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Three Things You Didn’t Know About Teaching Yoga

by Admin - on Jan 19th 2017 - Comments Off on Three Things You Didn’t Know About Teaching Yoga

Teaching YogaIt seems that being a yoga teacher is the ultimate job — you get to spend your days stretching, breathing in deeply, and listening to beautiful, meditative music. All you have to do is teach others to do the same, and maybe provide a little bit of coaching to help your students align with their chakras.

But what does a career in yoga actually look like? Is it really all about having fun and finding your inner peace? 

It's a Business and You Need to Run It Like One

If you plan on having your own yoga studio, you have to be prepared to run it like one. You will need to invest in yoga studio management software to keep track of new students, payments, and class schedules.

You will likely have to hire some people to help you out, maybe an accountant or a receptionist, who will handle new clients while you are away or teaching classes.

While it is tempting to go the informal route and just convert your living room into a yoga studio, you may eventually need to spend on renovating an actual studio. Smooth, clean floors, a high ceiling, dance mirrors, and the like are all requirements of a professional studio.

You Need to Have a Goal, but Expect It to Change over Time

For many people, becoming a yoga teacher was a calling. While it's great that you can set your expectations and to have solid goals in mind, do expect them to change over time. You will have to be committed to your craft and practice yoga daily, often multiple sessions in one day.

You will eventually realize that your goals will change — that is how it goes when it comes to businesses.

You Need to Accept Constructive Criticism

As a yoga teacher running your own business, expect to receive a lot of criticism. There will be a lot of irate customers who will complain about your yoga techniques, your customer service, and maybe even your workout routine.

You are a professional, and this just comes with the job. Find your inner Zen and learn how to accept constructive criticism.

Being a yoga teacher is tough, but if you persevere, you can enjoy having the best job ever, doing yoga all day.

Keep Safe: Avoiding Occupational Hazards in Your Industrial Production Facility

by Admin - on Jan 19th 2017 - Comments Off on Keep Safe: Avoiding Occupational Hazards in Your Industrial Production Facility

Industrial FacilityAir quality is a real concern in occupational hazards. Working in a production area that involves smoke, fumes, dust, and other airborne particles have its dangers, especially if you’re handling products that have toxic materials in them.

The best option to counter air quality problems at work is to use air filters and dust collection booths. This is only one of the ways on how you can avoid hazards at work.

Occupational hazards are ever-present in industrial facilities. It can happen anytime to you. It’s good to know that there are ways on how it can be prevented and avoided.

Follow the Law

Government agencies such as OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), and NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) have strict guidelines about worker and working environment safety. These agencies are authorized by the U.S. government according to the Clean Air Act of 1963.

You must abide by the guidelines that these agencies impose not only to ensure safety, but also to avoid fines and penalties. These consequences may have a negative impact on you, your business, and your workers’ productivity.

Wear Protective Gear

Protective gear minimizes your chance of being exposed to harmful substances at work. It also prevents injuries and illnesses caused by your work. Examples of common protective gear you can use in an industrial setting include gloves, full body suits, goggles, and hard hats.

Use Safety Equipment and Tools

A variety of industries involve welding, brazing, and cutting. These applications possess both safety and health hazards for workers. To combat the dangers of working with said processes, many industries use tools and equipment to protect the workers. You too can use safety equipment to ensure that you are safe against occupational dangers. This can significantly improve your workstations and facility.

Dust collector booths, for example, prevent the inhalation of harmful dust, fumes, and smoke. The booth acts as a containment unit for pollutants and airborne contaminants. 

Whatever environment your workplace has, it needs to have the necessary safety gears, tools, and equipment. After all, one incident can lead to another, which can affect your productivity.

Ways a Construction Take Off Software Can Assist You

by Admin - on Jan 14th 2017 - Comments Off on Ways a Construction Take Off Software Can Assist You

Take Off SoftwareIt cannot be denied that construction operations are, indeed, daunting. Fortunately, there is a slew of software to ease one’s workload. One of these systems includes quantity take offs cost estimating software. Here are ways this software can give you a big sigh of relief:

It handles cost estimates

Rather than doing the project costing manually, you can take advantage of the software to save up long hours of doing the job. With this system to handle the task, you can focus your attention on other important aspects of your project. Such software comes with user-friendly functionalities that can seamlessly generate the data that you need.

