolved sulfate is the result. Carbon filtration, on the other hand, makes use of an activated carbon filter. Lastly, there’s what’s known as “shock chlorination”—it reduces the amount of sulfur-producing bacteria.

Why You’re Not Earning More: Using the Internet for Marketing

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Correct Techniques for Internet MarketingStill struggling to find your place on the Internet as a business? This is the time to take a step back and think about what you are doing right, but more importantly, what you could possibly be doing wrong.

To help you get an idea what you might need to change, take a look at this short list of suggestions: 

1. You are not using SEO. Maybe someone told you it was a fad, or that it is slowly dying, but whatever your reason for not using SEO, it’s leading you to miss a lot of opportunities. To turn things around, it’s best to contact a reputable SEO company in Minneapolis immediately and benefit from organically climbing up the search lists.

2. You still shun social media. For a while, businesses turned their back on social media, thinking it was a bad idea to invest in marketing using these channels. Now social is one of the strongest ways to market products, services, ideas and just about everything else. With all the channels available, what should you use? Pick a combination of the ones your niche is using. The best part of it is it costs nearly nothing to leverage social for marketing.

3. You are not updated. Changes happen every day in terms of tech, apps, and other software. The Pokemon Go craze is one such example. Businesses are finding out how to benefit from this immersive game; you should too. Valuable “monsters” may be lurking in your store, and players are likely to hang around, possibly giving you more opportunities to sell.

Meanwhile, Snapchat is a big thing in sharing now. It allows you to send videos and pictures (snaps) that self-destruct right after the receiver views them. That’s where it’s unique. Facebook now also offers Live. Use these for your events and see how awareness of your products escalates.

4. Learn from mobile. All of these things benefit your company because they are accessible via mobile, not just PCs in homes and in offices. You can talk to a company that produces apps so you can have your very own, downloadable via the App Store and Play Store.

There are so many ways the Internet can benefit your bottom line. It’s important to look at your marketing programs and think about how online channels can improve them substantially.

Your PlayStation 4 May Be Dying If You See These

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 PlayStation 4The Sony PlayStation 4 has launched to rave reviews not too long go, and it went on to become the best-selling gaming console in 2015. If you own one, you probably already know that it is as awesome as the feedback says, but you may have also known that there are a couple of problems plaguing today’s “it” gaming device.

If you see any of these, take your PS4 to a repair shop, like Budget Computers & Mobiles, fast. These are the signs your console may be on the brink of death.

The Blue Line of Death

A few days after its launch in 2013, the console earned a dubious nickname for a possibly fatal flaw: the Blue Line of Death. When you switch the console on, you may notice a blinking blue light that turns white after a few seconds. This signals a loading video. If the blue light persists, however, it is a sign of loading failure.

Several netizens reported an inability to use the console following the loading failure, and even the Sony staff was unable to provide a concrete solution to the flaw. Years after the console’s first release, troubleshooters have yet to trace the problem to a specific cause, although they agree that power supply issues, as well as hard drive and hardware problems, are all possible culprits.

The Red Line of Death

This may sound familiar to Xbox users, as it is similar to the moniker for the console’s fatal flaw. Though not as frequently occurring in the PlayStation 4, the Red Line of Death may just be as serious as its blue relative. The blinking red light is an indicator of overheating, probably due to broken fan systems.


Bugs are not exclusive to your desktop computer. They may or may not be deadly, but if they keep the unit from connecting to the network, then your PS4 is virtually useless. If your screen reads, “An error occurred,” then a bug must have landed on your console. It is an issue Sony acknowledges. The company has released updates, like a firmware, to address the problem. As such, with a download, you can get back to your gaming marathon.

You are lucky if your PS4’s issue is easy to determine and fix with a little updating and waiting. But, if the signs look like death to you, it may be time to ring the repair shops or risk ditching the console altogether.

4 Emerging Trends in Smart Home Technology

by Admin - on Jul 12th 2016 - Comments Off on 4 Emerging Trends in Smart Home Technology

Smart Home Technology in HoustonThe growth of smart home technology is at warp speed. Thanks to the revolutionary innovations the past couple of years have seen, making your home smart has become more of a standard than a luxury. As products become more economical, you no longer have to break the bank to take your home’s security to new heights.

Most security companies in Houston, Chicago, Los Angeles, and other major cities are constantly investing in product development to stay ahead of the curve and make life easier for you. To get a glimpse at some of the hottest technologies out there, North Star Home lists four of the many emerging trends that are set to explode this 2016:

Facial Recognition

Some security cameras on the market are intelligent enough to distinguish who exactly enters your home and when. These cutting-edge surveillance gadgets can remember the faces of all members of your family, including friends. So, you can quickly be notified when they identify unfamiliar faces.

Voice Activation

The advent of digital assistants a few years ago has paved the way for voice-controlled gizmos. If you can’t get enough of Siri or Cortana, you can ask Ivee to turn your alarm clock, talk to Echo about anything you don’t want to Google for, and tell Homey to update your Facebook status.

Smart TV Integration

If you have surveillance cameras installed around your premises, you can now turn your smart TV into a CCTV monitor. Apart from your security cameras, some smart home platforms can now be integrated with Apple TV.

Décor-Friendly Automation

For smart devices, smartness is no longer just the only requirement; they now have to be sleek enough to blend in your exteriors or interiors. Many companies now put a premium on aesthetics, developing thermostats and door locks among others with modern design.

In smart home technology, the possibilities keep on increasing day after day. Explore your options and discover innovative products to change your lifestyle in ways you’ve never imagined.

Life Before Light: A World without Electricity

by Admin - on Jul 7th 2016 - Comments Off on Life Before Light: A World without Electricity

World without ElectricityIn the modern world where practically everything you do needs electricity, you’d probably go crazy if life suddenly threw you back in the Stone Age. You’ve lived life comfortably relying on the coffee maker to start your day and using your phone’s GPS on the way to a business meeting. You don’t even have to worry about minor blackouts because solar powered generators from Humless Reliable Power Systems help you get through the day.

People take electricity for granted because they’ve never lived without it for a long time. So how did your grandparents and great-grandparents survive without it?

Employment in Darkened Times

Before skyscrapers and business districts existed, most of your ancestors earned by working on farms. In the 1930s, in rural America, they did farm chores under the light of a lantern after nightfall and before sunrise. They usually hung the lantern a safe distance from the ceiling.

It was only in May 1936 that the Congress approved the Rural Electrification Act (REA), which brought electricity to the countryside.

Hygiene in Darkened Times

People usually bathed in creeks during summer, while they had to boil water on a stove fired by wood during winter. They would then pour hot water in a washtub on the kitchen floor. They normally took baths every Saturday night because they had to go to church the next morning.

Women had to carry a bucket full of water from the well. After they get the heavy wooden lid from the well, they would crank up the wheel to lift the bucket filled with 30 pounds of water and pull it up 50 feet.

Life, in general, had to be done manually before the luxury of electricity existed. These days, you take not only electricity for granted, but also the natural resources you get it from. Educating the younger generation and making them realize its pros and cons will go a long way for the environment.

Hero Image: Things You Would Love (or Hate) About It

by Admin - on Jun 30th 2016 - Comments Off on Hero Image: Things You Would Love (or Hate) About It

Brisbane: Hero Images on a WebsiteHero images are one of the hottest trends in web design as of late. In a nutshell, a hero image is a sizable banner image placed at the centre of a website to serve as a visual magnet for the visitors.

Ask any self-respecting SEO expert in Brisbane, Toronto or Berlin, and you would learn that the use of these web banners has taken over the spot where sliders used to occupy. Bambrick Media and other digital marketing experts note that the rampant application of attention-grabbing graphics is not a fad, but rather a practice not going anywhere.

Much like other web design elements, hero images have a fair share of positive and negative qualities worth knowing before using. Without understanding their pros and cons, using them to improve user experience and usability may work against your site.


Hero headers always certainly more visually striking than words. Users tend to put more weight on thought-provoking images than dull text-based pieces. This is a great opportunity for you to keep them interested the moment they visit your site.

Large backgrounds can serve as a powerful tool to promote your brand and offerings. If designed properly, your expansive banners can speak a lot of your message and evoke emotion towards the users.


Badly designed hero images usually go noticed by most people the wrong way. Instead of enriching the user experience, a large header may get in the way and reduce the typography’s dramatic value due to overlaying.

In addition, the visual power of images may decrease on mobile sites. As the screen becomes smaller, it depreciates its intended effect. When executed poorly, hero images can slow down the page’s loading time — a prime factor that can affect user experience.

Despite the winning qualities of hero images, they’re not without drawbacks; fortunately, most their downsides are avoidable. As there’s a lot that goes into optimising these large banners effectively, you have to pick a capable web designer that knows their potential utility and probable liability.

3 SEO Trends Every E-Commerce Website Must Follow

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SEO Strategies for E-Commerce WebsitesE-commerce websites greatly rely on search engine optimization to get as many visitors and customers as they can. Aside from traffic, SEO also allows you to give particular product pages a boost in visibility to make your site as profitable as possible. However, you need to take a close look at SEO and all its new technologies and trends to keep your head in the game. Here are some of the most recent trends you need to incorporate.

Publishing Long-form Content

Product pages used to be composed of the product name, short description, a few photos of the products, and some customer feedback. However, search engine favoritism and user demand now require you to create long-from content for your product pages. This is because users want to know more about products so they could compare them to their other options. When publishing long-form content, you must highlight the strongest points of the product to persuade people to buy it. Don’t just put fluff.

Importance of Sharability

SEO in Minneapolis isn’t a standalone strategy, prcaffeine.com notes. You must also use social media marketing for the visitors who want to share your website and products to be able to share them. Social media is where most people spend their time online. It would be a waste to not take advantage of the many new customers you can gain simply by making your website more visible and your web page more shareable.