It calculates costs with precision and accuracy

What’s great with this software is that you are guaranteed that it produces accurate costs and data. You are also ensured that integral factors of the project are considered, including logistics, design, and a lot more.

It can help you deliver projects quickly

Your profitable business starts with having the right construction take off software. This software helps you in meeting the increasing industry demands to build projects faster than ever before. Moreover, it has also the ability to save repeated processes that can revisit for your next projects.

Today, you can find an array of construction takeoff software. However, if you are a newbie, it is prudent if you go for a simple program that you can easily use before jumping off on software that is more complicated.

Should you want to learn more information on how this computer system can be of help, it is wise to talk to a company now offering software products and solution for cost estimation, construction, assembly systems, and a lot more. You may also check if they offer a free trial of the software.

Is Your Facility Prepared for An Emergency?

by Admin - on Jan 13th 2017 - Comments Off on Is Your Facility Prepared for An Emergency?

secuirty measures in Singapore
Singapore is preparing for an attack. At least, not for an imminent one. But authorities are doing drills in the city as part of the government’s counter-terrorism exercise. While there isn’t a clear and present danger, the training helps troops, volunteers and residents act accordingly, should an attack occur. Can your facility do the same?

A Simple Plan

Your facility may not be the target of an attack, but certain hazards could lead to an accident. The extent of the accident will determine the scale of the emergency response. And the outcome, the damage and injuries or casualties, will then depend on how well your organisation responds to the incident.

A good plan that’s relevant to your operations and resources is a proper start. The next step is to let everyone know that an emergency plan exists, with corresponding procedures for every kind of incident — from a chemical leak to a fire.

One example to follow is the Shell chemical leak and the ExxonMobil chemical plant fire. Both oil companies managed to mitigate the effect of the incidents, with no injuries. Both also continue to improve safety protocols.

Designed for Preparedness

Part of your emergency plan should include facility improvements or upgrades. Mark emergency exits with glow-in-the-dark signs and anti-skid tapes. The same safety precautions your organisation applies to avoid slips, trips or falls could also work in emergencies. Anti-skid floor tapes and visible warning signs can reduce injuries during an evacuation.

To ensure your facility’s emergency preparedness, conduct regular inspections of equipment, structures and vehicles. You should report faulty equipment and structural defects. Make sure relevant personnel know critical valves and switches, for gas or electricity. Also, perform drills and assign emergency responsibilities to employees.

Emergency preparedness helps your organisation secure the safety of employees and the business. Evaluate your facility and existing procedures now. And plan for any disastrous event in the future.

Getting in Good SEO Shape is Like Hitting the Gym

by Admin - on Jan 8th 2017 - Comments Off on Getting in Good SEO Shape is Like Hitting the Gym

SEO ExpertsWhat do SEO experts and professional trainers have in common?

Most people may assume that the answer is “nothing.” But if you closely, there are some similarities between the two industries.

Perhaps SEO experts and marketers can relate with professional fitness trainers when it comes to dealing with clients who demand immediate results. There’s no express ticket to guaranteed results. For the business (in this case, you) this reality can be disappointing, but it’s one of the facts of search engine marketing.

Aside from this, here are more similarities between the two seemingly unrelated fields:

No Such Thing as a Wonder Pill

Digital marketing experts, such as SEO Reseller Program, and fitness trainers both agree on one thing: THERE ARE NO SHORTCUTS to getting into great shape – whether it’s your body, or your rankings that we are talking about. If there were, these would definitely come with serious consequences. High-quality reseller plans do not cut corners – it’s all about the process.

There is no such thing as a wonder pill that turns a beginner into an intermediate athlete, or a link building scheme that immediately ranks your site. Keep in mind that lasting, significant, reliable results will always demand hard work.

The Myth of a Level Playing Field

In terms of SEO or physical sports, there is no such thing as a level playing field, when it comes to the competition. When it comes to fitness-focused activities, a person’s body type to a degree determines the results that he or she can achieve, or at least how quickly he or she can reach these. Some trainees require little effort to shape up, similar to how a few websites have high caliber sales propositions.

Dealing with the handicap is doable on both the SEO and the fitness fronts; but ultimately, not all fitness aficionados, as not all sites, will have what it takes to edge out the competition at the top — especially not on their own, anyway.

Motivation Matters

No workout ever works unless there is motivation – from within, but also from other people. In terms of fitness, maintaining a balanced lifestyle and a new regimen is made better with the help of a trainer. For websites, motivation takes the form of optimization, which is also better with the help of an SEO expert.