Video Content Is the Future

It’s now easier than ever to watch videos even on-the-go through mobile devices. That’s pretty much the reason video is now the leading form of content. Video content is effective in informing people and influencing them to know more about your brand and get your products. You’re already behind every other website if you aren’t using video content on your website yet.

Follow these trends because they are here to stay. This way, you can keep on gaining new customers and earn more profit for the years to come.

Using a Circuit Tester

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Circuit TesterWorking with live wires represents a high risk and you need to be careful when you do so but you can also speed up your work by using a circuit tester. The thumb rule is to always be careful with live wires and to handle them by holding the insulated portion of the tester leads when you do the testing and to switch off the circuits as soon as you finish your work. Let’s take a look at how the circuit tester can make your work easy.

You need to use a TASCO, Inc. two-lead circuit tester to check for voltage and you can do this by placing one lead on the live or hot wire and the other lead on the neutral or ground wire. You can identify the hot wire by its color; it is usually black but can also be of any color other than green or copper. The neutral is white and the ground is green or copper colored. Make sure that you test all the ground wires in older homes to make sure that they are connected to ground.

When you’re testing a ground wire, you can follow this easy procedure:

  • Turn off the mains and check the voltage with a voltage tester
  • Uncap the neutral wires and it is ok to leave them bundled
  • Remove the wires switch and bend them so that they don’t touch each other
  • Turn on the power again at the main panel and use the voltage tester to identify the live wire
  • Use the circuit tester and touch one lead against the live wire and the other lead to the neutral wire; it is working properly if it lights up
  • Test the ground wire by touching one lead against it and the other lead against the hot wire; it is working if it lights up

In the case of testing a metal box that doesn’t have a ground wire, you need to check if the box is by itself serving the purpose of grounding. You can follow the same procedure as above but in the last step of checking the ground wire, you need to hold one lead against the box and another against the live wire.

Fiber Optics: What It Is & How It Works

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Fiber Optic EquipmentThe Internet (and the World Wide Web that rides on it) used to depend entirely on telephone lines — which mostly used copper cables — to run and connect the network of computers all around the world. It was new technology, and when you got past the dial-up phase and upgraded to DSL (which still uses ordinary phone lines), you had the fastest Internet connection available. Companies did a lot of work faster and more consistently.

Then broadband happened. All of a sudden, your DSL is about ten times slower than your competitor's connection because they switched to fiber broadband. Fiber optic technology has made telecommunications faster, cheaper to build, and more reliable. Internet users around the world probably don't know it, but they owe a lot of their Facebook time to fiber optic cables.

What is Fiber Optic?

Optical fiber or fiber optic is a technological medium that allows for information transmission by using light pulses transmitted through glass or plastic fiber strands. Fiber optic cables can carry a lot more information faster compared to copper cables. Optical fiber is also impervious to interference caused by electromagnetics. It is more stable so it generally does not need to retransmit signals.

How is Information Read?

In the old days, if you took a piece of string and two Campbell's soup cans, you could make a simple telephone system to talk to your friend next-door. Picture the string as the fiber optic cable, where the information (in this case, the sound of your voice) passes through. As for the cans, you'll need a more complicated system of converting the information to light pulses, which can pass through a fiber strand. A transceiver, such as a Cisco SFP-10G-LRM, does that job. In a data communications setup, it will convert the information to a format that a computer understands, which means a user can read and interpret it.

It's both interesting and amazing when you think about how the exchange of information can happen through cables connecting almost all areas of the world where people live and work. And with fiber optic cables, much more information can be shared in less time than you need to click on someone's Beach Photos album.

Building a Home? Avoid 3 Costly Mistakes

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Home BuildingBuilding a home is a delicate process that requires considerable planning and vast sums of money. Most people stake their financial well-being on the outcome of the construction process, especially when they use a mortgage product to finance the project.

While a significant number of people get through the process with minimal distractions, to achieve their home owning dreams, others register dismal results. Here are some of the common mistakes people make when building a home.

Attempting to do it by yourself

With a deluge of instructional videos and tutorials available on the internet, many people often attempt to build their home from scratch. While such efforts are commendable, even admirable, they are likely to cause you to incur hefty losses. For instance, if anything goes wrong, you have to call in a real expert who will have to redo the work, doubling up the cost of construction. Again, you are unlikely to get an insurance carrier to cover the project if you do not have a construction licence.

Failing to establish the credibility of the contractor

While there are numerous construction firms on the market, not all of them are equal to the task. Some dubious, unreliable rogue contractor is likely to give you a raw deal since their real interest is only making a quick buck. Take the time to establish the credibility of construction firm before engaging their services. Construction companies use takeoff software programs to significantly improve the building experience.

Failing to plan the entire process

Planning the whole process before taking any actions is the key to a perfect building process. Otherwise, making it up as you go along is the greatest mistake that any person building a home can make. Finalize the floorplan with an expert until you are satisfied with the product before moving forward.

Limiting mistakes, when building a home, is the key to a successful construction process and home ownership.

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