Good search engine optimization is the key to growing a great business. There’s no guarantee of immediate success, but it’s your first step towards a better future. One last similarity: SEO and fitness are both habits you acquire; once the habit is a part of your system, the new and improved routine will skyrocket your chances of getting to the top, and staying there.

Risk Mitigation: Know the Essentials

by Admin - on Jan 5th 2017 - Comments Off on Risk Mitigation: Know the Essentials

Man Studying Risk MitigationNowadays, construction contracts and contract terms and conditions are beginning to reflect higher levels of security to benefit all of the stakeholders. Plant and motor vehicle insurance, for instance, accrue to the contractor. Liquidated damages (LD), meanwhile, apply to the employer.

The thing is, however, they aren’t free. When more provisions are included in the contract, the cost increases as well. How, then, do you differentiate the essential provisions from those you can do without?

Vital Provisions

Liquidation damages are non-negotiable, as well as a professional indemnity (PI) and public liability (PL) insurance. PL insurance, in general, is inexpensive to provide, although there were instances where the cover carried by the contractor and by the client coincides. Contract works insurance is also essential, especially in where procurement of funding is involved.

Negotiable Provisions and those You Can Do Without

As guarantees, warranties, and indemnities are all similar, this may be negotiable. Moreover, the law already covers most of what they offer. There is, furthermore, an already existing common law protection available to the client in cases of misdemeanor.

Performance bonds are likewise debatable, as meticulous pre-qualification checks may eliminate the need for these. When used, they should always be conditional, to avoid the open-ended risks associated with these unconditional bonds.

On the other hand, retentions you can do without, as these may hinder cash flow, and such an amount can be significant on a large project. You may seek other remedies for retention should the need arise.

Project managers can benefit from tools that track certificates of insurance. These tools not only help meet collection and issuance needs, they also allow users to spot loopholes in their processes, and in effect, save important resources. These kinds of software may be customized to cater to specific requirements.

Conversely, you may seek the services of an intermediary. When assessing legal advice and establishing tendering conditions, however, it is inevitable to lose track of what the client wishes to achieve. When creating contracts and setting insurances straight, managers need to achieve a fair balance among risk allocation, recognition of the prevalent contractual circumstances, and the dominant mindset in the marketplace.

Pricing Guide: MSRP and MAP

by Admin - on Dec 23rd 2016 - Comments Off on Pricing Guide: MSRP and MAP

Online SellerGiven the saturated market today, in addition to the dominance of the online shopping scene, it’s becoming hard to keep track of commodity prices. On one side, you have items that sell for 50% off; on the other, 30% off — but with the same price.

For many customers, this is obviously a confusing scenario, which requires both mindfulness and attention to detail to avoid falling prey to bait-and-switch markups. Businesses selling online are even more unpredictable.

For this reason, the minimum advertised price (MAP) policy and minimum suggested retail price (MSRP) must be stated clearly to preserve the integrity of the product price and the credibility of items sold online.

How MSRP Affect MAP

In plain and simple terms, the MSRP has little to do with MAP when it’s already out in the marketplace.

MSRP is the discounted price available to resellers and retailers when they buy wholesale. So, the reseller may purchase an item for half its price and it will depend on the receiving end (resellers/retailer) to relatively adjust the price based on various market competition factors. Typically, location and target market ratio influences MAP. High-end items for specific target markets can have more than 50% markup.

Online Price Wars

What makes the entire online buying and selling scene so complicated is the diversity of its economy, the complexity of costs, and the demand.

Most, if not all, e-commerce sites will have MAP based on their front-end competitors’ own pricing policies. Generally, these types of online merchants rely on providing discounted rates, which is the primary advantage of online shopping. Since there’s hardly ever a physical store, the MSRP from manufacturers is naturally out of the equation as the providers of the product are often retailers themselves coming from all over the world.

With all these in mind, when dealing with brick and mortar stores or even recurring entrepreneurs, you should have your distinct and independent MAP. This gives identity to the online business and sets it apart from the competition.

Keep in mind that while MSRP still exists, the pricing will automatically be adjusted for online sellers.

Product Quality and Niche Marketing

by Admin - on Dec 22nd 2016 - Comments Off on Product Quality and Niche Marketing

Brand MarketingMarketing is an important part of practically any business. With the growth of competition every day, it would be unwise not to invest in marketing practices that can help you reach your niche.

Here are some tricks on how to market your brand:

The product should sell itself

It doesn’t matter how much you spend on marketing; if your products are simply bad, you will lose customers and have a sorry reputation. On the other hand, properly manufactured, high-quality products that have gone through the recommended reliability testing methods practically sell themselves. When you hear Toyota, you know you’re looking at lasting quality and cost-effective products. That reputation was built on decades of meeting and sometimes surpassing people’s expectations. Toyotas may not be the most exciting cars, but they can run forever while costing less to buy and maintain than competitors, which is what people want when they buy them.

Your marketing should start with the quality of your products. You can gain your customers’ trust by giving them products that don’t give them headaches.

Your marketing should target your niche

When you devise a marketing plan, make sure it is properly targeted towards your niche. To do this, you have to be able to identify your niche first. Demographics are important. But you should also identify their spending habits. As part of your marketing plan, creating a presence on social media requires knowing in which networks your customers are present. Social media can help you narrow down your customers to fit them in a niche.

Establish a physical presence close to your niche, as well. For instance, if your niche involves college students, you can set up booths in colleges for promotional purposes. Potential customers can sample your products and you can also offer giveaways onsite.

Marketing is full of challenges, not the least of which is the expense. To make sure you are not throwing away money for nothing, create great products and pinpoint your niche market.

Downdraft Tables = Solution to Indoor Air Pollution

by Admin - on Dec 19th 2016 - Comments Off on Downdraft Tables = Solution to Indoor Air Pollution

Office EnvironmentWith the numerous advances in technology, you’d think that humanity would prioritize trying to alleviate the environmental problems. The polluted atmosphere calls for a method to sustain cleanliness and it’s a good thing that some manufacturers thought ahead of everybody to craft downdraft tables.

The Power of the Furniture

These specifically designed workstations or tables clean out pollutant from the air. Equipped with a ventilation, it allows the furniture to strain out the pollutants and return clean air to the office space. Getting your employees downdraft tables will surely alter the air quality that you and your employees breathe at work.

The furniture is available in different sizes to provide businesses with the freedom to choose and decide. These function for a number of applications as they can clean up construction or welded materials whether used or discarded.

The Office Benefits

Using this furniture will provide the employees all the freedom they need as they won’t feel suffocated, which leads to more productivity. The cleaner atmosphere will bring about employees that perform better and the machines will be more durable with less wear and tear.

The furniture doesn’t only clean out your air, but it also has a filtration system that helps you save up on the energy bill. If you are able to filter all the pollutants away from your company’s machinery, it will be safe from foreign objects that can potentially clog it. Thus, they will perform more efficiently.

These types of table operate on easily preserved filter that you do not need to replace immediately. It can save your company’s expenses freeing you from the hassle of replacing them from time to time.

Downdraft tables have plenty of advantages to offer. They do not only help you save on your energy bill, increase the durability of your machinery, have filters that last for a while, but most of all provide you with a healthier environment.

Improving Field Service in 3 Effective Ways

by Admin - on Dec 15th 2016 - Comments Off on Improving Field Service in 3 Effective Ways

Field ServiceNo matter what your mobile workforce is for, being able to deliver more and increase productivity is one of the most important aspects of a manager’s job. The ability to cover more ground and resolve multiple issues within a day means that you are getting the best performance out of your workers.

How do you do that? What steps should you take to achieve higher metrics and better customer satisfaction ratings?

We have talked to industry experts to help you determine the best possible ways to improve your services. Here are some bits of advice:

1. Do more.

Is it that simple? Many managers are often caught up in endless meetings that they do not have time to monitor and check their teams and projects. Make sure that you prioritise action before checking in with the higher ups. You must close the knowing-doing gap, so your teams can better benefit from your management.

2. Invest in diagnostics and metrics tools.

A reliable, unbiased party you can get to analyse your metrics is a software. Using service management software, UK firms can offer one of the best decisions you will ever make. You will be able to identify gaps and areas for improvement much easier — as well as determine where problems are coming from.

3. Always ask for collaboration.

Whenever teams come up against problems or challenges, allowing them to create their own solutions is one of the best things you can do. Once they have the right tools, it will be easier for them to decide on a solution that they can all get behind. After all, they are the ones who made it.

Improving service delivery is not a one-time action. It is a continuous process that you need to work on as long as you are on the job. Get the right tools and help your people raise their performance.

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